Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Don Hewitt - RIP
AnnaLynne McCord on the set of 90210.
Al Pacino on the set of his new movie about Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
John Goodman is also in the movie.
Amanda Seyfried on the set of her new movie.
Two pictures in a row where Christina Applegate was not caught smoking. I hope she keeps it up.
Counting Crows - Miami
OMG it is Dana Wheeler Nicholson. I have not seen her since
Elvis Costello - Los Angeles
Fabio at a restaurant in LA, and no George Clooney in sight so no fighting.
I love this picture. Jason Bateman and Mike Judge. "Cornholio Rules!"
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day goes to Australians Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall.
The ridiculously fake breasts of the day award goes to Aubrey O'Day. On the bright side she did wear clothes again. That's twice in a row. This represents a new personal best for Aubrey.
Apparently Sherlock Holmes drinks Fiji water.
Congratulations to Jason Schwartzman who just got married.
Star in a naked tape and get invited to events. That is the way Hollywood works. Kari Ann Peniche has started her 15 minutes. Again.
Kellan Lutz is our Twilight picture of the day.
Karina & Maksim. Gorgeous as always.
I will save you the topless photos of Amber, but Kanye was wearing just as many clothes as when she was laying out in nothing but a g-string. I don't buy this relationship.
Lady GaGa in Israel.
It's a thirtysomething reunion. Peter Horton and Timothy Busfield.
Ricky Martin and his two kids.
Renee Z at the premiere of her new movie.
Make it work Tim. Tomorrow night!!
Victoria Beckham headed back to London.


FrenchGirl said...

Dana Wheeler Nicholson looks alike Jennifer Carpenter of "dexter"

FrenchGirl said...

but an older Jennifer Carpenter

mooshki said...

Is it the sun making AnnaLynne squint, or her hangover?

I love you, Tim Gunn!!!

MISCH said...


Maja With a J said...

It looks so uncomfortable, stuffing your tits into your armpits like Aubrey O'Day.

Unknown said...

Dana Wheeler Nicholson looks like Ozzy in those glasses, just not as bad.

RocketQueen said...

Lainey's right, Zellwegger is a ridiculous pose-hard.

That's a sweet pic of Ricky with his kids. He looks happy.

Wow - Schwartzman cleans up nice!

I can't believe how Pacino resembles Kevorkian- well done!

lutefisk said...

Lady GaGa looks just like Brian's mother in "Life of Brian".

AvaMore said...

I can't help it~ I love Posh's style. And that she is so slim.

*hangs head in shame*

califblondy said...

That's a great picture of Ricky with his boys.

I'm glad to see Posh found her bra.

Peter Horton still looks hot.

Renee looks nice. I think she's was trying hard not to be squinty there.

Karina, get your hands off my man!

AvaMore said...

Also LOVE Dana Wheeler Nicholson! She was So great as the ex-party girl who was having a hard time being domesticated on Sex in the City.

Yes, I could relate. ;)

gay tallywacker said...

Is Amber Rose really a model? What are those black spots on her thigh? Tats (of what!?) or birthmark?

Lady J said...

@gay tallywacker
Amber Rose was signed to Ford modeling agency.

Anonymous said...

Fabio needs to do something about his hair style. That is sooo old.

Aubrey looks like a stuff enchilada hahahaha.

Amber looks trashy and for Kanye being her suppose bf he sure is holding her weird like he is scared being too close to her LOL.

Ricky looks so cute with his kids. They are so cute and chunky.

Renee looks stiff posing like that.

I really don't like Posh.

Unknown said...

No wonder Posh's son has a teddy to cuddle - better than his bony old mother.

Pookie said...

people need to stop dying already. :(

i think john goodman has bigger boobs than me.

great shot of adam durwitz!

amber and kanye go home! douchebags.

eep...the 30somthing guys have not aged well.

ADORABLE martin twinkies! *mushycuddlesnuggle*

.robert said...


Jingle Belle said...

