Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last night had a tribute to television dads. How can you not put them on top?
For years there was no peep from Anna Chlumsky and now she is everywhere again.
The reason I don't post more photos of AnnaLynne McCord is simple. Her hair scares me. It always seems like it is way out of proportion to the rest of her. It must add an extra 4 inches to her height.
Bill Paxton and one of my favorite television moms, Marion Ross.
I believe that mom and son may have been doing some painting.
Candace Cameron Bure. She looks great.
When is the last time you saw a picture of Catherine Deneuve eating some ice cream and smoking a cigarette?
Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire - New York (Later they were joined on stage by Styx, REO Speedwagon, Kool & The Gang. No, not really, but it is just a matter of time)
I just don't see the Suri resemblance in Chris Klein. I am officially eliminating him.
Christina Ricci proves that a belt can be a bra also.
Christian Slater needs a spark. I miss him being in the tabloids all the time. I think he should have a crazy weekend just for kicks.
One of my favorites. Diedrich Bader.
Randomness of the day. Joel Madden and Dr. Drew.
For the under 14 crowd is Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.
It has been a long time since I saw Dermot Mulroney.
Femi Tabu - Santa Monica
The always lovely Iman.
Yes, yes, it's Johnny Depp time. But just one photo ok?
I will give you some Christian Bale though.
OK, since he is smiling, I will give you one more Johnny.
Jillian Michaels annoys me. Not her personally but whatever product she is selling that causes every page of the internet to pop-up with her image.
The funny thing is that this is Kendra's actual wedding dress. It comes from the Britney Spears Collection at Sears.
It has been a very long time since I have seen Mimi Kennedy on the red carpet.
The Malcolm In The Middle cast.
And Step By Step. Yeah, now I know you are singing New Kids songs.
Martin Short - Chicago
Pet Shop Boys - Manchester (which is not actually London, despite what Britney thinks)
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Russell Crowe on the set of his new movie, or maybe just getting a head start on Halloween.
Robert Downey Jr. with his Iron Man look along with his wife Susan.
You have to give Sacha Baron Cohen credit for one thing. Every city he comes up with an entirely new look. Disturbing, but new.
It looks like maybe this was Travis Barker's week to break up with Shanna.
The ageless Tom Jones along side of Jon Bon Jovi.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

It's not Chris, it's Josh.

Now! said...

Jon Bon Jovi is looking pretty ageless himself.

Now! said...

By the way, based on reader photos, are 90% of the readers of this site blonde women between the ages of 30 and 45?

K said...

Please, someone tell me, what is that standing next to Dermot Mulroney? I think it's the new missus, but what has happened to her mouth?!?

yellow said...

Funny that Ent would notice the 2 Hollywood image crimes. Being caught smoking, and actually eating. Most Hollywood smokers are now in the closet, and it's so hard to find anyone that actually eats in LA, let alone ice cream.
Deneuve not only does that but she regularly pics roles that agent's would not let American actresses touch for fear of ruining their image. That is why she never had trouble working after she was 40, and doesn't whine about ageism.

Pookie said...

aww...look at marion ross! looks great. go, mrs. c!

i want to buy christina ricci a push-up bra.

little selena gomaez just gets cuter and cuter.

GREAT femi tabu pic!

jillian michaels has scary arms. looks like she can take you on and take you out.

awww...yay pretty readers!

yum jon bon jovi. does he not age?

Ells said...

Anderson Cooper is yummy. I wish he wasn't gay.

Thanks for the Depp. Can't wait to see the new movie.

Is it just me, or does Dermot's date look a lot like Mel Gibson's mistress?

That pic of Tom Jones reminds me of Billy Joel for some reason. Tom has aged better than Billy, though.

mygeorgie said...

Bill Paxton AND Johnny Depp? Yup, it's going to be a great weekend!

Reader #1: Great photo! You're beautiful & the chair is fabulous!Ahhhhhh, cottage life. Nothin like it :)

Unknown said...

I didn't see these photos last night! Love Johnny Depp, Love Christian Bale, and Love, Love, Love Bryan Cranston. Breaking Bad is the best show on television.

Thanks Enty!

Ms Cool said...

MMMMmmmm. Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp. Swoon. Thanks!

SkittleKitty said...

K--I thought the same thing. Must be "Tharita" who is ID'd on IMDB as his girlfriend and mother of a daughter born in April 2008 (and I guess another is on the way). I hope he didn't leave Catherine Keener for her. Yech.
So, lip injections are OK through pregnancy--good to know in case I get preggers and want to pretend I'm any of the following: Octomom, Tharita, or Mel Gibson's girlfriend Oksana.

amazonblue said...

Reader 1: Just sitting by the dock of the bay..... lucky girl!

I miss Mimi Kennedy, for a while she was on every TV show.

Catherine Deneuve at a DQ or its equivalent. Wow what a contradiction to her image, my mind lost a few brain cells over that pic. Loved her in Indochine.

