Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I don't think you can get much more random this in random photos. Margaret Thatcher and Bob Geldof.
A trio of lovely ladies. Six if you count their shadow heads. At least I hope they are shadow heads and not ghosts that haunt red carpets because they want their 15 minutes extended. Oh, and in case you don't know who is in the photo. It is from L to R, Amy Ryan, Patricia Clarkson and Edie Falco.
Elizabeth Banks appears to be standing in my basement. The paneling looks the same. The only difference really is she would probably be holding her nose and I don't see any shag carpeting. I didn't even know they made paneling anymore.

Daisy Lowe broke up with Mark Ronson for Opie.
It must be nice for Cynthia Nixon when she hits a red carpet and actually gets attention rather than being swallowed by everyone else stealing the spotlight.
Lets see. Earlier there was a former Prime Minister and now a former Prime Minister's wife.
I'm sure someone thinks the concept for this is brilliant. I'm not convinced.
Leonard DiCaprio pointing out where he got that popcorn stuck. I hate that. You go to the movies on a Saturday, brush your teeth eight times a day and still the damn thing doesn't come out until Wednesday.

You know what? Jessica Simpson actually looks decent.
Josh Lucas looks pretty good also. Glad he's blocking David Schwimmer's name also. That is worth bonus points.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jennifer Garner has never thought about botoxing the feet of her daughter.
Josh Brolin in a still from the film "W."

Mary J Blige on the set of her new music video. Whatever she does it won't any awards unless she starts kissing MTV's ass right now.

Milla Jovovich. Where have you and Paul Anderson been hiding?
Melissa Etheridge - Los Angeles
Madonna and David this morning in New York.
Just because it seems like you have to have the obligatory Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan in bikini photo. No matter how many of them I look at it, Samantha always looks like the five year old kid someone dressed in really nice clothes, placed him in front of a playground and told him he couldn't play.
Yeah, I'm scared.

The too good looking for their own good couple of the day goes to Ronan and Yvonne Keating.
Russell Crowe doing some press for his new film. Not doing them doing them, because honestly I think there was quite a large group, so even with Leo and Ridley Scott joining in, I don't think everyone would have left satisfied.
Aaaah, the joys of going to the mall en familia. The only thing that would make it better is if it were the Christmas season and they had twenty bags in the stroller.
So, this is Natasha Kaplinsky. She was offered $1M for photos of her baby. She turned it down and distributed this for free. While I admire her for not exploiting her kid, I do wonder if she could have just given the $1M straight to a charity.
I'm still not sure exactly why HSM3 had its premiere in Paris.

Usher was in Paris so maybe that is the reason. He is getting set to launch a lingerie line. He of course is the model for it all.
Taylor Momsen and Willa Holland on the set of Gossip Girl.
Almost Halloween. Here is a still from The Simpson's Halloween show.
Sarah Ferguson just never looks comfortable in front of people.

35 comments: said...

That Sarah Ferguson comment is a hint, innit?

Ms. said...

The lighting on the red carpet where Patricia Clarkson and Cynthia Nixon posed is terrible...

Anonymous said...

Ms. - that is exactly what I was thinking.

And this is the first time the Simpsons have scared the shit out of me!

CDAN Mod said...

what's the deal on mary and mtv?

usher with his alien head.

leo with his mean ass. should have sunk with the titanic.

mooshki said...

Yum, Josh Lucas is a hottie!

Okay, the Josh B. pic has gotta be a reaveal - you never do stills, Enty. Either that or it's a shout-out to your good friend JD.

Did you hear Melissa and Tammy are getting married? Good for them! (Boy, do I miss "Popular!")

Damn, Nicole looks wasted. Twenty bags of what? ;)

Heads up, everybody, I guarantee the Taylor/Willa pic will be the answer to 5 or 6 blinds in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Is Natasha Kaplinsky supposed to be someone we know that she would be offered $1 mil?

I've never understood the appeal of Russel Crowe. Good actor, just ugly.

Josh Lucas can look good some days, awful others. It's a good day for Josh.

I would love to have dinner with any of those 3 lovely ladies and pick their brain. I know that Edie and Patricia have some fascinating stories.

mooshki said...

I'm posting this everywhere, but what the hey - you've gotta check out Enty doing an awesome stunt!

mooshki said...

(In case you're wondering, that's wife #3 and the step kids, back before Enty added another hundred pounds.)

Kristen S. said...

Russell Crowe still gets a "hot damn!" and a *sigh* from me.

West End Girl said...

Damn today's photo selection has a lot of my hate list but Josh Lucas helps.

shelly_bean said...

I really do not get the whole astronaut thing Xtina's trying to do...

And the look on Nicole Richie's face is the reason I never want kids, she looks absolutely exhausted

Molly said...

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jennifer Garner has never thought about botoxing the feet of her daughter."

is this connected to a blind?

brendalove, the part about fergie not feeling comfortable reminds me of yesterdays blind, but that person was married and fergie's not. unless it's a different blind you're thinking of?

bflogurl said...

Molly said...
"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jennifer Garner has never thought about botoxing the feet of her daughter."

is this connected to a blind?

No, google Saron Stone and you'll get the scoop.

Molly said...

lmao@mooshki. funny clip!

Molly said...

bflogurl, thanks. i'm reading the blog backwards today and just got to enty's post on sharon stone. what a dumbshit.

Sinjin said...

Who the hell is Natasha Kaplinsky, and why should we care?

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson looks like she gained weight and old.

Why are celebrities carrying these kids. Don't they know how to walk. Kid that age I would never cry.

Puffy & Jay Z look like idiots.

Nicole looks like she hasn't had any sleep.

Zac is gay no doubt about that.

