Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Lucy ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds") Vodden - RIP
Barbra Streisand - New York
I have missed seeing Ali Landry around or anything other than that Smoking Gun television show.
AJ really goes all out on the whole sleeping on a plane. Full pajamas and slippers.
Bruce Jenner is thisclose to being his own wax figure.
Umm, do you think Brooke Kinsella could have found a slightly different way to pose with Alex Bain?
"Imma let you finish talking. Could you just tell me where the parking section is for women beaters?"
David Bisbal - Madrid
Dane Cook is really skinny. Still not funny though.
Whatever. I just love the Flava Flav inspired heart cookies around their necks.
Gisele Bundchen bonding with Jack.
The classiness of a Kardashian wedding. John Melendez
and Ron Artest.
Well we know how Jennifer Love Hewitt has spent her time mourning the possible end of her relationship. Tanning. The place she ate? Electric Karma. Love it.
Julia Roberts is being creative and eco-friendly. She uses her hotel room blanket to stay warm at night and as her clothes.
RSVP number one was from Vanessa Bryant. You don't think she knew there were going to be cameras at the Kardashian wedding? Look at her spot them all.

The legend. Karl Lagerfeld.
This dancing thing has made Kelly Osbourne look incredible.
Nick Cave looks thrilled to be signing his new book.
Flowers are a nice touch, but aren't really going to contribute much to Pamela Anderson's $1M debt.
At this point I'm confused why Rachel Bilson is even famous. She is averaging like one movie a year.
Apparently Friars in Venice read gossip.
Robert Pattinson in AnOther Man Magazine.
Not a good look for Renee.
Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf at their annual charity auction/show.
One of the best charity events in LA is What A Pair which contributes money to breast cancer research. The performers over the weekend included Steven Weber & Jason Alexander.
Reason #4,648,721 why I hate Tom Cruise. Whenever he shows up for a Washington Redskins game, they lose. F**ker.
Taylor Lautner just because, well just because.
Tim Roth in front of Tim Roth.
Random tweeners I don't really like all that much. Vanessa Hudgens, Susie Castillo (kind of like her) and Hayden P.
Last night was the premiere of Amazing Race so there had to be a party. If you are going to have an Amazing Race party you need to invite Vyxsin & Kynt.


Karmen said...

Lucy "In The Sky With Diamonds" died? At least she'll be immortalized in lyrics of my favorite band's song. Oh, and a 3-million-year-old hominid.

Is that Kanye with Chris Brown? Ugh.

Ew, you're Washington Redskins fan, Enty? Sigh. You should be a Ravens fan instead. They've been kicking ass this season!

Cheryl said...

I've never seen a picture of Lucy. Thanks, Ent.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I think it is Vodden

Pinky said...

Ali Landry's shoes have a serious case of the fuglies.

Ms Cool said...

Can Tom Cruise show up to a Vikings game?

Thanks for the Daniel Craig in the other post, BTW.

RocketQueen said...

Lol @ the "fresh faces" backdrop behind Vanessa and Hayden. Not so much.

I dislike Karl Lagerfeld. He just seems like an enormous, arrogant MEANIE. His comments about others (see: Klum) and people being overweight (esp. considering how fat HE used to be) piss me off. Nice gloves, asshat.

Yep - Adrian Grenier still looks smelly and like he just woke up.

Oh Bruce Jenner. Oh no. Hair plugs next?

sassafrass said...

Do breast implants come in square shape these days? seeing lots of square fakes lately. ew.

RJ said...

Often on the fence about Adrian Grenier, but I think he looks good here.

Renee Z. doesn't have a good look. 360 degrees of what I like to call "termite face". Terminal case.

And Enty, if you want real pain - I'm a huge Titans fan, and thanks to a special needs special teams, we're winless. Sigh.

Taylor said...

Looks like Vanessa Bryant graduated from the Debra Messing Camera Whore Academy.

TinselSass said...

RE: Karl Lagerfeld... if you're interested in KL and YSL, fashion and culture, there's no better indulgence than reading Alicia Drake's fascinating THE BEAUTIFUL FALL.

RE: Lucy Vodden - ENTY, thank you for sharing her photo. What a beautiful woman, sadly felled by lupus. The great "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" back story revealed

RE: Vanessa B - Please no more photos - ever. She doesn't deserve our attention.

childeroland said...

Is the Bilson "one a year" line a clue about a recent blind?

Anonymous said...

Ent revealed Rachel Bilson for the RHW fashion show diss blind.

I'm loving Kelly's new look. Hope she realizes she looks great right now and shouldn't keep losing weight.

Adventurous Kate said...

I have been LUSTING after that Roberto Cavalli gown Vanessa Bryant wore to the Kardashian wedding for WEEKS! It looks SO pretty on the models on department store websites...

Oh, well. At least I now know it would look like crap on me, too.

Paisley said...

Was Rachel Bilson just revealed as this 9/16/09 blind?

