Monday, June 15, 2009

Susan Boyle News

So, apparently when you live in the world of Susan Boyle, trying to perform on three consecutive nights is not going to happen. As a result fans in Manchester who wanted to see her perform didn't get the chance on the Britain's Got Talent Tour. Now, I totally understand needing a night off after you have performed for a few nights in a row and I know she is still recovering, but I also wonder about a couple of things. The first is that she is only singing two songs. She stands there and sings for six minutes. Is that really that impossible to do? Six minutes of standing there? OK, so you say she is under a great deal of pressure. Fine. But at the same time she can't perform for six minutes more than two nights in a row she has booked several shows where she is going to have to perform for 12 minutes and she is going to get paid almost $200,000 for those 12 minutes. That is $1M an hour which is about what Mariah Carey charges. Seriously.

Susan has talent, but she doesn't have Mariah talent. I find it stunning to believe that people are willing to pay her $1M an hour to perform. Well not for an hour because she can't go longer than 12 minutes. But still, at that rate anyway. I also feel sorry for people who buy tickets for this tour she is on, expecting her to be there, and then maybe she will be and maybe she won't. I want to feel sorry for her and everything she has been through and I want her to be healthy, and at the same time I can't believe people are willing to pay her that much money to show up and sing a couple of show tunes.


lmnop123 said...

She isn't ready.

She may be able to sing but she is definitely not a performer or ready for the fame that comes with being a successful entertainer.

She only has the stamina to sing at her local church bazaar.

Caroline said...

If you can't stand the heat...
While I do feel for the woman - being thrust into the international spotlight is a lot for the most consummate professional to handle, let alone a housespinster - don't sign the contract if you can't abide by it. There are thousands of talented aspiring artists who would give a limb to be in her position right now, and who wouldn't let their fans down.

littleoleme said...

I feel for this woman becasue due to an injury at birth she is mentally not all there. She is not equipped to handle certain things and situations. I believe the term one might use is simple. Let's cut her some slack shall we.

califblondy said...

Somebody is obviously making money off her and will try to cash out while the 15 minute clock is running.

The sad thing about it to me is, are people really paying the big bucks to hear a beautiful singing voice or are they paying to see a possible Britney-style meltdown?

Let the woman have her life back and leave her alone.

Pookie said...

enty, she simply can't handle it. it'd be worse if she went out there and freaked out onstage.

i also get the ticket-holder perspective. and yes, that sucks. but she's the main draw on the tour. they're going to play by her rules.

lyz said...

Feel sorry for her??? Why???

Please, this mentally deficient thing must be an exaggeration. She took care of her mother and lived on her own. That doesn't spell mentally deficient to me.

She was a nobody who became famous overnight...her dream come true...and now she's a diva.

I'm already sick of Susan Boyle.

Jenny S said...

Susan Boyle has a "learning disability" or so says her family. Most likely, she has a very low threshold for stress of any kind as demonstrated by her behavior before and after. Part of the reason people fell in love with her is because she was a lovable person who was the antithesis of Mariah Carey. They wanted to root for "simple Suzi" (as she was called in grade school) If people are willing to pay a bunch of money to see her for a few minutes, more power to them.

jax said...

Look,with that voice at her age, there is a reason she never made it before. She can't hack it. No shame in that.
Take your lovely memories and go watch some telly.

This obviously isn't for her.

nancer said...

sick to death of this woman and the whole story surrounding her.

she needs to go home and curl up with her cat and stay there.

Dead Angel said...

It's a shame the thing she wanted her entire life was within her grasp and she's not mentally stable enough to have a performing career. I can't begrudge her the money, it's all she's going to make. Career over. If you can't work days on end, you will never have a stage career, and if you can't manage to work three days in a row, you will have no act to bring on the road, this is it for her I'm afraid.

LauraM said...

She has a learning disability, so they don't want a lawsuit on their hands. They want to make it as easy as possible for her. If they force her to perform every time like everyone else, then they're bad and insensitive people for pushing her. It's like being stuck between the sword and the wall. Damn if they do, damn if they don't. I would not pay to see the tour whether or not she was in it anyway. I don't think this is the right career for Susan. It seems that she'll have a breakdown whether she's successful or not. Because if she doesn't then she'll freak out like she did for not winning on the show because she'll feel like a failure. And if she does make it, then she'll freak out because it's too much pressure, like performing more than 2 nights in a row for 6 minutes. I'd say quit while you're still on top Susan and bow out gracefully. Best of luck to her with whatever she ends up doing.

ahdaboom said...

my 8 year old said "if susan boyle doesn't win they will have to take her away in an ambulance". and now "i think she should stay home with her cats. she likes that". it's too much too soon.


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