Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Gina Gershon and John Stamos get the top spot today. I love them both and I really don't understand why the tabloids don't get excited about them. Why does everything have to be about who Jennifer Aniston is dating or Renee and Bradley. John & Gina are actually the couple most likely to make a sex tape and not care who sees it so that is a win/win.
The National Enquirer is reporting that Britney and her agent are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. The Enquirer called Britney for a response but all they heard was, "hrgmph, lollipop."
Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan. Please feel free to make your own captions.
Courtney Love helping out a homeless man. Of course as much money as she has lost the past few years maybe he is giving her money and telling her to eat some food.
Diane Kruger isn't looking as put together as she usually does.
Erin Andrews in GQ
Umm, did Eva Amurri get bigger since the last time we saw her?
Is Eli Roth wearing lipstick?
The Flaming Lips - Los Angeles
It has been awhile since there have been any Jennifer Espositio pictures.
And this could possibly be the first Jennifer Garner picture without her kids.
The first Mr. Jolie. I know I say it every time I post a photo of Jonny Lee Miller but you have to see Hackers.
Julia Stiles is to Bourne what Kirsten Dunst is to Spiderman. An easy way to earn a living.
The Jessica Simpson collection at Macy's. I was looking for Pete Wentz to see if he was trying any of it on, but I don't see him.
Mick Jagger has his model children and now so does Keith Richards.
The first time I have seen a photo of Kelly Rutherford's new baby.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard on the set of their new movie.
Aah, what the hell. One Lindsay Lohan photo won't crash the site. Knock on wood.
Speaking of Lindsay Lohan she is going to be in a new movie co-starring Jessica Alba. This is Jessica working on said movie. Last week Jessica was filming a movie with Anne Hathaway. That is a good move for her career. This week with Lindsay Lohan? Fail.
Naomi should have got in with Liev and heir son.
The first time I think I have ever seen a genuine Madonna smile.
Mischa Barton walking the streets of New York.
And in a promo for her new show.
Mike Myers and "guest."
Marcus just keeps getting skinnier.
The first time in recorded history that Paul Shaffer had his photo taken by a pap.
Rob & Sheri Zombie were thisclose to getting the top spot.
Renee scares me. I'm sure she is very nice, but she scares me.
For some reason I really like this photo of Zac Posen.


MISCH said...


CDAN Mod said...

yeah, leave renee alone. LOVE her handbag!

if he is indeed gay, he needs to leave the 'bearding' alone. he could have showed up alone or 'two male friends'. heehee.

are rob and sheri under the influence?

CDAN Mod said...


if mike myers is indeed gay, he needs to leave the 'bearding' alone. he could have showed up alone or 'two male friends'. heehee.

mooshki said...

Sorry, still think Renee is a scary freak. I'm just glad half her face is covered in this pic.

I heard her show told Mischa to lose ten pounds. That oughta be really great for her recovery.

Aren't LiLo & Alba going to get massacred in that movie? I thought that was the whole point of hiring them - who won't want to watch that?

Anonymous said...

Renee dresses so well. I was sad I couldn't see her shoes in that picture, I bet they were awesome.

Gina Gershon and John Stamos would have the best looking babies.

Britney's two sizes too small bikinis are the height of elegance.

captivagrl said...

Mischa is looking very bad. She looks unhappy and sick.

RocketQueen said...

Is it just me or does Julia Stiles have humongous feet??

Ew - Posen has male camel toe.

I swear Madonna has had cheekbone implants or something.

I saw those pics of Lilo on Lainey's site today - I think she just had some lip injections.

I think Roth is definitely wearing eyeliner and maybe some rouge.

blog hopper said...

Mike Meyers and 'beard."

Love the photo of Leonardo.

amazonblue said...

Jeez, Britney couldn't look more white trashier.

Jonny Lee Miller looks much better clean shaven.

Kelly Rutherford's daughter looks adorable.

Leo's head is twice as big as Marion's. Wow.

Charlie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlie said...

Madonna looks like that villain played by Willem Dafoe - Green Goblin.

califblondy said...

Please tell me Courtney Love is wearing white stockings.

I think Diane Kruger looks awesome. Killer shoes.

Speaking of killer shoes, does anybody know the designer of Lindsay's shoes?

Renee Z. along with Posh wear the best dresses. I love Renee's dress.

Madonna works her ass off to have a hot body and she wears a high school boys basketball uniform for swimming? How UNsexy can she be? My Mother looks hotter in the pool.

Gina and John... now that's a very nice looking couple. They seem normal and that's why the paps leave them alone. If they were drunk, high, dirty, and screaming at each other, the press would be all over it.

lanasyogamama said...

Gina and John are good looking. So are Leo and Marion.

