Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I have never been more proud of Australia. Yes, there was a real downturn in my love for them when they let Paris Hilton into their fine country at the end of the year. There was even more love lost when they decided to let her return to the US. Sure they gave us the punisherz, but Andrew G did not kick Ryan Seacrest's ass like he told me he would. I told Andrew I would watch out for his girlfriend Noa Tishby if anything happened to him. Anyway, I am digressing here. Australia has shot down The Hoff. In a poll of 5000 Australians, no one )zero, nada, zilch, zip) chose David Hasselhoff to be their celebrity Valentine's date. And yes, he was a choice. I will ignore the fact that many of them chose Eva Longoria and be happy with my small victory.

So, to thank the people in Australia, I will analyze Andrew G and Noa Tishby. For those of you in the US, I will explain, Andrew is the co-host of Australian Idol, and of course a dear friend of the blog. (even though he stood me up Grammy night) Noa Tishby is a lovely actress who lives in LA and therefore, Andrew needs to move here or move her there. Australia-LA does not work forever. Marry the girl Andrew because you know you are dating waaaaaay over your head.


Anonymous said...

i'd rather date KITT than hoff.

Amber said...

haha Agreed bionic bunny! Whenever I hear or read Hoff's name, one of his horrible songs pop into my head.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the 'G, very spunkalicious. Although, does Noa look a little like Dannii Minogue in that piccy?

Anonymous said...

El while it pains me to do this cause I love you and this blog, you have some major fact stuff ups here. I am Australian and yes Andrew G is a co-host of Aust Idol and yes he is dating Noa. What he is NOT is a member of the Punisherz. James Mathieson the other co-host of Aust Idol is in the Punisherz. You need to do a bit more research sweetie. :)

ent lawyer said...

I knew that, and Mel will kick the crap out of me for getting it wrong. We were talking about Andrew coming over for the Grammy's and I just type it in wrong.Thanks ellebee for catching it and also for being nicer than Mel when she hears about it.

Anonymous said...

I could never be nasty to you EL - love this blog!! :)

meltish said...


haha... ohhhhh... how could I ever? No. I was surprised to see this blog and happy!!
Happy Valenties. xx

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, more Andrew G, Ent!

I've crushed on him ever since he was a VJ on Channel V and had that crazy long hair.

A little more Matheson gossip on here wouldn't hurt either. ;)


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