Monday, February 12, 2007

UPDATE-I got a cease and desist letter. Therefore, the Jennifer Aniston photo will be a link and not the actual photo.

Just wanted you to know that as you keep scrolling down this post, there will be a photo of Jennifer Aniston from the movie The Breakup. It is a topless photo of her. So, I guess that means it is NSFW unless you work at Vivid or in Europe or something. I am just giving you plenty of warning. There will be other items of interest prior to that, but she is naked. Not naked like Kim Kardashian, just naked like hey, look at me, my breasts are here.

If you scroll down from the Jon Bon Jovi story, it talks about an argument between Larry King and his 7th wife. I believe they had an argument and believe they yelled at her. If I were her I would have nightmares even while awake. But the quote that he was running after her is so much BS. Come on, he is like 100 and has had 12 heart attacks. Someone was probably doing the running for him. When you are 70 years older than your wife and have the nerve to yell at her, you know you must have something she wants. I am wondering what that could be.
Anthony Kiedis talks about his addiction to internet porn like it was a bad thing.

Did I tell you that at Clive's party, Ashlee Simpson spent more time with Nick, than with John?

This article says Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are practically dating. Whatever. I can tell you it is not true at all. Hanging out yes? Matthew babysitting anyone would be a bad idea by the way.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ent...

What was the reaction to Ike Turner being there??

Anonymous said...

Can anyone post the blind item re: the actress who was seriously considering posing for Playboy to spice up her career (who we now know is Jennifer Aniston)?

I remember reading this here, but couldn't find it here or on the message boards.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon 10.32

it was in 4 for friday dec 1st

3. This A list actress thought her television show would go on forever. She was wrong and the show ended within the last year. She spent all her money and cannot get work (maybe not so A list now then huh?) so she has agreed to take it ALL off. People will be standing in line for this issue.

Anonymous said...

A Jennifer Aniston nude scene is incredibly rare. I guess there are some actresses that just won't do them. In some cases the only way to catch a glimpse of them naked is if someone happens to get a picture sunbathing in their backyard or something similar to that.

Incredibly some paparazzi got tape of Jennifer Aniston nude (topless) walking on a beach. This isn't one of those "mile-away" shots either ... the cameraman must have been somewhat near or had a super zoom lens.

Ah ... she looks great too. Look at some of the video dump sites (liveleak, dailymotion, etc) to find the video or do a Google search. The video is also currently on (NSFW).

The one thing I noticed is that Jennifer needs to eat more. She's very thin.

Anonymous said...

whoa, seriously, she spent her kajillion dollars? on what? bolivian marching powder? didn't she just come in on the forbes most fabulously wealthy entertainer list?

sorry. lots of caffeine today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! She is the answer to a blind item? I thought her and Brad had money? I know Brad does? Yes, what did she do with all of the damn money she was making from Friends? Her Brad, they do have a production company together, right? She must do coke. Living in Malibu also is not cheap, not by a long shot.

EL, you are right, I never considered to be Alist, not by a long shot, but I thought that her movies did okay. She should be thinking about posing for Playboy.

She is very thin to me. And ugly.

Anonymous said...

McBongo's PR team must be haaard at work again.

Anonymous said...

With residuals from the constant Friends re-runs, it would be very hard to believe JA is broke. I'm still not believing it's her. Just so odd and Playboy does not seem at all in line with any image she's ever tried to portray.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.04

That pic was a fake. She denied it herself.

Anonymous said...

I rather see Kelly Osbourne in playboy than her...


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