This fairly young C list television actress who used to be B and also has had her shot at movies as a lead walked into a show this week. She had arranged for a front row seat, but when she walked in and saw all kinds of Real Housewives mess she decided that she was waaay too good for them. She decided to share this information with the rest of the tent and said it very loudly and very clearly so the whole place could hear. She then turned around and walked out. Of course at the rate of one project a year for our actress she probably should have stayed and asked if she could guest star on their show.

whole lotto luv said...

Stuttering John's gut flash at the Kardassian wedding seems appropriate. And considering Vanessa Bryant's fug leopard print, Vyxsin & Kynt and Pam Anderson in her scarf would have fit right in, too.

Kelly Osborne's waltz impressed me, as did Ozzie & Sharon's reactions. Go Kelly.

chihuahuense said...

I never liked Babs, because she always seemed like an arrogant bitch with her bitchface, but I saw her on Oprah, and she came off as very--well---approachable and nice and down to earth. She seemed like someone who's biography I could read and be inspired by. Who knew?

Who is this Brooke Kinsella and what kind of trash do you have to be to SQUAT in a dress?? Hello, have you not once OUNCE of class?

Speaking of which...Chris Brown, someone please make him go away.

Who ever said Adrian Grenier is cute should be slapped. He looks like a fuckin muppet.

I like Gisele more every time I see her with that little boy. She will be a great mom, hopefully she doesn't forget about Jack when the new baby comes along.

Hm...I always bought the line that JLove's were real---in that pic, they are so OBVIOUSLY not.

Julia, Julia, Julia...everyone is laughing at you. Can you see us?

Vanessa Bryant, what a fuckin major league douchette. What a first rate tampon. Her ass is gettin huge, too, by the way.

califblondy said...

At least Enty posted some smiley Vanessa Bryant pix. She was showing the usual bitch-face in the pic I saw earlier today. She looks like a meanie and her dress is hideous.

Bruce Jenner needs to stop it and stop it now.

Selock said...

Ooh, Tim Roth forever!!!

And while I know "tweeners" are generally unappealing...why do you hate the Jonas Brothers, enty? Cut them some slack and post pics of them! Well...Joe, anyway.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Brooke. Way to get your photo out there.

Is it just me or does Julia look like 7 feet tall in that picture?

Enough with the Twilight boys, I don't get the appeal (other than Taylor's underaged muscles), and more Tim Roth types please.

Unfortunate Couture said...

Karl Lagerfeld - I swear, it looks like the collar is holding his head on in some sort of Weekend at Bernie's animatronic. And the strange metallic-looking gloves? Are we sure this was a photo of the real KL and not behind the scenes at Disney's Hall of Designers pre-opening tune-up?

ItsJustMe said...

That's Bruce AFTER having restorative plastic surgery. It's a lost cause.

Judi said...

RIP Lucy. :-C

ardleighstreet said...

Lucy in the Sky died? Very sad. I hate Lupus. My sister has it and it's baffling.

Bruce Jenners hairplugs look awful.

Pam Anderson needs $$$? Must be time for another sex tape.

TommyGirl: "Posing with this football will make me appear manly. Right?"

Tara said...

Who is Susie Castillo? She sure doesn't look like a tweener.

In some photos R.Pattinson does it for me and this is one of them...I like the scruffy tortured artist thing...

I wonder if Kelly O is still wearing her corset?

jbeebs said...

Adventurous Kate- I've been eying the R.C halter. Not anymore!

Clair said...

Rachel Bilson is still famous because some of us sit around all day watching The OC reruns over and over again on SoapNet instead of getting a job. I even got a job and I am still watching them for no known reason. Not like Seth ever kissed Ryan in the four years it was on, but I have an imagination okay!

Also she looks really cute in clothes so I think she is a fashion "muse" or something. Plus bearding is hard work ya know! Did she beard for Adam Brody? Because I would LOVE to see him kiss a cute guy! Find out and then find pictures Enty!

mooshki said...

Aw, Enty, don't be mean to Renee, she can't help it that that's her face. ;)

Isn't that how Nick Cave is supposed to look? Is he allowed to look happy?

Kobe must not have cheated lately - Vanessa isn't wearing any new bling.

LOLOL at Electric Karma!!! Too funny!

Tania said...

Yay, Tim Roth! Such a great actor. More like him here, please?

Wow, Taylor Lautner is all head, like a fish. Odd angle, or odd build?

mikey said...

Renee always looks like she's been sucking on a lemon.

rexruther said...

Who wrote these comments? This sounds nothing like Ent.

MnGddess said...

Please. Karl Lagerfeld? Fashion designers like him are laughable.

__-__=__ said...

Nick CAVE?!!?!?!? I love Nick Cave! Thanks so much for that! He looks great. And Tim Roth, very nice!! David Bisbal is the hotness too, thanks yet again. Were Chris and Kanye at that classy Kardashian wedding????


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