Tuesday, June 16, 2009

James Packer Back To Scientology? - Best Friends With Tom And Katie Again?

I know last year around this time that it was announced or leaked or whatever term you want to use that James Packer, the Australian billionaire, who was the richest guy in Scientology had decided to leave Scientology. Now I am reading that when Katie and Tom and Suri go to Australia next month so Tom can monitor Katie while she is filming a role for her new movie that the family is going to be staying in one of James Packer's hotels.

Did someone get him back in Scientology? Did they give him complimentary e-meter readings for life? Did they have enough on him that even he was brought back into the fold?

Anyway, Katie is going to Australia to shoot the movie, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. I don't know what her fee for the movie is, but she is going to be in Australia for at least a month and maybe longer. The Cruise family is renting a suite which covers an entire floor of the hotel and rents for $27,500 a night. Lets say she stays a month. That is $825,000 for the month she is filming. I can't imagine that she is getting paid much more than that for her role after taxes and agents. Why would you do that? She is basically working for free? Is the family going to treat it as a vacation? Is that how she wanted to spend her paycheck? What is wrong with a Motel 6? Most importantly, did James Packer really rejoin Scientology?


Clanger said...

If he rejoined Scientology perhaps they will receive the cult-family-member discount? ;)

empyrios said...

even when she's smiling,
katie holmes always looks miserable in pics

that or she just has to poo all the time

selenakyle said...

Katie sold her soul to the devil.

I hope her lawyer Dad helps her make the break and takes the Sci cult assholes to the cleaners.

Carte Blanche said...

Watched a portion of AC 360 last night and got creeped out by a Sci commercial that aired during a break. They offered "the truth".
I can't believe they are buying air-time on CNN.

jax said...

nature girl,not only that but if you watch anderson cooper is standing in front of the Scientology Center for his outdoor shots. it was kinda funny they were talking about Lone Wolf type of crazies with the COS in the back ground,then all of a sudden after the break he was standing about 3 feet to the left out of eyeshot of the COS.

mygeorgie said...

@ Jax: I'm confused. Are you saying the Silver Fox is a member of CoS?

Pookie said...

enty, there is plenty wrong w/ motel 6.

i don't think her dad is a very good lawyer. surely the terms of her marriage deal would've been modified by now?

ardleighstreet said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy or rent an estate and then sell it back? Why rent a place that per day costs more then some people make a year?

Anymore I don't feel sorry for her and her vacant eyed stare. She stays with TommyBoy for the money and the fame.

Maybe Tom is trying to bring Packer into the "family". CoS lost that money and power and it wants it back.

CDAN Mod said...

tommy boy can afford to foot the bill. however due to my working class upbringing, i would find somewhere else just as nice but way less expensive.

Katy said...

ardleigh i seriously doubt she stays just for the money and the fame. it cannot possibly be worth it. my guess is that she stays for Suri. There was a blind item on here awhile back that described an ex-husband withholding the children from his ex-wife. enty revealed it as nicole and tom. she seems to really love her little girl, and is probably sticking around just for that.

Charlie said...

I saw a CoS commercial too, running on the History Channel. Something about how "you are not a name, or your past" etc etc, but you ARE "hope, truth" etc etc. I would never join and I think it along with Kaballah is kind of a crock but it actually gave me a chill and I thought to myself, Damn! What a slick promo.

I find CoS intriguing because it's just so damn creepy.

Regarding Katie Holmes: What else besides taking this role is she going to do? Is she working for fun now, or are these Important Career Moves? And what's the deal with her being on that dance competition show? That's kind of random.

Rufus II said...

If you get out of line, or they think you want to bolt, they put you through purification rundowns. Which are extremely hard on a person. Sort of a brain re-wash. I think Katy has had more than a few of those judgin by her haggard appearance since becoming Mrs. Cruise. This is interesting reading if you're interested:
Especially the Lisa McPherson case.

Linnea said...

I want to hear more about AC! Please tell me he is not one of them!


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