Friday, October 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Jeff Goldblum gets the top spot today. He looks great here, is a nice guy and a great actor. Those seem like good enough reasons for the top spot.
Ann Curry once again showing off the fact she has Brangelina's photo on her phone. Oh, and their private number.
Zak George from Animal Planet learns a new trick from his dog.
Come out in defense of your half-sister and the next thing you know Chynna Phillips has paps following her.
"Chris Rock. You are very, very funny."
"No, seriously Chris, umm, how about putting me in your new movie."
It's been awhile since Dominic Cooper was in the photos.
It hasn't been that long for Dita von Teese, but at least this looks like a subtle change from her regular look. Do you think she puts white makeup on all over her body?
I can't remember the last time I saw Gwen with both of her kids at the same time. It is always one or the other.
Talk about bearding, this is ridiculous.
I stand corrected. This bearding is even more ridiculous.
The woman behind Kim Kardashian is obviously not impressed.
Unlike the people in Paris who all seem to be looking at Rihanna.
Kristen Stewart in Interview Magazine.

Umm, I'll guess. How many drinks you have had in one night multiplied by pi? Umm, how many days you spent in jail for your last DUI arrest? Something you thought made sense one time you got drunk?
Do you ever wonder if perhaps sometimes Lady GaGa says to herself, "you know what? Today it is just going to be jeans and a t-shirt?"
I hope no one loaned her that jewelry.
Mark Linn-Baker and his mom. Now we just need Balki.
I love watching anything Malcolm McDowell is in.
That doesn't look like a very safe way to transport your child Matthew.
The randomest photo of the day. Nia Long and Garry Shandling.
Always room for Neil Patrick Harris.
"Look, that's me on the cover of this book."
A first time appearance for Olivia Williams.
Powderfinger - Melbourne
The first time I have seen a photo of Zelda Williams without her dad Robin. In case you can't tell them apart, Zelda has much less hair.


Unknown said...

I thought Malcolm McDonald was Sting!

Sinjin said...

Oooo Yummy! Thanks for Goldblum!

Kristin Stewart looks like a strung out, smelly crack hoor. Sad.

Dear God! Mark Linn-Baker looks just like his mother! How unfortunate, lol.

Katie said...

jeff goldblum rocks my socks

WednesdayFriday said...

I think Dita paints herself that color. Don't her legs look tan? If they really are darker, and she does paint herself white, WHY?!

I agree with you from a few days ago, Enty, that she needs something new.

I am still not sure why she is famous, other than being married to Marylin Manson.

Sara Bellum said...

Wow. I'm twice Lindsay's age and look younger than her. She looks like Donatella Versace.

HA! On Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy. Speaking of Jenny, those cheek implants make her look old. Yikes.

LOVE Olivia Williams on Dollhouse.

jax said...

hey Malcolm was at the Melia Sitges in Spain? random. i was there a few weeks ago.

js said...

Zelda Williams had a supporting role in one of my favorite movies, Were The World Mine, which is a really lovely and inventive gay retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream (premiered at Outfest last year, I think). Zelda was great in it, she has a great voice, and everyone else was great too. If you like musicals, I highly HIGHLY recommend Were the World Mine!

Sis said...

I did not recognize Jenny McCarthy, I am hoping it is just a bad angle and not plastic surgery.

Is this a reveal to JC being gay and Jenny being his beard.....
hmmm .... I wonder.

nancer said...

wow. lllllohan has LLLLLLIPS!

she's on her way to loretta swittville and she's not even 25????

lanasyogamama said...

I think Dita looks a little more goth here and less glam than usual.

Love Gwen. I know a lot of my friends with two get nervous taking both out in case they run separate directions. Which must be scarier if you think it's going to end up in US Weekly.

Did Jim Carrey get heavier?

I think Kristen Stewart will be around for a long time.

Lady Gaga won't if all she has is schtick. I dont' know how to spell schtick.

Leah said...

Yeah! More NPH! One dose a day keeps the doctor away!

sunnyside1213 said...

I was confused by the JC JM beard comments. I didn't recognize either of them until I read the comments. Love Tom and the dog. Very funny Enty.

mooshki said...

Plus, Goldblum is dating the drop-dead-gorgeous and 21-year-old Tania Raymonde. You go, guy!

Olivia Williams is awesome.

ardleighstreet said...

I'd be worried my dog would pee.

Look it's Driving Miss Tommy with his co-star Sandy from musical Annie.

