Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I will let you know when I get to hear this X-Rated song from X-Tina. If the other night is any indication, it will be a very long time. I am not even sure Jordan has got to hear it. Like I said people. Kiddy table.

Robbie Williams is in rehab. I am of course sorry to hear that. I still think his house was the best ever on MTV Cribs. You can read the whole article here, but I was really interested in the last time he went to rehab. BTW, Robbie sues anyone who even suggests he may be gay, so I am not suggesting it, implying it, thinking it, saying it, or any other word that makes him anything but the carnivore loving heterosexual he clearly is.

Robbie previously checked into rehab to be treated for drug use and
alcoholism shortly after he quit Take That in 1995. Afterwards, the singer
admitted his substance abuse was so bad his friend Sir Elton John had to
"kidnap" him, take him to his home and force him into rehab.


MnGddess said...

I remember Robbie's house, too! Very cool - and I'm speaking of both his homes in LA and in England - OK - the castle in England had a fantastic view but some of the rooms were a bit dreary.

And I think there's something dirty sexy about Robbie...


Anonymous said...

kiddie table? does that mean she is patronizing to you men?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I miss the good ol' days when Robbie Williams' website opened with him shaking his wang......yes, the actual wang.

Anonymous said...

Actually the "Cribs" house was actress Jane Seymour's. He was just renting it from her. All of the decorations, etc., are hers. I forget where I heard this, perhaps on MTV.com, or one of their "Best of Cribs" shows.

Anonymous said...

Given that Robbie toys with us in interviews about possibly being bisexual, why would his people sue anyone claiming that he is? Would it not just be further speculation based on his statements in the past?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Like I said, ive not had a chance to read the blog for so long ent. If you want a good few Robbie stories going back to Glastonbury '96, let me know.
Here's a starter; the tattoo behind his left ear- what does it say, and who does it refer to? Ambiguous won't begin to cover the backstory!


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