If you want to see why Kanye was horrified by Amber Rose, got to and see the rest of the pictures. That bikini bottom is nothing but string in the back and it is not flattering.

sunnyside1213 said...

I thought Dana Wheeler Nicholson was Ozzy at first.

Posh finally got a Vogue cover. She had to downsize her "concrete tits" to get it, but it's VOGUE!

Fabio doesn't look so fabio these days.

Nixon said...

Awww to the Ricky Martin babies!

M. said...

Jason Schwartzman is looking a little too much like Tom Cruise in that photo for me...In fact, I thought it was TC for a minute until I read the caption.

mygeorgie said...

I saw Amber Rose's ass over at DListed. If my ass looked like that I's be wearing a string & flossing, er flaunting, as well!

good on her. "Don't waste the pretty!" (although she is on Kanye)

ThoughtElf said...

Totally OT, but this was just too funny to skip sharing - Richard Hatch had his sorry arse dragged back to prison after his NBC interview:

ardleighstreet said...

Al as Kevorkian? Looks like him.

Ricky Martin's boys are cuties.

Thank you for the Tim Gunn! LOVE him.

If Mrs. Beck smiled her face would crack. ( I don't care how unfortunate your smile is. You can't even smile with your kids?)

K said...

Karina and Maxim - gorgeous! I love her hair and that is the most genuine smile I've seen on him for a very long time

Ricky Martin and boys - I don't like him, but that is a beautiful picture!

Green Wave Gal said...

Forget Posh, I want that teddy bear! Adorable! :)

Tara said...

I can't help it, I like RZ and feel a little sorry for her. She always seems (at least to me) very self conscious. She is a terrific actress (most notably in Cold Mountain where she stole the show) and gets a lot of crap. I'd much rather watch her in a movie than J. Roberts or N. Kidman.

Judi said...

Love Tim Gunn, too. And thank you to Miss Second-from-the-Right for the decent proper pose. Her, I'd hire.

Ice Angel said...

Becks and Posh's boys are just are Ricky's twins!

Ice Angel said...

Becks and Posh's boys are just are Ricky's twins!

lmnop123 said...

Amber Rose was signed to Ford Modeling Agency? I thought she would be to heavy for them.

She's a normal size for an everyday person but much bigger than any model signed with the best agencies.

Did you see her backside?

laesmralda said...

Thanks Enty for the awesome Adam Duritz pic! It totally made my day! :)

Nadel said...

The Beckham's have made the most gorgeous boys ever.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I thought Victoria had on a hard hat at first...seriously I would not put it past her.

Angie said...

Enty~ you haven't seen Dana Wheeler Nicholson since Fletch??? What about Tombstone? She played a great drug-addicted companion to Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp.

Leah said...

Alice D Millionaire- Are you trying to say that hard hat's are no longer in fashion? Shall I stop wearing mine to the office?
Are you trying to say Posh is about to start the trend, and so I should continue wearing my pink hard hat to work as to stay ahead of the trend curve. - Finally I'll be at the beginning instead of two years after! Who else is still wearing broaches?

Scooby Dubious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scooby Dubious said...

Though Derek Zoolander's "Blue Steel" is my all-time favorite model pose, I have to admit that Renee Zellweger's "Tungsten" is growing on me.

figgy said...

I can't help it, I love Renee Zelweger. And Amanda Seyfried (Big Love, w00t!)

John Goodman endeared himself to me forever when he played Linda Tripp on SNL. hee hee

I think Fabio still looks fabuloso.

Why doesn't Enty buy Amber and Kanye? And is she white, black, biracial, what? I saw her pics on dlisted, and omg if I had her ass I'd never wear anything BUT a g-string.

Tania said...

Nice 'Blue Steel' on Jason Schwartzman.
Scooby - Renee's 'Tungsten'? LOL!

Dana Wheeler Nicholson is in Friday Night Lights now. That great show nobody is watching. (Well, I am, obviously!)


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