Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kate Moss's new wax figurine was unveiled at Madame Tussuad's waxwork museum in London. There is no word on whether it snorts coke while you watch, or whether it bends over and gets repeatedly kicked in the ass while people chant "How could you be so stupid to keep staying with Pete Doherty?" BTW, I used the photo below the waxwork photo, to ask the very simple question. Where is Kate's daughter?

I really was beginning to think that Ashlee Simpson was staying away from the grape Kool-aid that Pimpa Joe offers, but this lame excuse about why she had to turn down a movie, shows me she is sucking it down just like her sister. Let me tell you something. No one turns down a movie role because they are working on an album. EVER. I have no doubts Ashlee may have been turned down for the role and is using the recording as an excuse. You can record an album ANYWHERE, and at anytime of the day or night.


Anonymous said...

Is Ashlee on the cocaine diet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, too bad Kate doesn't look that good in real life - they must have done the wax after a photoshopped picture :-) I was thinking the same thing about her kid the other day - haven't seen her in any pictures for a while - must be pretty sad for a kid growing up like she must.

Anonymous said...

Kate looks like she needs a fix.

The Simpson sisters look like wax.

Anonymous said...

What Kate Moss done so important to make a wax statue of her?

Anyhoo, the Simpsons sisters are soo over. I love Jessica, but she needs to concentrate on her music. Acting is not for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Those two look like they are trying to out sexy one another it is not working-they just look like silly little girls.

Anonymous said...

Which ones are wax?

Hey Papa Pimp-- brown or blonde, your girls can't sing, act (even playing "girlfriend"), or look sexy (no matter how much plastic surgery).

Get them off the drugs, go back to Texas and let them have a real life. Even in Texas, you have enough money (for a few years).

schneefloeckli said...

Why do the Simpsons-Sisters look so much more like wax figures than Kate Moss does on the first picture?


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