Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When I first envisioned talking about couples today, I of course imagined Denise Richards and Richie Sambora. It was just going to be a simple one-liner that said they will stay together until he either runs out of money or finds someone younger. I think that premise still holds true. However, in the spirit of Cupid's arrow I will spend some more time talking about Denise and we can all make up our own minds. Denise has actually spoken about Valentines Day. This is excerpted from an interview she did with They actually make People magazine look snarky.

"Since we're discussing Valentine(a movie she was filming at the time), Richards talks about what is so special about Valentine Days, even for simple girls like herself. "If I'm in a relationship, I think it's fun to get flowers and candy and go on a romantic rendezvous. If I'm not actually dating, I think Valentine Day is really yucky." Her most romantic Valentine rendezvous occurred during the filming of The World Is Not Enough. "The guy I was dating took me to the Eiffel Tower to drink champagne." At the moment, Richards remains coy about her private life, preferring, she says smilingly, "to spend time with her dogs", which includes a Pug. "I love animals with squashed faces, and he's sooooo adorable."

This article was well before Richie, but his face does look a little squashed as well sometimes.
I could go on and on about Denise Richards. But, you know I thought she was pretty hot in The World Is Not Enough and everyone has made some bad career choices. I think she has made some bad career moves recently. I actually think she should not have posed nude in Playboy. Part of her appeal was as a tease or as a mystery. Also, she should have had final approval on her cover.

Here is what one writer from the NY Post had to say about the cover photo and the pictorial.

"We know Playboy isn't noted for its beautiful covers, but the new Denise Richards issue is particularly hideous. Just because she's got the IQ of a plastic Christmas tree doesn't mean you should dress her like one. The pictures inside are marginally better, but the novelty of Denise Richards nude wears off instantaneously."

Her choice of stylist could also be considered poor if they were to blame for the Billboard Awards nightmare that is shown below.

Now, I think that in the spirit of Valentines Day, I will provide some websites that adore Denise Richards and I am sure they all think that Denise and Richie will be getting married any day now. Did you know they were planning on getting married?

Star Magazine stated that Denise and Richie were going to get married by the end of the year. That is 2006, not 2007. They also stated she had been trying on wedding dresses and had fashion houses send her things for her Christmas wedding. Well if she was going to get married in December, then when did she get engaged? Well, I am glad you asked. Seems she was asked in the backseat of a limo on the way to a boxing match. No one has seen the ring since. Now they plan on marrying in Italy in the summer of 2007.

I am tired of talking about Denise Richards. As one commenter said today. We are done talking about her unless she shoots someone. Happy Valentines Day Denise!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You're evil. I love it.

Release the hounds.

Anonymous said...

holy aphrodisiac batman

Anonymous said...

i never believe anything Star or Enquirer prints out.

Anonymous said...

damn does she ever look wired in those pics

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, why write this EL? So she did Playboy, it was Charlie who wanted her to do it. The rest, all I see is blah blah blah. She's human, she's working and yes probably made some not so great career choices. So what? The biggest mistake the girl ever made was letting Charlie Sheen into her life. I think she learnt that the really really hard way.

Anonymous said...

Oh, another thing. There WAS a ring and she is still wearing it on her right hand, it wa a present not an engagement ring. Are you trying to say that Star Magazine NEVER makes up stories? Seriously EL...come on

Anonymous said...

She's baaaaaaaaaack...

Anonymous said...

dude was anybody else reminded of the tim burton movie "when mars attacks"

Anonymous said...

Denise's eyes are bugging out big time on the Playboy magazine cover. They look bigger than her tata's.



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