Friday, February 16, 2007

Harry Potter Gets Naked Tonight

All of you who enjoyed seeing Daniel Radcliffe shirtless and bare chested, take note. Tonight is the real deal. He will be going the Full Monty. If I were Daniel I wouldn't be doing this but then as I have said, I am old, fat, balding, and have one eyebrow that is abnormally large. Anyway, Daniel should avoid immersing himself in anything cold. He should also be aware that his female co-star will also be naked and so before the performance he may want to tell her if he has the hots for her because she will surely find out. I was going to post the photo of Daniel's naked butt for you, but I know how you hate that NSFW stuff, so click on the link above to get your free taste so to speak.

4 comments: said...

I bet they won't let pictures be taken!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I now half-heartedly apologize for saying that there is too much lesbianism. The naked butt of jail-bait clearly offsets that.

I can't believe that this 17 year old will be naked because doesn't he have a manager and/or parents? I am just a little shocked by it because of his age.

With that said, I love the pics.


Anonymous said...

Harry Potter naked just isn't doing it for me.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing just makes me giggle.


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