I graduated with Eli Roth.

I don't know how Renee got famous. But she does seem nice. I'm jealous of the Birkin.

Love Jennifer Garner. Such a real person!

ItsJustMe said...

John Stamos has been my long standing crush for many, many years going back to the Uncle Jesse days. Sigh. It's ok, Gina, you can have him.

I don't know what shocks me more - that crazy parasol or Madonna's smile.

gay tallywacker said...

Renee looks like she's clawing and not waving.

pmboldt said...

Rocket Queen - I call a male camel toe a Moose Knuckle. :)

Anonymous said...

Zac has quite the pose going on.

Marcus might keep getting skinnier, but he's still hot.

Yay, Wayne Coyne is such an awesome guy. Thanks for the Flaming Lips, pic, Ent!

I can't help but stare at Sebastian Stan's crotch... boy needs an iron for those pants.

SnowCherries said...

I'm not one for usually being mean about "celebrities" without makeup, but sometimes it's just more than that. i.e. Mischa Barton looks like my grandma, but with firmer skin.

I don't know why I was shocked that Mike Myers was gay, but I think I still am. And I think everyone is gay and am so happy when people come out. I still love "So I Married An Axe Murderer (one of the best movies ever, IMO), and I still think of him from that time and not with the rest of the crap that he's done since then.

I also have a soft spot for Renee - but I also have a very soft spot for Bridget Jones as a character and think that she looks better as her. At least in the first one.

Unknown said...

Wow! John and Gina make a really HAWT couple! But, is it just me, or does her face look a leeeetle bit different...

Britney, your bikini bottoms, fix that will you?

DK's shoes. Must. Have. Shoes! Drool!

Yeah, either eva got bigger, or that dress shrunk in the dryer... She has a really nice shape though, curves in all the right places.

Yeah, Eli... lipstick, blush, eyeliner... The works! He's so purdy!

That... Smile. One Madona's face. Mommy, make the weird lady stop, I'm scared... It just looks, so, unnatural! :/

Hee Hee! Zac Posen is posin' ;)

Fish said...

Robert DeNiro is in the movie with Alba that she's filming this week, it's Robert Rodriguez directing, so it's not a fail move or a bad one at all. But hey, why mention that?

Wil said...

Every time I see Jonny Lee Miller .. I still see Sick Boy.

As for Mike Myers .. he must be worrying about his career.. and that is really damn sad! Be who you are .. make funny movies - not crap like the Love Guru - and people will follow you to hell, bud. We could care less who you are shagging. Just be true to yourself.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

John and Gina are such a great looking couple!

Gah, Britney. Wear a bikini that actually fits or put some damn clothes on. No one needs to see that shit.

I don't know who Eva Amurri is, but her body is curvalicious! I'd die to look like that!

I love Jen Garner's smile. The dimple, so cute.

NOT a fan of Jessica's Simpson, but her line doesn't appear to be totally tragic or terribly tacky. Nice surprise!

I realize people change over time, but I can't help but miss the Madonna I grew up with from the 80's and 90's - voluptuous, sexy, outspoken, wild. She doesn't even look like the same person.

I saw Renee at an antique shop near where I live, back a few years ago. She's very petite. I do think she dresses well, and I would kill for that bag!

Elle Kaye said...

I agree with everyone on the John/Gina thing. H-O-T hot. And she isn't really young so he gets even more respect for dating a woman near his age.

Marion is flawless.

Rocketqueen, I believe the word for "male camel-toe" is called "Moose knuckle."

Madonna is a jagoff.

memyselfandi said...

Madonna needs to lose those cheek implants ASAP! In addition to that, she needs to leave her face alone before she gives Joan Rivers and that Catwoman lady a run for their money.

J-Mo said...

MoodyBlueEyes: Eva Amurr is Susan Sarandon's daughter.

Anonymous said...

"The first time in recorded history that Paul Shaffer had his photo taken by a pap." and he seems genuinely pleased that someone finally noticed.

RocketQueen said...

Thanks for the "moose knuckle" heads-up everyone - I hope I never have to use it again ;)

Henriette said...

John Stamos is a sweetie, but Gina Gershon is a witch. She stayed in the hotel I was working at in San Francisco and was a TOTAL pain. She thought she was somebody, but nobody knew her. She likes women, so I am sure John would get to watch. She is also a year older than him.

Happy Birthday John!

katespades said...

nobody noticed the pete wentz comment? i get the feeling this answers the recent blind about the rocker crying about being in love with his sister in law.

Miss(pdx) said...

rob and sheri are so freaking amazing..I have been off the site for a week and have just been perusing the last couple of days and they were the first to inspire a comment so I guess that says something.. I would love a partner like either one of them


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