Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Snoop Dogg in Lebanon gets the top spot. Not only does he look good, I am sure however long he stays in the country will be the longest he has gone without pot in a very long time.
Almost making the top spot was Whitney Houston who is with Bobbi Kristina who has certainly grown up since the last time I saw a picture of her.
Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens in Vancouver. Later that day Ashley took her dog shopping for dog clothes while Dakota Fanning spent time in American Apparel. Because of course you can't find that store in LA.????

I would have also accepted the naked cell phone pictures club of America is having its annual meeting in Vancouver.
Didn't even recognize Ashlee Simpson.
I did however recognize Bucky Covington.
This is how Bobby Trendy should look everytime he goes out. It is like he decided to take a bath in cotton candy.
Courtney Love in a turtle. With Courtney this actually doesn't seem strange.
I love Christopher McDonald.
Sam & Charlotte.
David Beckham in Washington DC. That tattoo on his arm is so dark you can't even make out anything.
Hello Drew Barrymore. It's amazing how a half buttoned shirt can turn her into sexy in an instant.
I haven't seen Donald Faison in awhile.
This is Dino Garcia. He is the Mexican actor I refer to as Rob Morrow with a mustache.
The bar goes under the dress Eliza.
Emilie de Ravin channeling Mischa Barton.
Gisele Bundchen and her baby bump.
Gilles Marini is a good looking guy.
Everyday is like a breath of fresh air now that Madonna is gone. When is the last time you didn't see Guy smiling?
I think Hilary Duff looks good here.
A Jon Gosselin orgasm.
You know Julia Roberts is filming because she is definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of person otherwise.
How to get free stuff when you are a celebrity. Pose for pictures in a store.
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibriani take their relationship public.
Dexter and his sister. I mean wife.
Lady GaGa got shorter.
The one and only Reba McEntire.
Cisco Adler was at a party. No surprise. But,
at that party was also Mischa Barton. Will they reunite?
Sarah Jessica Parker channeling Madonna.
Taye & Idina.
Is anyone else freaked out by the mannequin?


GladysKravitz said...

LOL at Lady Gaga. Thanks for that, Enty.

mooshki said...

What Gladys said!!!

Idina looks freaking amazing for someone who's 8 1/2 months preggers!

MizCaramel said...

LMAO @ Lady Gaga!!! I'm still giggling on that one!

Wow Bobbi Kristina sure has changed, she was a chubby little girl last pic of her I ever saw...

RocketQueen said...

Also LOL at the Gaga comment. Too perfect.

It's funny that I never found Michael C. Hall attractive in 6 Feet Under, but now I totally see it!

Whitney looks strangely bloated in the face?

Some 'bump' that Gisele has. Pfft. (jealous)

Ah...Drew looks so much better in this sort of outfit as compared to her yoga outfit yesterday.

Loved Michael K's caption for this Courtney picture yesterday: The tortoise and the hare-brained

I dislike Asslee Simpson more every day, if that's possible.

.robert said...

You don't think he can get pot in Lebanon? You can get anything you want there.

Kind of looks like Whitney is going for second base.

What does Bobby Trendy do? I remember seeing a pic of him years ago and the gaudy is still seared into my brain.

Looks like Sam is going for a Piven-second base.

Yeah, the Gaga one was funny.

Pookie said...

oh enty, pls. you know there is some runner somewhere in that country making sure snoop gets his pot.

i can't look at ashlee simpson w/o thinking of the douche husband and his anal sex coments.

it's so nice to see drew looking normal w/o trying to channel her inner 12 yr. old.

eep @ porn stache dude & the rob morrow comment.

oh gilles. you are rather yum...

no WAY. eddie/leann are still hooking up?


reba's awesome.

CDAN Mod said...

if leann ends up marrying that guy, she better get a good pre-nup and hide her assests. or another man will take her for a ride.

leann is wrong, but i like her.:)

what's the gossip on reba mcintire? i always wonder about her.

Jingle Belle said...

At the bottom picture (I don't even know who they are)...which mannequin are you talking about because the one on the right is looking kind of plastic too. :)

mooshki said...

Cheri, I know, I thought he was talking about Alexis Bledel at first. It took me a while to see the other mannequin. :)

ItsJustMe said...

Pot is abundant in Lebanon. I'm sure they're treating him right over there. My ex lived there for a time and has tales of party-ing it up BIG TIME.

LOVE Taye and Idina.

Momster said...

Taye and Idina's baby will be beautiful with a beautiful voice.

Love love Miss Piggy. Please do not compare her to Lady Gagme!

I'd be smiling too if I was Guy.

kimi said...

Guy is so happy now it cracks me up! Living with Madonna must of been a real bitch.

Anonymous said...

I love that Guy gets snapped biking everywhere. (And it's for transportation, not exercise like Gyllenhaal and Dempsey).

Eliza does NOT look good in that photo.

I wish Beckham hadn't tattooed himself so much, his features are too delicate to pull it off.

Kendel said...

Love Reba!! Thanks for including her Enty! She can do no wrong in my eyes.

figgy said...

I love the story about Guy telling a friend that Madonna was "like a strip of beef jerky." so true.

Bobbi Kristina is gorgeous now *phew* it was scary there for awhile when it seemed that maybe she'd, y'know, look too much like her father. It would be hard to be a not-pretty daughter of a famously beautiful woman, but not the case now.

But I should say "formerly beautiful woman." Looks like Whitney destroyed her face for good with the drugs, euw. Puuuuffy.

sunnyside1213 said...

Doesn't Snoop have a medical mj license. Wonder if that is good in other places?

lanasyogamama said...

I wish Asslee wasn't so darn attractive, but she is.

Karmen said...

