Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life & Style Coughs Up $34.00 For Kate Major's Story & Shiloh Is The Messiah

Life & Style Magazine was the big winner in the Kate Major, "someone please pay me something so I don't look like a fool for f**king Jon Gosselin and quitting my job" sweepstakes. Congratulations to Life & Style and here is what they won.

"He totally screwed me over and acted like a dirtbag."

Nooo. Can you imagine.

"He was a great kisser. It was amazing."

Anyone else throw up a little? It gets skeevier. Just wait.

"Looking back, it was all pretty much sexual. That's what he had in mind."

Looking back? Se makes it seem they had a decades long relationship that ended years ago instead of a weekend at Daddy Lohan's place a few weeks back.

Kate went on to say that Jon snuck her into the house while the kids were sleeping and made her pay when they had sex in a motel room because he didn't like to use credit cards. He promised her trips to Las Vegas and Los Angeles and didn't take her. One thing I noticed was that she also seems like she wanted to work for Ed Hardy. Work there or wear it, it is all the same. You are killing the world by your contribution. (Of course in this economy take any damn job you can find)

As for Shiloh being the Messiah, check out the cover. "Shiloh rescued a village of kids." Love it.


CDAN Mod said...

jon is living it up and finding women dumber than him to take advantage of.

Pookie said...

omg, this girl got played, and publicly. that's got to burn. somewhere kate 1.0 is laughing. hard.

Dianne P said...

This is sad. Those kids are old enough to see this shit on the tabloid covers and figure it out. Doesn't ANYBODY care about them?

ItsJustMe said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww. Ick. Nast. Times a thousand.

Nosey Parker said...

Shiloh will save the Gosselin kids!

figgy said...

I don't know why this surprises anyone. I don't think he's even particularly dirt-baggy or douchy.

He's just doing what a lot of guys do in that situation. Namely, he got married way, WAY too young. He wasn't emotionally ready for it, and as so often happens, now he's trying to do what he should've been doing 10 years ago. It's just that what seems normal on a 20 year old seems pathetic for a 30 year old. But at least it's LESS pathetic than some of the 40-somethings I know doing the same thing.

@Nosey, LOL! Good idea.

whole lotto luv said...

He's not even divorced yet, is he? And this woman is called his "ex"?

Shiloh rescued a village, but Kourtney's baby only saved her relationship. LOL.

kimi said...

figgy, he is a douchebag. He should of thought about that before having flippin 8 kids. They weren't even an accident, they went to Doc to get prego. Its called responsibility. I am sick of people using the excuse they had kids too young to walk away and screw them up.

CDAN Mod said...

thanks, kimi. he needs to grow up because 8 little ones are watching him.

figgy said...

I actually agree with you Kimi...I guess what I meant to say is, it's no surprise that he's acting this way. Tho' I see that's not how it came out in my post above.

jax said...

i'm done caring about these asshats.
this shit happens everyday, just not with cameras in front of it.

maybe kate should have thought about the strain of 8 kids when she forced jon into it years ago. admitted by her, so dont jump on me. people with multiples are what? 3x more likely to divorce? ya twins weren't enough...

amanda rae said...

Jesus, I wouldn't let that fat douchebag touch me with a 20-foot pole, but then again I have standards and self-respect. Sad what the thought of a little fame will make some people do. I truly wonder how these people live without any sense of right or wrong, or morals. It's really pitiful.

And is this dumb bitch shocked by this? Dude LOVES Ed Hardy, isn't that like, the universal apparel of douchebags? I always took it as a big warning sign like "Look out, it's a douchebag...RUN the other way or you might get a STD". Jeez!


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