Keifer has rune tattoos??? Wonder what they spell.

Gaga looks like Carol Channing and Madge had a lovechild.

Lilo looks AWFUL!

Yes Malcom is always a pleasure to watch.

Mattew is a shmuck for having a baby on board that way.

Always love to see NPH.

lutefisk said...

I hate to be the voice of doom, but Lindsey looks like she is not long for this world.

Unknown said...

Kristin Stewart should wear sunglasses all of the time. Poor thing looks slow.

Love Olivia Williams!

holyrollernova said...

wtf is blohan wearing? is she dressing in the dark now?

that looks like 3 totally different outfits.

and she needs to go back to being either a redhead or deep brown...she has cool coloring and blonde is NOT for her. it makes her look washed out and old.

Sinjin said...

Holy Shit! After reading comments, I had to take another look and search for Jenny & Jim. OMG, we just saw 15 years into the future! Not pretty.

LOL Caroline, I think it's the mouth breathing that makes her look slow (all that pot smoking is not doing her any favors either).

Kiefer's Vixen said...

Kiefer's rune tatto says " I Trust You To Kill Me", it was his first act on his record label IRONWORKS Release Rocco Deluca and the Burden's first release was called "I Trust You To Kill Me", and Kiefer had the tattoo done in iceland to celebrate it.

* Sorry I'm a Kiefer nut*

Kiefer's Vixen said...

Oh and Kiefer's smokin in that pic.

amazonblue said...

At first glance I thought Mark Linn Baker was Bernie Madoff.

How much work has Garry Shandling had?

Chynna Phillips was annoying on GMA yesterday. She couldn't complete a sentence without a Christian reference, at least for the 30 seconds I watched before turning the channel.

Tigercat said...

Olivia Williams was so fantastic in Rushmore. Love her.

f00bby said...

Mark Linn-Baker looks like Bernie Madoffs long lost twin.

Diana said...

Lilo is scary looking-- where ARE her parents? Too busy spending what they were able to skim off of her when she was still earning a paycheck?

JC's beard is frightening too (the one on his face) - He looks like the Unabomber now. I really didn't think he ran the other way - thought he and Jenny were genuine. ????

Julie said...

Malcolm was like holding me up lol He was the sweetest guy. We ran into him so many times that day and he remembered me :D
oh, and he was like "what kind of cheese is this?" and I was like "havarti dill" and he asked me if I wanted to share his cheeseplate lol ah-mazing man.

Jungle007 said...

amazonblue said: "At first glance I thought Mark Linn Baker was Bernie Madoff."

I had to look 3 times to realize it wasn't Madoff... I thought it was just me neglecting to wear my glasses :P

Ent, you really think Dita VT looks different here?? I see the same old Vamp....ire. But hey, it's her thing the same way being ridiculously outrageous is Lady Gaga's thing. Whatev. It all gets old after awhile, right?
In fact, the only way gaga could shock me now is to dress normal with minimal makeup. I wouldn't even know who she was.

Linnea said...

I love Goldblum. You didnt miss his appearances on COlbert, right? I would have loved to be present at their staff meetings.

shakey said...

Jeff Goldblum looks better with age (as does Malcolm McDowell). He'd be fun to have a few drinks with.

Loved Chris Rock on Leno. Killed me how he had to hold the book so far away to be able to read, LOL! We're all getting old!

That's actually a nice picture of DVT, and Gwen looks like she's wearing skin-tight Zumas. Did not recognize Carrey&McCarthy. Not one bit.

Love Kristen Stewart's hair. Gaga is like young Madonna. A young Madonna who can sing more than one note.

If it wasn't for Ent's comment, I would have passed over Lohan's picture thinking it was Angelina Jolie looking like shit. How does she have enough money to go out and dress like that?

Would Garry Shandling know what to do with a hot piece like Nia?

Unfortunate Couture said...

Can't say I'm a fan of Nia Long's outfit. The boobage looks like men's pec implants.

Every time I see "Cossin Larry", I'm shocked at how much he's changed.

NPH should be everywhere, every day.

And I'm no fan of Lady GaGa, but her stripped-down (vocally!) bit on SNL this weekend forced me to admit that she does have a solid voice. Much to my surprise.

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

WTF, Linds? You're scaring the kids.

merrick said...

Like the others, no idea that was jim carrey and jenny. WOW .. just WOW ..whats the word on the street about these two? Jim certainly has plumped up and Jenny, she just looks different ..


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