Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Musto Blind Items - Part One

1. Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend?

2. Which soul legend approves outfits after being presented with drawings of them in a size two? (If she says, “Uh-huh,” her designer proceeds to make them in a size 2000.)

3. Which Broadway diva who didn’t get the part in that movie musical eventually telegrammed the legendary composer with, “Liked the movie. Wish her music had been better served”? (His sardonic response: “Who asked you, you fucking cunt?”)

4. Who once introduced herself to a theater actress by saying, “Hi, I’m [so-and-so], star of [Disney spoof movie]“? Who asked you, etc., etc.?

5. Which hunky ’70s tennis star used to like three-ways with women, one of whom he would charmingly ask to insert a dildo in his butt? (I guess the other one kept score.)


Sasy said...

1. Jessica Biel but she is not atractive to me she is skinny now her so called ass is gone now. Her movies flop and all she has is the status of being jt girlfriend. Wonder what will happen to her when he decides to ditch her.

Paleo Dame said...

1. Hilary Duff? I think those caps give her a horsey look.

For the rest I've got nothing.

Unknown said...

1. Is so Anne Hathaway

Unknown said...

And 2. Must be Ms. Aretha

SkittleKitty said...

#2 Got to be Aretha.
#3 Patti Lupone? Can't think of the movie, though. I assume it's supposed to read "Wish YOUR music was better served" ?
#5 Bjorn Borg or Jimmy Connors?

surfer said...

#2 - Aretha Franklin
#5 - Bjorn Borg or Vitas Gueralitis

hotchacha said...

1. Anne Hathaway

2. Aretha.

kregger said...

1) Biel or Hathaway!

2) Aretha Franklin

3) Patti LuPone to Sondheim (after "Sweeney Todd")

5) Hmm...Vitas Gerulitis I think.

Anonymous said...

#1 Jessica Biel

ItsJustMe said...

Oh, Musto makes me laugh with his wording.

1. Anne H.
2. Aretha
3. Julie Andrews and My Fair Lady(?)

Lucy Hollingsworth said...

1. I like the Hilary Duff or Jessica Biel guesses. Could be either one of them.

2. Aretha Franklin

3. no clue, I'll guess Irene Cara

4. no clue, I'll guess Amy Adams

5. John McEnroe

Paleo Dame said...

Oh I forgot all about Anne Hathaway. She is definitely horsier than Hilary Duff.

MISCH said...


lmnop123 said...

2. Aretha - for sure.

Unknown said...

Just for something new I am going to throw in Jennifer Holliday's name for #3.

mikey said...

#1. Who always has an asst with them?
#2. Aretha - who else could it be?
#3. Patti LuPone - Evita
#4. Amy Adams
#5. Bjorn Borg or Andre Agassi

Pookie said...

1-hailey duff
3-bebe neuwirth
4-denise richards
5-john mcenroe

selenakyle said...

Oooooh, I'm liking these salacious blinds!

Of course I have no answers, but this is some good gossip.

Merlin D. Bear said...

1. Anne Hathaway
2. Aretha
3. I'd say Holliday, but she's living in Atlanta now. Lupone is definitely a better guess IMHO.
4. La Lohan
5. McEnroe

whole lotto luv said...

1. Beil is definitely horse-faced.
2. Got to be Aretha.
3. Just to be different, I'll guess Sheryl Lee Ralph & Dreamgirls.
4. Has Miley done a spoof movie?
5. Ilie Nastase. Maxim has him listed as #6 on their list of living sex legends.

mikey said...

McEnroe was only 18 in 1977 and not a yet a star. '79 he won his first Grand Slam - 1980 Wimbleton finals for the first time, against Bjorn Borg, who was in his 5th Wimbleton Final. Something to think about.

figgy said...

1-I can't imagine!
3-Patti Lupone
4-Denise Richards (definitely!)
5-Jimmy Connors

Housey said...

3. I agree-- it's Lupone and Sweeney Todd. I love HBC but she can't sing, and she mutilated those songs!

nuclear said...

as much as i love johnny mac, i have NEVER thought hunky. seems more like borg, nastase or maybe jimmy conners, who did marry a playmate.

1 has got to be biel--pics were floating around of her and her assistant with hands in back pockets last year--can't think you do that with an employee or friend.

please don't let 4 be amy adams, i love her.

and if you read 3 as "her" music, considering that dreamgirls was based on the supremes, i would have to think this is jennifer holliday.

Leah said...

for #4 I thought of "ON-UH" Farris, but she wasn't a Disney spoofer.
I can just picture her being so nice and ditsy listing her movie credits waiting for recognition...

AvaMore said...

I think that #1 is actually AnnaLynn McCord~ heard this about her before...not sure about the boyfriend.

childeroland said...

