Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

When you get Yoko and her Thomas The Tank Engine hat and Paul McCartney in the same picture you get the top spot. Simple as that. I think she might have her hand on his ass too, so that's a bonus.
Adam Levine posing with a fan. I would actually post more photos of him if he keeps doing nice things like this.
I'm guessing that somewhere in New York today someone is having a huge sale on slightly used, possibly damaged wedding gowns. Just saying.
Ben Harper - Bonnaroo
I really don't pay attention to Britney Spears pictures all that much but it always seems that when she is with her kids they are about to enter or are already in a toy store. Such is the case of this photo in London.
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Bonnaroo
The very funny Craig Ferguson. If you have never seen his show, you need to.
Catherine Hardwicke is everywhere these days. I have never seen a director who shows up on so many red carpets.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Tila Tequila, who as usual is dressed to impress any future in-laws in attendance.
Dan Aykroyd signing bottles of his wine. Throw that wine in a five liter box and call it house red and I will buy some.
You just know that Drew tried to paint Justin's face also.
The one and only Dennis Hopper.
Laura San Giacomo and Holly Hunter doing some press.
Heather Locklear looks better than her picture from last week.
Jennifer Aniston looks very nice here and she was pretty funny this weekend talking about herself and the tabloids.
The family Caan.
It has been awhile since I have seen Jodie Foster on a red carpet.
Kate Bosworth does a green carpet set up in the middle of nowhere.
Think the cameras aren't intrusive for the kids?
I still can't get used to the white hair.
I don't even notice Megan Fox anymore, I just always notice that Marilyn tattoo on her arm. It drives me crazy.
Well, I guess we have finally answered the question of whether Marilyn Manson spits or swallows.
Moby also on the mysterious green carpet.
It's not the Disney parade, but then if Patrick Dempsey was at that his racing outfit would like out of place.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
It looks like maybe Gwyneth talked to the Princess about goop for the legs.
I have to get some of this cologne. Flame broiled goodness. Burger King should have hired me.
Shia learns the penguin dance.
Travis McCoy doing good work for HIV prevention in South Africa.
One of the best actors of all time. Willem Dafoe.


Cancan said...

They look like they're on their way to mini golf.

121007 said...

is it just me or are jennifer anistons breasts lopsided ?

mooshki said...

Laura San Giacomo still looks gorgeous!

Aniston's dress is horrific.

Hi, Green Wave Gal! And other gorgeous Reader! :)

"Eau de Enty?" LOL!

Pookie said...

"Thomas The Tank Engine hat" teehee!

aniston looks great!

that travis mccoy pic is FANTASTIC. *love*

Green Wave Gal said...

Hey outed me! :)

I'm reader #1! (after my recent haircut). :)

I sent Enty a pic of the new tattoo also but I guess he decided against posting that one.

blog hopper said...

This is OT, but remember that recent blind about the Housewife? I just saw this and wanted to share. Ridiculous!

RocketQueen said...

I heart Willem Dafoe. 4Ever. He is magical in Boondock Saints, to name one of many.

Agreed that C. Ferguson is under-rated.

That pic of McLovin and Tequila looks a little distorted. Of course, it could just be them.

Aykroyd sells wine in skull bottles now? Awesome. Want.

Oooh...the Caans. Weren't we just discussing them recently? ;)

Kate Bosworth and her lack of figure and personality make me sad. She seemed to have such potential at one time.

califblondy said...

Beautiful readers.

Jen is working the boobs pretty good in that dress.

I saw the article about OC housewife Vicki getting a tattoo in a bar. I wonder how many drinks she had that night. I can just hear her screaming "WOOHOO".

littleoleme said...

Craig Ferguson - he is so great. I always hope that someday he'll get the recognition he deserves.

The OC Vicki and the tattoo - I don't believe this is her as there isn't a photo where you can see the woman's face plus it looks like the woman in the photo has a big tattoo on her hip. I'm not a fan of Vicki's, far from it actually, but they've showed Vicki in a bikini before and she's never had a tatto. At least I don't think she has.

thisoldbroad said...

Marilyn Manson!!!!!!!!!!!!


warmislandsun said...

I love Craig Ferguson. There is so much fun on his show, and it always seems too short.

Jennifer Anniston is tryng really hard in that dress. I guess I just don't like her. No, not at all. Jodie Foster did the glam metallic dress much better at the same event. She didn't look like a hooker.

Why is Shia so attractive? He makes me feel like a dirty old woman. (OK, I am.)

Sinjin said...

Rocketqueen, Dafoe/Boondock Saints: AGREED! He looks fabulously young in this photo. I loved Sean Patrick Flannery in that as well.

Brit's kids are old enough to walk (plus there seems to be plenty of room for it), and her boy's waaaaay too old for a binky!

Maniston's boobies are wonky, heh.

Cheryl said...

There's a lot to comment on.

My sister slept with Moby at his NYC loft so I guess he's not gay.

Anniston's tits always look a bit off to me.

I saw Dennis Hopper a few years ago and he looked really good with amazing skin.

