Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I love Robin Leach. I can't help it. He is just so damn over the top and he was the creator of Cribs. Oh, sure MTV will have you believe they came up with the concept, but Robin Leach with his show Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous was the first. He is one of the first guys to make a lot of money off the gossip business and was on the original I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and is always classy. Top spot.
So, when you are on television like Ana Oritz is and some company comes up to you and says, "hey, how about we throw you a free baby shower," you might want to think about it.
Unless of course you want it at a mall with 100 other people who all look like they are being accosted by every infomercial on the market. Where is ShamWow and Snuggie?
It is that time of the year again. Crazy Hat Week, or as the British like to say, Ascot.
I actually really like it.
The Moulin Rouge called and they want their hat back.
Yeah, I know what you are saying, and swearing doesn't accomplish anything.
When hat mannequins melt.
Very popular at Xenu gift shops around the world.
It is like your own personal picnic basket. Complete with salad. I do like it though.
Look at the shoulder pads on this dress Ashley Olsen is wearing. Huge.
Bradley Cooper goes for week #3 at number one this week. Here he is with Italo Zucchelli.
Did I miss the whole lets put pockets on dresses memo? Why would you do that? It's a pretty color though on Blake Lively.
Bruce Willis and the new wife. I'm guessing this was her idea.
So, I'm guessing the last time we caught Christina Applegate smoking and she said it was a one time thing, she meant one time that day? Here she is on vacation on Capri and she is smoking that thing all the way down.
Cindy Crawford and the kids. Her daughter is going to look just like her.
Claire Danes was smiling in lots of other pictures, so don't think she has gone back to her non-smiling days.
and his, ahem, friend. Amber Tamblyn looks amazing here. Best picture I have seen of her in months. - ECA
The Devito family.
Eva Mendes not looking like Eva Mendes at all. It looks like she is going to a funeral.
Ed Norton looking very nice.
Gerard Butler looking like, well a guy, who will sleep with anyone.
There is no way on this earth that Holly Madison knows any Iron Maiden songs.
Jack Black and as close he is likely to get to gold statues in the movie business.
Jack White, looking, umm, very Sweeney Todd-ish. He is with Anna Sui.
Xanadu is filming in the back Kirsten. Move along please.
You know that scene in PCU where Jeremy Piven tells Jon Favreau not be that guy who wears a t-shirt of the band you are going to see in concert? Well, when you are LeBron James, do you really need to wear a shirt praising yourself? I feel like you really don't want to be that guy.
Matt Damon has been working out.
At this kind of event, do we like pictures on dresses? I think Molly Sims looks nice.
Michelle Trachtenberg just looks mean. No other word to describe it.
A brand new look for Queen Latifah.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Robert Pattinson on the set of his new movie.
And we conclude the Twilight portion of our photos with Taylor Lautner.
I'm really kind of tired of Rihanna.
Bruno on the cover of GQ
Last night was the battle of the Willis daughters. This is Scout Willis.
And Tallulah Willis. Take your pick. You already know what Rumer looks like.
Usher is looking for any way he can to make money. He knows he might need it.


thisoldbroad said...

Best picture ever taken of Camilla. She looks quite pretty sitting next to that homely man in the top hat.

Anonymous said...

pockets on dresses and skirts = best concept ever

selenakyle said...

I had a feeling Enty would post this Bruno pic. Love it! Love SBC! Gorgeous, even acting the fool.

empyrios said...

geez the chick to the left of jack black needs a cookie.

every time i see matt damon i can't help but think of his marionette in Team America:World Police "Matt Damon", lol

he looks good though....

lutefisk said...

I have no words for those Willis girls.

Sinjin said...

That Xenu hat (pom pom on a stick) is gonna win top marks! Love it's crazyness!

Unknown said...

Poor Christina, nicotine is a seductive, clingy mistress

Pookie said...

omg the xenu hat lady! it's like the planets revolving around xenu, teehee!

omg. hadn't thought of it that way. robin leech really IS the granddaddy of cribs. wow.

ana who?

bruce willis has jumped the shark. seriously.

amber t. & latifah look gorge!

the devitos are so little bitty cute!

aww, yay pretty readers!

oh scout. *sigh*. it's like the unfortunatecicity of that family never ends.

well, at least tallulah seems to be their redeeming grace.

Green Wave Gal said...

-Those gold models look emaciated! Yuck!

-I know the Bradley Cooper rumors...but he is yummy to look at!

-Where has Ed Norton been? He looks good in that suit!

-I've been tired of Rihanna since before the whole Chris Brown debacle!

-Cute reader pics

-I still don't get the Twilight thing...

-Amber looks BEAUTIFUL in that pic!

-Christina smoking...makes me sick.

-Thanks for posting my pic yesterday Enty! :)

nancer said...

yeah, i was going to mention the golden corpse next to jack black. she's 5 minutes from death.

it's bad enough the willis girls are so fucking ugly---can't mama at least teach them how to dress? that's the best i've ever seen tallulah look, i must say.

on the other hand, cindy crawford's kids are beautiful.

