Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Musto Blind Items - Part Two

6. Which blonde movie star starts every shoot by scanning the set to see who’s looking at her (and therefore who wants to play fill-the-nacho)?

7. Which brother who has achieved his own measure of success is a creepy egomaniac, according to some who have worked with
him and don’t really care to again?

8. Which actress who was once married to that biggie tells gossip-seeking friends, “I’m not allowed to talk about that based on the terms of our agreement,” rather than say the much simpler, “No, he’s not”?

9. Which flamboyant promoter orders lube by the crate? Does Costco really sell lube?

10. Which ’60s pop group supposedly started out as harmonic hookers in the projects?


M. said...

Is #8 Nicole Kidman regarding Tom Cruise?

.robert said...

I was going to say Kidman too.

Funny Girl said...

#7 Eric Roberts?

Anonymous said...

6. La-Lohan is blonde now, I'll go with her
7. No idea - could be a M. Jackson brother?
8. Love the Nicole Kidman guess
9. no idea
10. Diana Ross & the Supremes

Pookie said...

6-wth does 'fill the nacho' mean?
7-pick a baldwin, any baldwin
8-dayanara torres, marc anthony's ex-wife...their divorce agreement doesn't allow her to breathe a she's acting now...thing is, marc anthony is only considered a 'biggie' in latin market, not in general. hmm.
9-idk, but major LOLs
10-the dixie cups

E.D said...

6. Sienna Miller
8. Nicole Kidman
10. The supremes?

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

7 is either William Baldwin or Casey Affleck.

8 is either Nicole Kidman or Talia Balsam.

captivagrl said...

6. Diaz

LouiseH said...

6. What is fill-the nacho?
7. Jermaine
8. Nicole Kidman
9. Don King (no clue actually)
10. The Supremes

RocketQueen said...

6. I think I figured out what "fill-the-nacho" means and all I have to say is "gross". I like Sienna for this one, too.

7. One of the Wilsons? Alternatively, could be Trace Cyrus.

8. I like Kidman.

9. Don King

10. Diana/Supremes sounds good.

CM said...

First off, ENTY, so glad you posted this. I saw yesterday's Village Voice and was hoping that you would post these blinds for us! Thanks.

6. Cameron Diaz is a good guess.
7. I agree. A Baldwin. Any Baldwin.
8. I have to go with Nicole Kidman on this one. I also think that biggie could be a pun for his career AND stature. And "No, he's not" referring to the sexuality questions.
9. ?
10. ? Don't know many 60's pop groups other than the Supremes.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Or maybe Mimi Rogers for #8.

kimi said...

Kidman sounds right for #8 but why call him biggie?

lmnop123 said...

7. Casey Affleck

Ms Cool said...

What is fill the nacho?

AvaMore said...

#8 Either Nicole or Mimi

As for the rest~ eh...don't really care so much.

whole lotto luv said...

kimi, I think "biggie" is a slam on the high-heeled sneaker dude's physical stature.

9. Joe Jackson. Is that awful of me?

lmnop123 said...

Does "fill the nacho" mean oral sex?

lmnop123 said...

I thought biggie meant "well hung" or maybe my minds in the gutter today.

David D. said...

I've seen a number of references to Mimi Rogers doing #8--rather pointedly, it seems.

Sienna for #6. Jermaine for #7.Don King is one of the few flamboyant promoters around, though the thought of him with a crateful of lube is terrifying.

#10 could be the Ronettes.

.robert said...

Mimi is still drinking the kool-aid.

bumblebee said...

Could #9 be Perez Hilton? He's supposedly a music promotor.

Unknown said...

I think #8 is Ellen Barkin and the "big" guy she was married to, Ron Perlman I think his name was? Just a guess other than the usual suspects!

#10 sounds like Diana and the Supremes.

.robert said...

Oops, I was wrong, Mimi left Scientology.

BigMama said...

6. Sienna ( I know it's trite and everyone guessed this but hell, sounds good to me)
7. Casey Affleck (he looks like a jerk to me) or Chad Lowe (he did creepy really well on Law and Order SVU
8. Nicole (good for her LOL)
9. Vince McMahon ( come one, you know he looks the type)
10. Herman and the Hermits.......Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter????? OH please!

whole lotto luv said...

.robert, I don't think it's Mimi, anyway. She said in an interview years ago that Cruise refused to have sex with her.

GauchoGirl said...

6. Renee Zellweger
7. Casey Affleck
8. Nicole Kidman
9. Richie Rich
10. The Supremes

surfer said...

For some reason, David Gest comes to mind for #9 - wasn't he a promoter? Or was that a producer?

swatymyers said...

10. I also like the Dixie Cups for this one. I can't help but think if Diana Ross had been turning tricks we would have heard about it by now.

swatymyers said...

Also, the Dixie Cups were from the projects of New Orleans.

CDAN Mod said...

what is fill the nacho? please someone answer.

i am on the fence as to whether tom cruise is gay. i'm leaning towards bi or he's fills some sexual category that has not been determined.

CDAN Mod said...

the only thing i can think of is someone playing with boogers? hope no one is eating lunch.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

6. Kirsten Durst
7. Going to have to go with Jermaine.
8. Oh how I hope this is Mimi Rogers.
9. LOVE the Perez Hilton guess.
10. The Beatles. haha!

West End Girl said...

I assume "fill the taco" is a euphemism for sex. The visual should be clue enough.

6 - Kate Hudson, just for something new.

7 - Jermaine Jackson.

8 - Nicole Kidman does make the most sense, especially with the dig at the GMD's stature.

9 - No idea, shame that it's not indicated what's promoted.

