Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I have heard nothing but good things about Whip It and I love this photo so Eve, Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, and yes, even Juliette Lewis are on the top spot. I know Juliette is a Scientologist, but I like to think that as crazy as she is, she probably gives them a bunch of headaches and does things her own way so, I'm going to let her be on top this once.
I bet you didn't guess Andrew Ridgley. Come on sing it. Careless Whisper. If you started singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, then you must already be drinking, and I'm jealous.
Is the lip ring new on Amber Rose? Do you think she got it pierced or is that a clip on?
I loved Hangover, but I still don't like Bradley Cooper. His character in He's Just Not That Into You seems pretty realistic to me.
Dr. Oz lays one on his wife.
David Tennant and Georgia Moffett still going strong.
Donatella & Janet. Not getting too close are they? That is like going to a middle school dance and the chaperons keeping you six inches apart from your partner.
It has been months and months since I had Dita von Teese in the photos and she still looks the same. How about going blonde for a couple of months or a red head? Do something different. Please.
Still no announcement from Eric Dane or Rebecca Gayheart about the pregnancy. Not that it is any of our business. Hey, at least she isn't smoking here.
Eva Longoria like you have never seen her before.
And her fellow Desperate Housewives castmate, Felicity Huffman looking great.
Gerard Butler does casual pretty well.
So does Hugh Jackman. I'm guessing someone is getting My Little Pony's as a surprise.
I don't usually post random Melrose Place pictures, but I had a chance to talk to Jessica Lucas (the one on the left) a couple of weeks ago for an hour or so and she was incredibly nice so I am making an exception. I have no idea about Kate Cassidy.
Katie Holmes borrowed AJ McLean's hat from yesterday.
I was going to make some snide comment about how Katie gets on the plane and leaves things like Suri to the nanny, but then I thought maybe, just maybe this isn't the nanny but is Isabella.

Yes? No? Maybe?
I'm not going to say anything bad about Kate Beckinsale's feet, but wow, she needs a Nick Cannon in her life to do some scraping.
This is Kevin Pietersen. Apparently he is the David Beckham of Cricket. Unlike David though who gets high profile endorsements, Kevin is shilling for Bryllcream.
Linda Evangelista looks like she could still rock a runway.
Two things about this picture. Thank God that Liev and Naomi don;t match, and also points for coming up with bike riding instead of jogging. That whole couples jogging thing was getting annoying.
Metallica - San Antonio
How do you go against a remake of Harvey? You get Mel Gibson and throw him in a movie about a guy who talks to a puppet and thinks it's real. No word on whether the beaver is anti-Semetic like his owner.
Jessica Szohr- "If you leave the toilet seat up one more time Penn, I'm telling you I'm not coming over again."
Jim Belushi has found the perfect Hollywood gadget. It mutes celebrities when they start talking too much. Here he tries it out on Rachel Nichols.
Rumer Willis and her boyfriend Micah Alberti. This was in Sydney where FOX apparently decided to send Rumer as a future star and to launch their new network. Umm, have they seen House Bunny?
Happy Anniversary Scarlett and Ryan. One year and Scarlett doesn't even want to be identified with you in public. I will be watching him host SNL this week though. I like him. I can't help it.


sunnyside1213 said...

Enty, how can you like Ryan Reynolds who is a douch to his fans and not like Bradley Cooper who is wonderful to fans? (though his character in Wedding Crashers was kinda creepy.)

MISCH said...


.robert said...

Andrew Ridgeley was born in 1963? Five years younger and I look like his grandson.

Majik said...

I can't help but like Ryan Reynolds, either....it's his sense of humour, I think.

Oh, and the fact that he's f'in HAWT.

I have the exact opposite opinion of his wife, however, and I hope doesn't show up in any skits.

Karmen said...

Is it me or does Kevin Pietersen look like Adam Levine from Maroon 5?

Yay for Liev and Naomi for not matching while working out!

Mel Gibson. Ugh.