I can't stand Usher too vain.

Molly said...

Jessica Simpson looks like she gained weight and old.

not to mention she sounded like crap on dwts last night. crap, i tell you!

Molly said...

natasha kaplinksy does the bbc news.

jax said...

Jessica is knocked up.

Ms. said...

@ DNfromMN
Rent this film, The Sum of Us - 1994. Funny & touching film - first time I saw Russell Crow and he's hot in it as a young gay male :-) Brilliant performance and I had a crush on him for a long time afterward. Not crazy about his looks now, but at least you'll see how yummy he used to be.

jax said...


"Up yer bum!"

great movie! and yes Russell was a compltely diff person back then.

Ms. said...

Yeah, Jax. He was different.

I know someone who worked on Master and Commander and he said everyone loved Russell. I was surprised to hear this.

Apparently, Russell is extremely aware of his hair-trigger temper is embarrassed by his lack of control.

The fellow said that every so often Russell would go ballistic on someone during the shoot, but always made a point of making a very public apology in front of cast & crew to the current object of his rage and never failed to refer to himself as a jerk or ass for behaving so badly.

I had written Russell off until I heard this story. Doesn't excuse his bad behaviour, but as we know from reading this blog, most celebs wouldn't think they had done anything wrong, let alone apologize for it.

VelvetStaccato said...

Why would anyone offer to pay a million bucks to that no-name chick and her no-name baby?

Sorry, ENT, but Jessica looks do-do birdish as usual. While I admire her for not getting her schnoz whacked off, it stil does nothing positive for her overall face, not to mention she looks like stuffed sausage.

liveunderarock said...

I have never been a russel Crowe fan until I heard his plan for bailing out our economy.

Forget spending billions to bail out the big companies. Instead give the 300 million people of the U.S. a million each. The government saves money and we everyday regular people get some real help.

Vote Russell for president ! We'll change the laws to make him eligible.

KellyLynn said...

I swear, in all of the recent pictures where Jessica Simpson supposedly looks fatter, she looks about the same as I did when I was at my skinniest (at around 140 lbs, give or take). I still think she looks hot, but she really needs a What Not To Wear intervention.

ablake said...

While I admire her for not exploiting her kid, I do wonder if she could have just given the $1M straight to a charity.

Wow. Just wow.
I feel badly for celebs sometimes in cases like this. It's a no win situation.

trashtalker said...

I didn't know Amy Ryan before The Office. She is so great on it!

Ent, it's called floss. Look into it. ;)

Jessica's dress is worse than awful.

Why is Paul holding Milla like she's a feeble old woman? (Or Katie Holmes...)

Hey, Joel: Nice purse.

Unknown said...

Moosh, that clip was friggin' funny! How's a fat man like fit through a teeny little floatie man? LOL! Somebody got lubed up!

I never noticed before how cone'ish Usher's head is. He got coneheads in his ancestry?

Enty, I have you beat: We've got paneling all up and down our new (old) house, like, even down the damn stairwell... and don't get me started on the bathroom walls.... Floor to ceiling faux marble laminate... Lavender upstairs, aqua downstairs.... No shag tho... ;)

methinks Mila and Paul have been busy with the little on.And T.T., I think he's holding her up cause she's wasted, lol!

K, I know this has been said before, about the celebs carrying their kids all the time. Yeah, I wouldn't carry a child that age anymore, but if I was surrounded by a pack of hounds (paps), I sure as heck would hang on to MY kid. Imagine how scary it would be to a child, to be surrounded by yelling animals with black boxes strapped to their faces and bright lights flashing in their eyes...

Honestly? I really think Samantha and Lindsay make a cute couple (Not saying Samantha's cute here, people... that girl needs a good dose of sunshine...). They just look happy together, and in my book, everybody deserves that.

Oh I love Harlow's pudgy little legs! She's so cute! It almost looks like Nicole brought her to the hair salon and said "Can you match my hair to my daughter's?"

canadachick said...

when i first saw the pic of Nicole and baby - I thought what's she doing with Tobey Mcguire ...Ooops.Not a great look for Joel

And i think Jessica is pregnant too or either really HAPPY y'all

Jerry said...

"Opie must die!"

One of the greatest movie lines ever that just never gets quoted and should. Five points if you know the movie without googling it and an extra ten points if you can name the actor who uttered those words.

And for what it's worth, 15 points gets you drinks on me next time you're in South Florida.

*girl said...

Ohh, Jerry that was totally Balk in Almost Famous!

I have no clue how to spell her first name and I didn't want to be accused of googing... Faruza? I don't know.

But I'll take my drinks!

mooshki said...

Aw, Ms., that's good to hear about RC. Now I don't have to think so poorly of him. Everyone makes mistakes, it's the people who apologize/atone for them who are the good ones. (I'm talking to you, too, Enty!) Mmm, Master & Commander - best movie HoYay ever.

Under a Rock, that math is a bit faulty. :) It'd only be $10,000 per person. Not that I wouldn't be ecstatic with $10,000 - it'd make me debt free! Sigh...

Trashy, I've had more than one popcorn shell stuck up under my gum in a place that no amount of flossing could dislodge. It's evil stuff - delicious yet deadly. :)

Jewels, I also really like SamRo. I hope the rumors that LiLo is getting tired of her aren't true - they certainly still look very happy together.

liveunderarock said...

Hey Moooshki,

I don't understand. If you give everyone a million each how does that work out to $10,000? :)

I think you are referring to splitting the current bailout amount to get $10,000 each. Is that what you mean?

I'd be a happy camper with $10,000, too. :)

Jerry said...

Congrats *girl -- drinks on South Beach for you. And pretty close on the spelling of her first name. It's Fairuza.


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