What's a Disney spoof film? Something like Scary Movie (which was done by Disney's Dimension Films)?

*girl said...

Well, Lindsay Lohan did have that major freakout when she realized her old assistant was working for Jessica Biel... and that was way before LL "came out".

Freakout over old employee working for someone else = meh.

Freakout over secret lesbian lover / old employee working for another secret lesbian = awesome.

Ms Cool said...

#1 - Julia Roberts. Though you lost me at young and sexy. She is my guess for any horse or bitch blind.

gigi said...

Does Disney movie spoof mean a spoof on Disney movies like Enchanted (which was also made by Disney) or just a spoof movie made by Disney like Scary Movie?

Either way, what spoof has Denise Richards been in? She was in Scary Movie 3 but that was after Wild Things, The World is Not Enough, Drop Dead Gorgeous...I don't think she would choose Scary Movie 3 as her introduction film. At that point, she probably would just assume since she's such a big star, introductions aren't necessary.

Wendy Wilshire said...

1. Hilary Swank
5. John McEnroe

CM said...

1. I had originally thought of Anne Hathaway, but I am going with Jessica Biel.

2. Ham sandwiches down, Aretha.
3. At first I thought of Jennifer Holliday with Dreamgirls (and I was SO hoping that it wasn't because I've met and actually like her), so I'm glad that Patti Lupone's name was mentioned. I can see Patti doing that for either Sweeney Todd or Evita.
4. ?
5. Never much of a tennis fan, let alone in the 70s

Audrey said...

Jessica Biel for #1. She is such a lesbian (there's nothing wrong with it but I just wish all the gays would come out of the closet already!)

Alas...I hope #5 is NOT Bjorn Borg, I had such a crush on him. I didn't think Jimmy Connors was really considered a "hunk" in the 70's, so I'm going to go with Ilie Nastase, I heard he was a huge partier then.

Paisley said...

I don't see the big deal about #5. So what if he liked three-ways and toys in the 70's. Didn't everyone?

figgy said...

Aha, Jessica Biel, interesting! And that would make her boyfriend's situation VERY interesting, as he's such a big deal.

sunnyside1213 said...

Musto's blinds are the best ever.

audrey said...

# 4 has got to be one of the twits from High School Musical.
#5 Ilie Nastase. In the 70s he was the hottest tennis player around.

Christyn said...

1. When I hear horse-face I think of Rumer Willis, although I would never consider her to be sexy.

2. Aretha. Dear god, I don't like that woman.

3. No clue.

4. Amy Adams, from Disney's Enchanted

5. No Clue.

trixie hobbitses said...

As much as I love Patti Lupone, I could see her as #3 with Sweeney Todd being the movie. She played the role twice on Broadway.

HBC couldn't sing at all (although, I thought she gave a great acting performance), but Sondheim fawned over her in the documentary on the DVD.

The Dude Abides said...

1. Biel or Hathaway
2. Aretha
3. Lupone
4. Carmen Electra
5. Guillermo Vilas, Ilie Nastase, and the late Vitas Gerulaitis were the biggest playboys on the tour in the 1970s. All-time best sports quote: Connors was 16-0 against Vitas, and after Gerulaitis finally beat Connors to end that streak of futility, the first thing he said in the press conference was "Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row."

Unknown said...

I thought of Ivan Lendl immediately for #5 but I guess he was big in the '80s not the '70s.

Char said...

I KNOW every guesses Hathaway for the closeted actress blinds and I KNOW there are tons of stories about her and Emily Blunt. But her brother is gay, and she is VERY supportive of him, and having known everything he's gone through I just cannot believe that she could be in the closet. Perhaps it was just EB that is the lesbian and Anne was testing her curiousity? I dunno, maybe I'm in denial. (not about her being a lesbian, if she is I have NO problem with that, just about the fact that she would stay in the closet and lie about it which is pretty much a slap in the face to her brother)

libby said...

While I can certainly imagine Sondheim using that language, I don't think Patti Lupone would ever refer to the Sweeney songs as being 'hers.' The part was written for the wonderful, legendary, Sondheim BFF Angela Lansbury. She won a Tony for it.
Although IF another actress DID attempt to lay claim to Lansbury's songs, Sondheim would definitely put her in her place!
Yeah, and for some reason, the EXTREMELY picky Sondheim LOVED HBC for the role. If he weren't gay, I would suspect he got a BJ. HBC is not above that.

amanda rae said...

#5- EWWW! Just..eww. I mean, people can do what they want, if they're consenting adults and all, but that makes me want to vomit. Why would ANYONE want to shove a piece of plastic up their ass? Or up anywhere, for that matter? I guess I'm a hopeless prude, but if the alternative means shoving stuff up your various orifices, I'm damn proud to be one. BARF.

(I really think I might be kinda scarred for life here...LOL)


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