Monday, August 17, 2009

Kneepads Runs A Scandalous Headline

It really is unlike People Magazine to run any kind of scandalous or misleading headline, but over the weekend their editor must have got drunk and decided to shake things up a little bit. Do you remember that car accident Michael Phelps got into on Friday? The one where the entire world seemed to pay attention? Well here is the headline People ran over the weekend.

"Michael Phelps Admits He Drank Before Car Accident"

When you see that headline you read it as he was drunk off his ass. Now the police have already said alcohol wasn't a factor, but if they hadn't you would be reading this and saying, "wow this guy has some issues and why didn't he go to jail," and blah blah blah.

Now I love a great headline like this from People. It shows they are still hiring employees from The Enquirer and UK tabloids. It also makes me wonder if there is a group of people there who don't like being PR flacks for celebrities.

The actual truth to the Michael Phelps drinking headline is that about 90 minutes before he got into his car, Michael had a beer and admitted it. I still love the headline though.


Karmen said...

Oh, Michael Phelps. I've heard so many great stories about this kid. And by great, I meant hilarious.

This past fall, he went to a bar in Baltimore one night without an ID, and expected to get in. They have a very strict policy regarding IDs, so they wouldn't let him in. They clearly knew who he was, but they just wanted to be jerks about it. Can't say I blame them. He was so arrogant to assume that he wouldn't need an ID (Read the article here, if you guys want:,0,5235087.column).

Last time I was in that bar, there was a box of Corn Flakes that had his face on it. Someone drew an ID on it, and wrote a bubble above it and said, "Here's my ID - Doh!" Awesome.

brigida en la ciudad said...

I'm originally from B'more too and went to high school with people who competed against him in swim competitions. Needless to say, the consensus is that if it wasn't for his athletic skills, he'd have a career folding shirts at the local Abercrombie.

Pookie said...

honestly, i'm a little over him. shooo, micheal phelps.

Pigtown*Design said...

if you know that corner at all, it's totally plausible what happened. he said he'd had a beer before he left home to go to the train station, which is about three blocks from where the accident. he's over 21 and is allowed to have a beer or two. it was the other driver's fault. proven.

Kelli said...

only reason why People was so scandalous is b/c it's "only" Michael Phelps, they can get away with it..god forbid it was someone high profile like the chosen couple (Brad, Angie) they wouldn't touch it.

AccountantOnCall said...

haha I have also heard some hilarious stories about Phelpsie. Everyone I know who has ever met him tells me how much of a douche he is - and some of the worst things I've heard are from before last summer's Olympics so I can only imagine what he is like now.

to the people who say the wreck was proven to be the other driver's fault...where are you getting that from? i mean i wasn't there or anything but apparently he ran a red light and crashed into a parked car, at a fairly high speed judging from the damage done to the hood of his escalade. if i were him i'd let one of my tool buddies take the rap.

yes, he is an awesome swimmer for sure but he is far from perfect outside the pool: he does have a previous dui and doesn't want any more bad press after the pot smoking scandal. i'm so over the adoration he gets.

wow sorry this wasn't supposed to be so long i just don't get why people defend him so hard. oh wait i guess the gold medals will do that!


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