10 - Can't be the Ronettes, surely? Ronnie claims to have lost her virginity to Phil. Maybe the Marvelettes?

Anonymous said...

I think "fill the nacho" is just a euphemism for plain old sex.

Drcocks said...

I know I am not the brightest when it comes to this blind stuff but I was thinking #7 was referring to a black man when it says "brother". Am I completely off base here?

Angela said...

#8. Tom Cruise is dyslexic. When he divorced Mimi Rogers, he had naturally difficulties reading and filling up all the papers. Scientology sent lawyers who took care of everything for him. They got a very favorable settlement for him, more than what a regular guy would have legitimally achieved. That's one of the main reasons that got Cruise involved deeper in scientology.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Cameron Diaz is a good guess because she's Hispanic which fits nicely with "fill the nacho."

Pookie said...

^little miss, cameron diaz' latin side is cuban.

"nachos" are not even remotely close to anything cuban. esp. since they are technically made from corn tortillas, which do not even exist in the fact, to cubans a tortilla is an omelette, but that's another lesson for another day...teehee.

Anonymous said...

Also, does Musto give hints in his wording, like Ted C does, in his own way? Does Enty do that too? I've never known for sure.

AM said...

10. The Shangri-Las were tough girls from a rough neighborhood. I know they had a reputation for being wild, but I'm not sure this extended to include prostitution.

Otherwise, I like the Supremes for this one.

.robert said...

I get an image of the cheese being drizzled onto the nachos and don't want to finish the thought.

figgy said...

8 is def Nicole or Mimi. But no he's not what? Gay? Come on, I'm 99.9% sure he's gay. The rumors couldn't possibly be that many and persistent otherwise.

Dotty said...

7. Luke Wilson?

Anotheramy said...

If 8 is one of TCs ex's, saying hes not would be a lie. Maybe thats why she doesnt say it.

I dont know exactly what fill the nacho is but its got to be sex related.

sunnyside1213 said...

Cameron is a good guess.
The Baldwins are a good guess, or one of the Jacksons?
Nicolle or Mimi. Or maybe both?
No clue.
I lived in NO in the sixties. Art and Aaron Neville used to play at our high school dances. the Dixie Cups were notorious. I am going with them.

Does Musto reveal?

sunnyside1213 said...

Cameron is a good guess.
The Baldwins are a good guess, or one of the Jacksons?
Nicolle or Mimi. Or maybe both?
No clue.
I lived in NO in the sixties. Art and Aaron Neville used to play at our high school dances. the Dixie Cups were notorious. I am going with them.

Does Musto reveal?

Katie said...

it's nicole. mimi has vouched for tom's heterosexuality in the past. no one believes it but she has stated he is straight.

lmnop123 said...

@ Drcocks, or brother could be just someone's sibling.

I still think it's Casey Affleck, he was nominated for an Oscar and is a decent actor but when he interviews the guy is major turnoff. What an arrogant a**hole!

Christyn said...

6. Cameron Diaz
7. Alec Baldwin
8. Nicole Kidman
9. No idea, but yuck
10. No clue, don't listen to a lot of 60's music

trixie hobbitses said...

@figgy: I think the blind is Nicole (or Mimi) being vague in a way that would mean "Yes, he is." If she said "No, he isn't," she probably wouldn't have to worry about the agreement they have.

chucky-baby said...

I think the writer got his euphemisms wrong. He probably meant Fill the Taco, not nacho. Vagina= Taco, Fill with meat. Agree with the Nicole guess.

The Dude Abides said...

7. Kevin Dillon
8. Kidman or Rogers

No idea on the others.

amh.producer said...

I know someone who worked with Casey Affleck (as crew) and said he was just wonderful to be around. I would think if actors were going to be creepy egomaniacs, it would be with crew.

I immediately went Wilson but could be a Baldwin or the Kevin Dillon guess is good too!

shakey said...

6. What hair colour is Scarjo right now?
7. Stephen Baldwin or Randy Quaid
8. Mimi
9. The AEG guy?

watcher said...

8. Which actress who was once married to that biggie tells gossip-seeking friends, “I’m not allowed to talk about that based on the terms of our agreement,” rather than say the much simpler, “No, he’s not”?

The question that answer begs is "Is he gay?". Maybe "Is he bi?" I don't think that the question is "Is he hetero?"

The question "is he gay" fits both Tom Cruise and George Clooney.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were extremely famous and established in the industry (him more established than her) when they divorced. An agreement covering all sorts of things would be expected.

Talia Balsam and George Clooney split up just before he became extremely famous on ER. They weren't a high profile couple and I think it is less likely that they had such a comprehensive agreement following their divorce. On the other hand, both have showbiz family connections (Martin Balsam, Rosemary Clooney) so maybe they would sign a comprehensive agreement. It is possible they signed an agreement later on - they worked together on one of GC's projects long after their divorce. Or may be she's a discreet woman and it doesn't hurt to have such a prominent connection in GC.

Unknown said...

nacho = area between your ass and your balls. a.k.a taint = perineum - area betwwen the genitals and anus, male or female, the term is said to orginate from the saying "It ain't pussy and t'aint ass..."

so for the blonde she, its kinda fill´em both.

Leah said...

Jessica Simpson.

Oh, movie star... nevermind.
Is movie star different than dvd actress?

Jen said...

#6: Kevin Dillon

lutefisk said...

I like the Mimi Rogers/Supreme guesses, not sure about the rest.

Unknown said...

My sister-in-law worked with Eric Roberts; she is a costumer. She said he was funny and a real charmer. I can't believe he is *7. My brother met him at the wrap party, had a cig with him and said he was a regular guy.

It just made me love him all the more!


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