RocketQueen said...

Ew...Edward Norton has male camel toe!

I'm really digging Rihanna's hair. It took a while to grow on me, but it has.

I'm on team Trachtenberg over Simpson any day, but that's not saying much.

I kind of appreciate that Drunkst has never gone the self-tanner route, but she *is* pale.

Claire Danes looks too thin.

Those are good n' plenties (am I right?) on that pink hat! Awesome!

Enty, what do you mean about Amber Tamblyn being an "ahem, friend" to Tobias??

Unknown said...

man i feel sorry for the devito's daughter....rita's teeny tiny body and danny's big fat head. girlfriend will need a neckbrace soon to hold that giant bobblehead up!

*Miss_P* said...

best pic of matt damon in a long long time - yum!

ItsJustMe said...

Tobias - the world's first analrapist.

I always love the reader photos. :)

Hey - I have an idea for a new tv show: Bruno vs Speidi. Hell yeah!

figgy said...

I love Prince Charles and Camilla. Yes, I loved Diana too (RIP), but you gotta appreciate a guy who chose brains and compatibility over beauty.

Cindy Crawford's daughter is gorgeous, but her son even more so. Holy cow, that natural blond hair! He's gonna be a heartbreaker!

The DeVitos are cute! And hey, they all seem to like each other, imagine that. :-)

The thing about the Willis girls is, they're just average-looking girls, not unattractive, but nothing special. And no discernible performing talent. Too bad they can't pursue something other than celebrity though, cuz that'll be a harsh road for them.

Their father looks like a pathetic douche in those photos. The whole shoot is sooooo not hip or shocking. Just dumb.

figgy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Cool said...

Who is Tobias? Is he an answer to a blind? Are Bruce Willis and his dominatrix in a morgue?

I love Jack White. He is pancake make-up sexy.

amazonblue said...

Claire Danes looks quite pretty in that dress. I like her as a blonde.

At first glance I thought Cindy's kids were too thin, but then I realized that's what normal, healthy kids are supposed to look like. (But minus the Starbucks).

Queen looks good with the softer 'do.

More Matt Damon any day of the week please. Buff, wet and blonde highlights....wow.

Robin Leach was also behind the start of the Food Network too. We wouldn't have Emeril, Rachel, and Alton without him.

AvaMore said...

Readers~ great pics!!

~ Blake & Clares dresses = gorgeous
~ Bruce & Girlfriend = "crickets"
~ Devito daughter = SO cute! (short little neck tho~ cut that hair)
~ And yes, please 20-somethings~ stop ruining my childhood Metal memories~ go put on a Jonas Bros shirt.

AvaMore said...

PS Rocket Queen~ We call that "Moose Knuckle" heeheehee

figgy said...

Ms Cool, "Tobias F√ľnke" (with extreme emphasis on the umlauted U)is the name of character that actor, David Cross, played BRILLIANTLY on the FABULOUS show Arrested Development.

...and I can. not. wait for the movie version to come out!

Dianne P said...

Tobias! I think Tobias and G.O.B. are my favorites on that show. Although my kids love to call me 'Mother' in the same way that Buster says it.

I kinda think I've seen Enty allude to Tobias and Amber before.

mygeorgie said...

Hat #5: Those humongous licorice allsorts are sexy as hell. They are kind of an old person's candy, but damn they are my fav. The young kids these days don't know what they're missing ;)

Carte Blanche said...

Oh Figgy and Dianne, you got me all tingly with excitement thinking about the Arrested Development Movie!

I c a n ' t w a i t !

Anonymous said...

It's not really a secret that David Cross and Amber are together.

Ms.Cool - actually it's a really mod kitchen. The whole spread is kind of s&m around the house - domesticity and domination. That's the oddest of them (and the most safe for work).

Cutie pie readers!

My love for Queen Latifah never ends, even if I don't dig her music.

Donna said...

Thanks for the pic of Robert Pattinson. Yummy. Finally the poor kid is in NYC and away from the weirdness of the West Coast.

The pic of Bruno is hilarious. Is GQ really putting that on the cover? Is this supposed to be an Aniston spoof?

califblondy said...

I like to embrace the weirdness of the West Coast. Rob Patty can stay in NYC for all I care.

Wow, I guess Lebron is still pissed that his team lost. I wonder if Kobe has a similar shirt? Vanessa probably lets the maid wear it.

warmislandsun said...

I want some of Cindy Crawford's DNA. Those kids are simply gorgeous. And they look like normal kids, too.

ardleighstreet said...

I'd hate to wear the picnic basket hat. I'd be afraid the flies would think it was real.

Ms. Applegate needs to stop smoking. I know they are addictive but I hate to have to mix chemo for people who continue to smoke. It pisses me off. (SORRY.)

Wow Gerry looks ruff. Hard night drinking?

Kiki,the mummy wants its dress back. Thank you.

No other word to describe Michelle T? Pasty white comes to mind. I know that's 2 words but hey---

The only place I want to see Rihanna is a witness stand telling the whole truth and nothing but.