Q: When is the last time you didn't see Guy smiling?
A: When he was with Madonna.

I think you couldn't recognize Ashlee Simpson, cause she's gotten so much plastic surgery done.

Courtney Love is ... something special.

Jen said...

I'll raise my martini glass to Gisele getting fat over the next 5 months.

karen said...

Why all the sympathy for Guy Ritchie?
He was married to her for years so he was either fine with her eccentric ways (and I really don't think that she suddenly turned out to be so controlling and dominant) or the idiot only married her to become more famous and therefore deserved what he experienced with her.
He's an asshole.

Kat said...

Why does Alexis Bledel look like she has PTSD? And who's that guy with her?

RocketQueen said...

@Mina - er...why all the HATE for Guy Ritchie?

Elle Kaye said...

Ashley Simpson does look great but she doesn't deserve the credit as it's not her face. Her old face was disgraceful. Her nose looked like a giant hammertoe in the middle of her face and from the stories coming out her personality is just as fug.

Julia Roberts is a douche and can't even pull off a trend these days. Wannabe hippie with $100 million in the bank. Give me a break!

M. said...

I thought Bobby Trendy looked like his face had melted in that awful get-up, that Courtney could actually be Cameron in that photo with the turtle, and finally, I do not even recognize Eliza.

Gisele IS sporting a bump, but Enty posted the one photo that doesn't show it. If you find the rest from that outing, you can see it.

For a minute there, I thought Reba was performing in a 24 Hour Fitness somewhere...Must have been the awful lighting and mirrors on the wall.

Ms Cool said...

I have a little crush on Rob Morrow. Haven't thought of him in a while.

Ashlee Simpson is super duper skinny. I hope she gets so skinny, she is too thin to photograph and then I never have to see her again.

Anonymous said...

nuala - the guy is her costar in the movie PostGrad.

As for why she looks like she has PTSD? She looked like that in all the photos I've seen in that series, maybe too many flashing lights?

karen said...

@Rocket Queen
Because I don't think that he's a nice 'Guy' and I'm annoyed by all the Oh, look! Guy is smiling again. He's so happy since he left her posts as if someone had forced him to get married to Madonna and put up with her for so long.

You can't handle that woman? Then stay the f**k away, you limp dick!

Leah said...

nuala- His name is Zach Gilford he's on the show Friday Night Lights.

I nearly sprayed my water all over the screen when I read the Gagag comment. It took me a second to realize it was Miss Piggy, I actually thought she was bent over looking at the designs and my first thought honestly was "wow, gagag without sun glasses!"

Idina looks amazing.

RocketQueen said...

@Mina - I still don't see anything in there that makes him an asshole. By all accounts, Madonna changed over the years to become more controlling and wrapped up in her religion, and he DID 'stay away' as you suggest, by divorcing her. And going by the pictures, he *does* seem happier.

karen said...

@Rocket Queen
And what makes him such a nice person for you?
As if he wouldn't know his role in all of this. Smile for the camera and the whole world will think I'm so happy because I got rid of her.

shakey said...

That turtle knows how to rock a pose.

jbdean_79 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maja With a J said...

I for one am a little bit offended at the Lady GaGa comment. Miss Piggy is 10,000 times more interesting than her! ----------------------------->

Also, does anyone know of the turtle on Courtney's head is the same stunt turtle used in "Mama's Boy"?

B626 said...

Bucky & Guy-normal
The rest- not

B626 said...

Also on Bucky-
I'm guessing if he was ever forced to have a manly Hollywood makeover
he could pass for George Clooney's younger (untamed)bro.

lutefisk said...

Team Guy!

gay tallywacker said...

Enty! How dare you insult Miss Piggy. Caca could never be that hot.

@Mina - who are you? Madge?

rexruther said...

Matt Saracen!!!!

Thank you! Mmmmm.

Christyn said...

Ashlee Simpson really needs to get some sun or something. Or try a new hair color. Or maybe have a sandwich. I'm not sure which would help the best, but she needs to try something new.

I'm sickened to see LeAnn Rimes and that guy out together. They really have no consideration for the people they hurt. It's sad.

ureallyannoyme said...

Sorry for being dense...what's "the bar goes under the dress" mean? I'm not familiar with the mechanics of wearing a bandage dress or Eliza.

Christopher McDonald rules! Every time (every. time.) I see a man in a short-sleeved dress shirt I shudder and think of that scene in Thelma & Louise when he's getting ready to leave for work and tells Thelma, in response to her question/observation about people buying cars on a Friday night, "Well then it's a good thing you're not regional manager." His delivery was so snotty and self-important and delusional. Brilliant!

Mega Millions drawing in 43 minutes. Please, God, I want this one.

Local Tourist said...

For the record, I love Zach Gilford. Although I cannot see him as anything other than Matt Saracen from FNL. I'll go see Post Grad just for him.

mooshki said...

Rexruther & Tourist, I'm still too pissed at him for leaving FNL (well, after 7 more eps) to properly appreciate him right now. Matt + Julie 4EVER!!!

"what's 'the bar goes under the dress'"

Enty never proofreads, it's supposed to be "bra." :)

ureallyannoyme said...

Thanks, Mooshki! Whew.

And I'm sure everyone was on pins and needles...I won $10 on the Mega Millions, a personal best and G-d's idea of a joke no doubt. G-d, so we're clear, on Tuesday, August 25, 2009, I want to hit the Mega Millions jackpot and share it with no more than one (1) other jackpot winner. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Can anyone explain to me why every photo of Sam Ronson has the that expression, snotty, smug, self-satisfied, like she's to good for whoever or where ever she is? I don't get it at all, she's not attractive but why on Earth make your face look even more off putting than it is naturally? Just don't get her appeal at all.


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