Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I was so mesmerized by all the hats today that I wasn't paying attention to who should be on top. Not that there is anything wrong with Alexis Bledel being on top. That sounds kind of sexual. Wasn't really going for that though.
If Ali Larter sat and home and thought about it, she could not have blended into the backdrop any better than she does with that dress.
This was the picture I was going to put on top. Joan Collins at Ascot just holding court like she was still on Dynasty. The woman is 76 and is amazing looking.
It's kind of like a satellite/colander combo.

The hats just really pull these outfits together don't they?

Bradley Cooper is everywhere lately.
So, I thought I would include his ex Jennifer Esposito.
It's chef time. Bobby Flay.
Well Marc Summers isn't a chef but the man does host a show about snacks so, really, he is like a God.
My favorite Iron Chef.
And Padma Lakshmi is my favorite host of a cooking show not on Food Network.
Holly and Kendra get all the attention so here is some love for Bridget Marquardt who remains my favorite.
Alexa Ray Joel and the second ex of Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley who looks gorgeous.
Camilla Belle could use some food.
It's been a long time to have Chris Daughtry in the photos.
And the sad thing is, Courtney Love isn't even filming a movie here. I think she is trying to relive the glory days when she feuded with Madonna and people paid attention to her.
The soon to be Mrs. Danny Bonaduce. She is a firm believer in the saying that size doesn't matter.
Estella Warren still shows up to events sometimes. She does have three projects scheduled so maybe she is making a comeback.
The woman behind Heidi Klum seems ticked at the interruption to her lunch.
How much makeup is Johnny Rzeznik wearing?
This would have been a possible top photo, but I don't want to do any favors for KANYE WEST.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
"So, do you like the Everly Brothers? Before your time maybe? How about The Doobie Brothers? The Brothers Grimm?"
Maggie Grace will be returning to Lost next season.
And in the series finale, the entire cast of Lost will be rescued by Prince Harry and William.
Robert Redford trying to look hip and cool.
Ryan Reynolds looking like a deer in the headlights. Judging by the size of that wedding band, I would say Scarlett J wanted the world to not have any questions that Ryan is married.


Unknown said...

Cannot Redford afford a better toupe?

Ange said...

Wasn't Bradley Cooper our believed answer to a blind about a new groom hitting his wife (Jennifer Esposito)? I can't look at the guy now.

ItsJustMe said...

Whoo, feel sorry for you, future-Mrs. Bonaduce. Wonder where Danny picked her up? She seems so young and fresh.

Courtney Love, or random homeless person? I really can’t tell.

Johnny Resnick – why? Couldn’t your MAC counter person teach you how to blend?

Great reader pics, as always.

Jen said...

i wonder what the life expectancy is for a career addict?

SkittleKitty said...

Yep, Bradley C. was the guess.
Was Johnny Rzeznik a woman previously? Wow, that's a lot of makeup.
I wonder if Estella Warren has been the answer to a blind? She did make a splash with the Planet of the Apes re-make and then not a lot (probably doesn't need the dough, though).

califblondy said...

Mom, is that you in the yellow hat and suit? I'm telling Dad!

MontanaMarriott said...

Joan Collins is wearing the only stolen outfit from the Dynasty set. I am sure Nolan Miller is looking at that pic and saying, " so that's where that outfit disappeared to"

mooshki said...

LOL at the "Expenses" hat! The MPs had to release all their receipts online. What would you give to see our politicians have to do the same? :)

Mmm, coconut!

Hi readers!

I just heard today that it's likely Dominic Monaghan will be back too. Woo hoo!

nancer said...

christie brinkley just looks phenomenal. i'm struck by that every time i see her.

robert redford lost me when he had his atrocious eye job. i so wanted him to be the cool, secure guy who didn't give a shit.

no such luck.

Cancan said...

I stand by my pick of Estella Warren as washed up top model barfly.

AvaMore said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Jennifer's dress.

Simply stunning..

Cancan~ what is the link for that Blind if you please?

lutefisk said...

Wow--I remember about 8 years ago when Johnny Rzeznik was REALLY cute.
Forgetting the bad make-up, something doesn't seem right about how he looks.

CDAN Mod said...

what do you call it when someone has a vein that is so prominent in the forehead? jada pickett smith and bridget from 'girls next door' have this going on. is it something to do with botox.

RocketQueen said...

Redford's suit is simply awful. C'mon man, shell out some dough for a decent suit.

Ryan Reynolds is really wearing on me lately. Really.

I am LOVING all these hat photos. The black one with pointy-sticky things is awesome.

Confession: I kinda like Kanye

What is with Estella Warren's face? It might just be the photo - but seems like too-white makeup or something.

Courtney Love...I have no words.

Ditto on Camilla. Eat a grape.

Looks like Alexis Bledel got a boob job? *sigh of disappointment*

Wil said...

Damn! JRzez looks like CRAP! As another 1965 baby .. I am blaming the threat of 45 looming far too close on this. Please .. god .. let that be the answer and not some horrible disease or return to his addictive ways. Damn!!

wny55 said...

being a buffalonian...i am long time observer of everything goo...too much makeup aside there is something really off with Johnny Rzeznik's appearance

Anonymous said...

Readers, out yourselves, yer gorgeous.

I wonder if Bonaduce's girlfriend died her hair 3 colors to match Danny's.

Courtney Love looks horrible. Wow, bad even for her.

Christie Brinkley is a beauty and probably is older than Courtney.

And I'm not minding Bradley Cooper being everywhere. He's pretty.

Mooshki - I thought Dominic Monahagn was supposed to be joining Grey's?

M. said...

Ryan Reynolds doesn't look like Ryan Reynolds to me anymore. Did he have some work done a while back?