Nosey Parker said...

Dita von Teese should give Rumer Willis some hair and make-up tips.

whole lotto luv said...

I have no idea what Amber Rose does, other than pose with Kanye, so I could care less about her or her lip.

Eva Longoria like I never want to see her again.

Felicity, you can afford to buy jeans the correct length. I HATE rolled up jeans.

I guess that BI was Melrose Place and Asslee.

Maybe Isabella. I can't imagine why anyone would take a pic of the nanny, since Suri's face isn't visible at all in the photo. But I'm sure there is a nanny that travels with them. Or a dozen.

It's hard for my sugartits to believe that Mel was once hot.

Anonymous said...

How long will Katie Holmes be carrying a baby blanket around with her? Most people quit doing that, and put their kids into coats once they start walking. She makes me crazy! Kid is 10 years old and she's still wrapping her in a baby blanket!

Sorry to be so irrational. The Cruise bunch does that to me.

ItsJustMe said...

Not isabella --the cheeks aren't as full in the first photo.

That's Dita's look, her branding. She'll never change - sorry, Enty. That being said, I do admire her for the dedication it takes to keep that look up! That's a lot of work!

I am having a HARD time believing that is Andrew Ridgeley. DANG aging is a beyotch.

CDAN Mod said...

sigh...the day i get to travel on a private jet on someone else's dime.

lilbitsolo said...

Ryan Reynolds. Yum. I could just eat him up. Scarlett may or may not be a raging bitch, but she is one of my girl crushes.

I like the Dita look, wish I could pull something like that off.

Ugh. Don't give a flying fig about any of the Cruise family.

amazonblue said...

That's Andrew Ridgely? Please shoot me now. Those gray hairs I see in my mirror aren't just my imagination.

Those jeans on Felicity look a little butch.

Eva is completely unrecognizable.

Please tell me we're not going to be exposed to Mrs. Oz like we were to Mrs. Phil.

OT- Nathan Fillion is doing a personal appearance tonight at the Borders Books in Northridge @ 8pm.
Any LA based Nathan fans interested?


Unfortunate Couture said...

Andrew Ridgeley? Seriously? Oh my. Age has not been his friend, though it's better than being all plastic.

~sigh~ I'm probably supposed to hate Linda Evangelista for wearing what appears to be fur, and all that (boo, fur!), but she is so ridiculously beautiful that I'll let it slide.

You know, 99% of women wouldn't even notice Gerard Butler on the street if he wasn't famous. He is among the epitome of "only hot 'cause he's a celeb"... He's absolutely average looking. Maybe even a bit below average, what with the Play-Doh features. But hey, to each their own, right?

I work with a woman who looks remarkably like Dita Von Teese. The look works for her, too.

Unfortunate Couture said...

Oh, and I liked "The Beaver" concept better when it was Mr. Mackey and Mr. Hat/Mr. Twig.

Mel can go to Hell. He can go to hell and die! ;)

Unknown said...

Whooooo Metallica!!!!!

J-Mo said...

Agree with Enty about Dita trying a new look, maybe straight hair? bangs? pink lips? I was so disappointed when she mentioned wearing jeans and sneaks for halloween and then didn't do it! or maybe she did....

Lynne said...

I'm not up on my tool definition: can there be a female tool? If so, Amber Rose is the epitome. She looks just ridiculous. She also looks dumb as a rock. She and Kanye are made for each other. May they never breed tool children.

peawry said...

Linda Evangelista may have been beautiful were it not for that poor dead creature she is wearing as "fashion." Bleck and boo.

TV said...

i was going to say andrew Ridgeley looked bad but once i stopped and looked closer - his body looks good and even his face is fine. its just the hair and well, go him for not rugging it.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Cooper is one of those people who is GORGEOUS on film, but ho-hum in candids. I can't explain it. Ryan Reynolds is hot no matter what, though.

I'm digging Penn's shirt, shoot me.

Kevin Pietersen's glamour shot isn't quite as nice as his normal person.

