Thursday, February 15, 2007

So you think your Valentine's Day sucked?

How would you like to be the girlfriend of British musician James Morrison. See, James had an awards show to go to last night. He went, and won for Best Breakthrough Act at the MasterCard Brit Awards. ( I wish we just came out and sold our naming rights like that. I can see something like the Bank of America Academy Awards. That would of course be superior to the Budweiser Academy Awards, or the Boone's Farm Academy Awards) I am sure his girlfriend would have loved to have attended. There was only one teensy problem. See, Joss Stone was in attendance and James has a thing for Joss and so wanted to leave the girlfriend home. It is tough, but not impossible to hit on someone while your girlfriend is watching, and is in rather bad form to do so on the night reserved for lovers. So, she watched him win on television and hit on Joss while sucking down the box of chocolates he gave her before going off to the show. Notice Joss in the background when James is accepting his award. She seems pretty happy for him doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

See, the naysayers were right, James Morrison LIVES! He did not die in a bath tub in France in the 70's after all.

~SisterMaryHotPantz said...

God, EVERYONE'S a ho today! Joss Stone is a drunk ho, too.

Anonymous said...

Brit stands for Britannia, the compay.


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