Love the Ascot hats and Joan Collins ROCKS! I actually thought Courtney Love was trying to do her best "I'm at Ascot, too" look with that little thing on her head.

While I'm not surprised at the Billy Joel/Katie Lee break-up(I mean, come on...the age difference alone is enough to creep you out) I always wondered what Alexa Ray thought of KL and now that she released her comments, I thought it very interesting. I always saw photos of her with her mom (who looks GORGEOUS, still) and never with KL. Except for the awkward photo of the two of them together on a bookcase in the background in home magazine feature on KL last year. But I digress...

Rocket Queen, I don't think Alexis got a boob job. She looks like she did on Gilmore Girls. I just think she's not wearing a bra and the pattern and neckline of that dress is deceiving.

Majik said...

The chick behind Heidi Klum looks like Martha Plimpton in that pic.

bionic bunny! said...

the very last hat photo-
look carefully at the dress, and compare it to audrey hepburn's in the movie version of "my fair lady".
somebody did some thinking!

lyz said...

It must be really hard having Christie Brinkly for a mom....Alexas Ray is definately beautiful, but her boyfriends would have the hots for her mama! That would suck.

nancer said...

remember when alexa ray was little? she was not a cute kid. i always thought what a bitch it would be to tell people 'my mom's christie brinkley' and have them say 'you're KIDDING!!'

but she turned out ok---she just looks like her dad, that's all.

warmislandsun said...

Alexis Beldel looks out of proportion - the outfit just doesn't work for her.

Ali Larter has the same thing going on - must be the similar cuts of their dresses that isn't doing it for me. They both look flat as pancakes. Ali does wear hers a little better, though.

That black hat with the wings is really cool.

Christie Brinkley's daughter is really growing into her own beauty - she looks great here.

LOL at the Larry King/Jonas pic and caption. I can hear that coming out of his mouth.

Love Maggie Grace and LOST.

Pookie said...

alexis bledel looks wonky. something's not gelling.

alexa joel finally took a great pic. go her!

hmm...all this ryan reynolds. must be an answer to a blind or two. or three.

aww, william & harry look adorable.

omg, johnny reznik. wth? eep.

lol @ coutrney love's non-skid flats.

isn't the colander hat girl a little royal niece or cousin or something?

WOW, joan collins! gorgeous!

go pretty readers!

RocketQueen said...

@ m - oh good, hope you're right. And in that case, she just has a great rack :)

.robert said...

Where is a combat shotgun wielding madman when you need one in regards to the hat ladies (and tails wearing men)?

Bridget Marquardt is wearing a nasty color.

Danny Bonaduce was interesting to listen to 80% of the time on my morning commute in LA, not someone I'd want to hang out with but he isn't a dumb person. Whatshername who cohosted was as dumb as a rock and it totally ruined the show.

I had to look up Estella Warren and damn you EL, I remembered Kangaroo Jack!

I wouldn't do any favors for Ellen either, still mad she ruined her comedy TV show with her lesbian agenda, I really liked it and then it was gone.

Redford needs to have a belt on with that jacket or move to Boca.

Jungle007 said...

Rocket Queen- I definately don't think she's had a boob job. I think Alexis looks awesome and is always gorgeous. I gotta disagree with warmisland sun, when i saw the pic of Alexis I thought that she looks much more womanly and curvy even with her small chest. I am sooooo hoping I get my shape back after baby #2 is born this summer.

WednesdayFriday said...

Readers look beautiful!

How do these ladies keep these ridiculous hats on? I get upset in a baseball hat because it narrows my vision.

What happened to Johnny Rzeznik?! WHY?!? He def. at work done.

And Courtney Love looks like death.

lyz said...

Hey, I'm famous!!! I'm reader #1! Imagine, having my pic on my most favorite website...woo hoo!

ardleighstreet said...

Wow! Granma in Yellow is rocking one big hat! Go gran.:)

Why is Jennifer E in yellow shoes?

Ms. Love needs to lay off the meth. Yikes!

I thought that was Martha Plimpton too.

Johnny is wearing more makeup then I am. Sad.

Is Kayne the blind about the man who LOVES children?

If Maggie Grace is back does that mean Ian S. is back too?

Mr Redford please find a stylist. The toup is as cheesy as your suit.

luckylass said...

First time poster....

and I have to say that I also have a more prominent vein going down my forehead. No botox here.

And Johnny totally had work done. Something is really off besides just the crazy makeup. I have always hated his hair too!

GladysKravitz said...


lmnop123 said...

Robert, I agree with you, Ellen's comedy show was great until she turned it into the lesbian show.

GladysKravitz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GladysKravitz said...

I know, Robert and NOMD. I really liked the David Letterman Show, too, until he ruined it with his straight man agenda.

Kristen Lopez said...

I never heard about the Bradley Cooper possible BI...anyone have a link?

I REALLY don't want to believe anything bad about him...he'll always be Will Tippin to me.

MnGddess said...

Bradley Cooper is not classically handsome but I think he is sexy as hell... and since you can find little or nothing on his relationship with Jennifer Esposito, I'm inclined to think the hitting rumors aren't true...

(sigh) and maybe onw day I can be a gorgeous reader too...

Linnea said...

hahaha @ GladysKravitz - I am totally with you!

jennay said...

Bradley Cooper kinda looks like a young Ralph Fiennes in that pic...

Katie said...

Those hats are amazing... and ryan reynolds is delicious.

Leah said...

Alexis looks great! Her waist looks impossibly small.

Ali and Alexis' dresses have the same side panels to narrow in where the waist is. I like both their dresses and they look great.
I really like Ali's hair colour too.


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