I watched all 4 past seasons of Supernatural over the past few weeks. Katie Cassidy is a damn good TV actress. Still won't get me to watch MP.

B626 said...

Even though Nathan Fillion shined in every scene with Ryan in 2 Guys and a Girl, Ryan was still pretty funny. Nathan-BETTER!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

"Kevin is shilling for Bryllcream"

I don't know who this Kevin Pietersen is, but Bryllcream should totally hire Jon Hamm as their celebrity spokesperson.

Momster said...

Dammit, B626 mentioned Nathan Fillion, and now I forgot what I was going to say.

Nadine said...

If you want good bike riding couples, you should hunt down the pics of Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard riding in NYC last year. *swoon*

Nadine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ardleighstreet said...

What has Andrew R. been doing to himself? He's not that old but looks grandpa old.

Donatella looks scary. Step away from the scalpel.

I have never wished to be a Little Pony before.

Well at least Mel's playing to type ...CRAZY.

Rumers right hand looks fake to me.

Mango said...

Gerard Butler - looks like a taller, beefier Bono.

Loathe the dysfunctional Cruise family.

Rumer Willis - untalented *and* unfortunate looking; a double whammy.

hotchacha said...

Yes, Kevin Pietersen totally looks like Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Anonymous said...

Thats not Bella. Those two girls don't look anything alike apart from the brown hair.
Bella has a strong jaw, very full, round face. And since that girl looks to be about Tommy's height, she's too tall to be Bella.

Tania said...

Katie Cassidy is nice, too. I met her at a convention and had a chance to talk with her. She was good with the fans.

Mama Theresa,
I agree. Ridgely is not looking old if you subtract the hair from the equation.

Mmmmm..... Fillion. Pity I'm on the wrong continent!

procrastination101 said...

damn, david tennant likes them young and blonde. that's lame, but to each his own.

sad to hear that bradley cooper is a creeper :-( makes me not want to be a fan of his on facebook anymore.

don't get the gerard butlet appeal.

Barton Fink said...

I like Juliette Lewis. She's kind to gays, sweetie. Kind to gays, and when a Scio is kind to gays, it means they have a free mind and are in control of their own thoughts.

Missy said...

I've only heard nice things about Cooper. Just because he plays a douche in films doesn't mean he's one in real life. Some of you people need to grow up.

Caroline said...

A) Andrew Ridgley's head looks 20 years older than his body.

B) That cricket player has a definite Adam Levine thing going on.

C) Definitely Isabella.

SnowCherries said...

I can't believe that is Andrew Ridgley.

I might look twice if I saw Gerard Butler on the street. But probably only if he was talking loudly. I am a sucker for certain non-American accents.

mooshki said...

"Dammit, B626 mentioned Nathan Fillion, and now I forgot what I was going to say."

LOL, me too!

Xine Marie said...

Andrew Ridgley 2009 is quite a shock, but then I wouldn't have recognized him back in his hey-day if we'd passed each other on the sidewalk.

How the hell did Rumer Willis get a boyfriend? Has he seen her cleavage??

I agree w/ the poster who suggested Jon Hamm for Brylcream. YES!!!!

And Janet Jackson doesn't look like she could walk in that dress. I bet 2 handlers had to pick her straight up and move her from place to place.

Xine Marie said...

P.S. Mel looks toothless.

bionic bunny! said...

my beloved kevin smith says juliette lewis is an okay gal. since he doesn't drink or do drugs, i don't really know what to think.
i think janet looks amazing, but eva is scary.

i hate dealing with my hair. it's straight and won't do anything. wish i could get away with the amber rose look (i tried before each surgery. mr. buns frowned, so i didn't do it).
and for some bizarre reason, i like dita. maybe it's just because she got AWAY from that manson freak, i really hate him. don't care for her dress there, and she could have laid off the eyebrow wax a bit, but i like the 30's-40's stripper look.
yeah, i'm having a bad week.


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