Is Candace Cameron Bure as religious as her brother?

nancer said...

catherine deneuve is the quintessential actor. she ACTS---it's not all about her image. she lives her life the way she wants. that's why i love her, and i wish there were more out there like her.

mulroney's new baby will cry right away for sure when he/she gets a look at mama's face.

Cindy said...

Dayum, I didn't even notice there was a woman in the pic with Dermot -- he is one sexy man (if you don't believe me, watch The Wedding Date) ....yum

K said...

Suri is a dead ringer for Tom Cruise's cousin, actor William Mapother. I think he could have been the Scientology-approved sperm donor.

GoGo said...

OK for the dads I got...
(back row) Bill Paxton, Jon Cryer, Pat Duffy, ???, Reginald VelJohnson
(front) Dick VP, Dick VD, ??? (Michael Gross?)
Who are the ??? guys and what TV dad was Bill Paxton?

nunaurbiz said...

OMG Dermot, I am crushed! :-(

shakey said...

Greg Evigan beside Patrick Duffy (My Two Dads), Michael Gross beside DVD (Family Ties).

Bill Paxton plays a dad on Big Love ...

I think Christina Ricci's argument is piss poor at best.

What the hell is Demi Lovato wearing? Flesh-toned Spanx, and black fake boobies?

I have Jillian Michaels' Wii workout. Paid $50 Cdn for a used one (they're only available in the States). I haven't used it yet.

Love the chair, Reader #1.

So in this version of Robin Hood, does Russell Crowe perform open-heart surgery just to one-up Kevin Costner's c-section in a cave scene?

lmnop123 said...


The guy in the back row next to Patrick Duffy is Stephen Collins he played the father on Seventh Heaven.

Candace Cameron Bure looks gorgeous. It must be that clean, healthy living.

I would give Iman a compliment but I didn't appreciate the backhanded compliment she gave to Michele Obama. So now she's just okay with me. No more compliments to her.

The still in the back of Johnny Depp makes him look so sexy and he can do no wrong with his constant show of appreciation toward the fans.

Yah Malcom In The Middle Cast! Jane Kaczmerek looks like a housewife instead of a celebrity. Now I hear she's getting divorced from her husband after about 13 years of marriage. What a shame.

Pretty Reader Photos.

Reader #1 you just had to make us jealous with that picture of the water especially since it's hot as hell in place right now.

Jon Bon Jovi, so handsome.

lmnop123 said...

Oops! I meant hot as hell in MY place right now.

Unknown said...

Catherine Deneuve can smoke and eat ice cream and do whatever the hell she wants.

She is the perfect example of class, and being a star. She could give some of these idiots in the headlines some lessons in how to live.

How about more Deneuve?

califblondy said...

Hey, Ent, lay off Chicago/Earth, Wind, and Fire. I saw 'em a few years ago on the bay in San Diego and they were awesome.

Love the TV Dads' picture.

Tom Jones was such a hottie, now he's Kenny Rogers scarey.

mooshki said...

I think it was TMZ that pointed out Dick Van Patten started the whole multiple-kids craze, so he is at least partly to blame for Jon/Kate & Octomom. LOL!

Yeah, Anna disappeared for a long time after the My Girls. Has she had work done? She looks different.

EVERYTHING about AnnaLynne McCord scares me!!!

What is up with Christina's boobs? I know she had reduction surgery, so shouldn't they have matched them up better?

Well, I think we know what Dermot has been up to, LOL!

Love, love, love the Pet Shop Boys! Stupid #$@&ing PETA tried to get them to change their name to the "Rescue Shelter Boys." Dumbasses.

bionic bunny! said...

lol, moosh, i hadn't heard that one!
dumb asses.

Jasmine said...

lol to whomever said we only have readers that are blondes in their 30-40's! I am a blonde too but am in my 20's... just wanted to prepare you for that so you be too shocked to see another blonde reader. 8 > )

Jasmine said...

P.s Yeah, Anna Clumsky (dumb name) has been everywhere. I think she was even in the first or second season of the beloved 30 Rock.... wonder what she did between that and My Girl? I saw that rock on her finger, maybe she got married and had a few kids or something (too lazy to imbd it), and she HAS DEF had some work done, I mean common, she looks starled and windblown at the same time and even meryl streep cant pull that look off. ergo- plastic work/botox

Linnea said...

I am crushed!

I am reader 2, (and thanks for using my pic enty!) and I am just over 20...

mooshki said...

Linnea, don't worry, eventually you'll be a 30-45 year old, LOL.

mooshki said...

(As my coworker always says about growing older - "it beats the alternative." :) )

Linnea said...

oh no, dont get me wrong! I really look forward to aging and i DO NOT think that being 30-45 is old!

I am just concerned with how old I will look then, if i already have aged so badly... :)

Unknown said...

I am reader # 1... that picture was taken last summer and I was 50 then.
Thanks for all the nice comments. Love my fish chair.

myx n mingle said...

Is it just me, or does Joel Madden look eerily similar to Samantha Ronson in that photo?


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