I too think Shia is kinda cute (but young)

Britney is trying to buy her kids love.

Cheryl said...

...and I'll send in my picture if Ent can hook me up with some coupons for Glamour Shots.

...or he could just post a picture of Iman and say it's me.

AvaMore said...

All the ladies, Holly, Laura, Heather and Jennifer are looking GORGEOUS.

It's an inspiration to those of us who are nearing 40 & feeling old...

nancer said...

love willem dafoe. don't see enough of him, if you ask me.

aw, paul and yoko. that brings back a lot of memories. it's nice to see them together.

aniston's dress is butt ugly. it makes her look like a sack of potatoes. it's just awful.

i saw an interview with dennis hopper yesterday. they asked him if he was shocked to find himself an upstanding citizen these days. he said, no, i'm not surprised i'm upstanding. i'm surprised i'm standing.'


ItsJustMe said...

Marilyn Manson looks like Heath Ledger portraying the Joker behind that water.

sassafrass said...

FUCK Moby. you know why? he owns a restaurant that produces excessive garbage. I know he supposedly uses recycled containers, but to have a restaurant you make a significant carbon foot print no matter your pratice. FUCK YOU MOBY! go live on a farm and be quiet. THAT will make the impression you are trying to get out. he is another money sucker trying to be jive and groovy.

Ms Cool said...

Thanks for the Boss photo.

Poppin' Fresh said...

That skull is vodka not wine. Even if I just wanted it as a novelty the price would keep me from buying it.

Unknown said...

Does Dan Aykroyd have one brown eye and one blue? Never noticed before, maybe it's just the picture

devildana said...

I am not a TOTAL lesbo- but I would really love to be between Holly and Laura- good god I heart Holly

lmnop123 said...

Cheryl said...

"My sister slept with Moby at his NYC loft so I guess he's not gay."


But you forgot to tell us, is Moby in good in bed?

whole lotto luv said...

Ryan, yeah, heterochromia. Kate Bosworth has it, too.

Jungle007 said...

WOW, Jennifer looks hot for once, not so plain-jane as per usual...

Of course Britney spoils her kids... she's a bad, rich mother. That's what shitty mothers do...

Mc Lovin's head looks freakishly big and weird. Tila's does too, but that's normal for her.

I <3 Dan Akroyd!!!

Why is Megan Fox's neck looking all dinosaur-like? Or is that just her Adam's apple? (she called herself a tranny, so hmmmm.......?)

ardleighstreet said...

Yoko stole Ringo's conductor hat?!
Haha love it!

I love watching Craig F. but he's on too late. I have to watch him online.

Dennis is awesome. Love to hear him talk old Hollywood in his James Dean era.

Willem is fantastic in everything
he does. Been his fan since Platoon when I realized the blood was missing in his big shot and I never even realized bec. I was so mezmerized by his body language.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Drew's so adorable. I know it's her 'thing', but the dirty hippie look has just got to go.

Jodie looks great, Jen - not so much. She's moments away from a wardrobe malfunction.

I don't like the blonde(?) on Kelly Osborne, but she's very well dressed in that pic.

That Shia kid is starting to grow on me, he's kinda cute.

Is the BK Cologne thing for REAL??

ahdaboom said...

jen aniston looks like a street walker. holly hunter is about to fade away all together, she's too skinny!

lovely reader photos!

Linnea said...

Anistons breasts have been like that for a while. You would think she could afford a plastic surgeon that can perform a boob job without butchering it.

JudyPatooty said...

Love me some Craig Ferguson! Funniest man on late night TV hands down.

mooshki said...

"Why is Megan Fox's neck looking all dinosaur-like?"

Sun damage. She usually has a really dark tan. She's going to age very, very quickly. Actually, already looks way older than her years.

Race said...

no way she has a hand on his ass, why bother

luv luv maroon 5, 2 summers ago

white wedding dresses... r they even relevant anymore?

bonnaroo... totally blazed up and then sum ^_^

spears... yawn

ferguson... funny as fuk!

tila’s tits r too big, makes her head look even smaller, hmmm, maybe that’s the idea

skull fukin' booze... awesome!

asexual justin... meh. but macs rule

i like jenn’s striper shoes, looks like a noisy dress. why the fake tits? i think she looked hot tiny titted with her perky swaybacked ass

kate looks washed out and ancient in lametard... satin?

totally cute camera dude, cute bear dog too

matronly kelly.. ack

megan, is she really in her 20’s? she looks worn.

manson is filthy... totally luv him for it

totally cute reader peeps

man meat that’s flamin’ probably has an infection or is otherwise... that ad and man have ick all over it. it’s a joke right?

like totally had it goin 4 shia, um, yeah, not so much anymore. batshit i suspect.

i totally get those skirts, but i look rugged in orange.

blankprincess said...

LOVE Jodie Foster, but her dress is just a touch too long and makes her look a bit stumpy. :( Otherwise--gorgeous!

Naked Piers Morgan will haunt my nightmares.

Call me a dirty old cougar if you must, but I loves me some McLovin!


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