Unknown said...

why is Jack Black hanging out with Holocaust victims?

maggiemei said...

I agree that the David Cross/ Amber Tamblyn relationship is not a secret. He even talked about it in a recent interview, he said he got a publicist for the first time on her recommendation.

And they are seen together all the time in NYC.

Maybe the "friend" comment means something else? Any ideas?

Maja With a J said...

mygeorgie - i love liquorice allsorts as well. My husband teases me and says it's "old people candy". But I love them, especially the way they look. It's fashion candy!

Judi said...

Agree that this is a great shot of Camilla. Has she lost weight? Her neck looks thinner.

Fave Ascot photo is the pink. Some of the others are ridiculous.

BOTH Cindy's kids look like her. Gorgeous.

Ashley looks fine. So does Clare - though I prefer her hair red - and the dress rocks. Blake too looks great.

Dunst has gained weight - looks really good.

Trachtenberg should opt for A-line skirts.

Reader #1 - Lambert fan? Love your hair!
Reader #2 - Cuuute guy! Lovely photo.

Race said...

wow, willis knows how to dress to his taste, epic hot pic. luv the ambience of stainless. i would freakin’ rock that chicklet’s outfit! omg! r those boot things she’s wearing, i blushed alittle, fetish pointe shoes?

willis’s offspring... u can’t help the looks ur born with. but, sheesh... maybe it’s the extreme sexification of the p. units.
idk. they look soooo uncomfortable. all the time. almost like they know they won’t measure up. and they never pick flattering clothes. a bit sad for them.

juicy said...

yay! thanks enty for including me and my hubby! he is pretty cuuute, huh judi?! :)

and thanks to all you readers too, you make my workdays so much more "un-tedious". ive been here since pretty much the beginning but by the time i can get around to posting, most of what i wanna say has already been said!

lmnop123 said...

Thanks for the picture of Robin Leach. It brings back fond memories of LOTRAF.

Those aren't huge shoulder pads that Ashley's wearing, she just has no shoulders.

I am so sad and disappointed with Christina's inability to kick the habit and join the unhooked generation (I'm telling my age). Anyway lung cancer is running rampant in my family so seeing this just makes me sick.

Claire Danes dress is pretty.

Poor little Devito daughter. She has her daddy's head and neck or lack there of.

Matt Damon's cute and so far seems to be a a nice person.

I like Queen Latifah's hair cut. She's a very pretty lady when she's not dressing butch.

Reader photo #1 I love the blue streaks.

Reader photo #2 you and your guy make a cute couple.

Poor little Scout Willis looks chubby in those awful looking pants.

I guess Tallulah really is the best looking out of the bunch.

Maybe Demi is purposely sabotaging their attempts to look beautiful so that she's the only one who gets compliments. Like, "I wonder what happened to those girls, Demi is so pretty. They definitely didn't take after their mother". LOL!

Sorka8 said...

Why does anyone give the Willis daughters more than five seconds? They have never exhibted any talent.
They dress badly.
No one cares, except Bruce and Demi I hope.

Please Enty make them go away...

Unknown said...

Okay, some need self-tanners (stat!).\
That being said, I love Bruce, but those pics, um, not so much!
Daines, I look at her and after the self-tanner wishlist, want to give her a talking to for the whole Billy Crudup debacle.
Michelle Tractenberg has always been a fave of mine since her soap opera/AMC days, but dang, the "hips don't lie" she's been eating a lot of pie!
Kristen Drunkst---enough said!

B626 said...

Loved PCU.Too bad the hot chick from that movie A.K.A Jon Cryer's Ex is in trouble with the law.
Wonder what her story is that she got to such a bad place.

jax said...

the weirdness of the West Coast? lol,honey obviously you missed the video today of those freaks going apeshit mauling him on the streets of NYC. that never happened in Vancouver.

Brew Belle said...

Haha!! Tobias - "I just blue myself." LOVE Arrested Development!

Agreed, pockets on dresses = win.

I've seen Queen Latifah up close and personal at the Today show, and lady has some *gorgeous* skin.

LoL @ Jack Black as Sweeney Todd!

Linnea said...

"there has got to be another way to say that" :)

RocketQueen said...

@ Jax - word!

Jungle007 said...

@ Juicy- Don't take this wrong, but your hubby is better looking than any of the celebrity guys in this entire post. Seriously! And you guys make a gorgeous couple!!!

Ok that gold woman next to Jack Black is just scary. Is that really how anyone wants to look? She needs an intervention, STAT.

dbfreak said...

Yeah Enty! Thanks so much for posting my pic (I'm reader pic #1)! And thanks for all the compliments! I love all you guys : ) I'm especially happy to have my pic posted because the first time I was in reader photos a couple of years ago, I was in my wedding dress and I'm divorced now (yeah!).

Oh, and I'm not an Adam Lambert fan, I've had my hair that way since probably last September - not that I wouldn't like him necessarily, but I don't watch AI.


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