Monday, February 15, 2010

Gia Allemand Has A Boyfriend ***Spoilers***

I just noticed that I put the spoiler warning but if you have no idea who Gia Allemand is then you have no idea what show I am spoiling. For some reason the finalists from The Bachelor have been on the cover of the tabloids even more than The Kardashians. One of them who has been on frequently lately is Gia who has had significant plastic surgery. Well, it turns out that in addition to plastic surgery she also has a boyfriend that she has had for two years. Gia has been dating a guy named Dominick Pierno who had to pretend the couple broke up. They haven't and were spotted out as recently as last week. It just shows you this is all about people getting on television and not really anything about falling in love.

OK, so for your spoiler. Vienna wins. Yes, she is the one who is the daughter of the stripper. Don't hold that against her though.


Pookie said...

huh, what, who?

MISCH said...


sunnyside1213 said...

Never watched this. Never will.

von said...

Uh, yeah who watches this crap....oh wait, I do. Yeah, I know. But it's fun to laugh over. Can't say I'm surprised. Nobody goes on this show without an ulterior motive.

RocketQueen said...

Doesn't something like this happen every time? Where it turns out some of the contestants lied to just be on tv? How can anyone watch this crap?

Meg said...

ABC does some stellar background checks on these bimbos.

I read Reality Steve's blog before the season started so I knew who won. I don't get that AT ALL.

Her mother is/was a stripper??? There are a bunch of people trashing her on other message boards about her ex husband and former spring break exploits...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

I don't even care about Jake and whoever he picks. I want to find out if Jillian and Ed are actually together and are really getting married.

timebob said...

Gia has also been passed around to professional athletes one being Carl Pavano from the Yankees and some hockey player.

This whole season has been chock full of creepiness.

Oceansandsun said...

They were talking on the radio in Chicago this am about a blogger who keeps giving spoilers about the bachelor. I presumed it was you Enty that they were talking about!!!!

Meg said...

@ Christina, Its probably actually Reality Steve, who has blown the endings of the last few seasons and called ABC out for their very scripted reality show.

Unknown said...

Yeah the radio was talking about -- he told us Vienna "won" back in January the first week the show was on. He has some good sources.

I don't know if Ed and Jillian are the real deal or what. They're living together in Chicago but it could be a contractual thing and they'll split in 3-6 months, who knows. Actually they might split in a few months even if it isn't a fake relationship, not all engagements result in marriage. Sometimes people realize they're not such a good match.

Jason and Molly are getting married on ABC in a few weeks, so that will the first Bachelor marriage. (Trista and Ryan, also married, met on The Bachelorette.)

Yes, the show IS stupid, but it's fun to snark on with friends. I feel sorry for the people who take it seriously and think everything they see on the show is legit.

Meg said...

@ Moxie, yes, its VERY fun to snark. I read a couple of blogs that do nothing but talk about how STUPID this show is and that is the main reason I watch the show is so I can join in on the fun.

By this point, if people don't know this is all mostly fake and nothing ever really lasts from these shows, when then...they should sign up for next season!

I am very excited to see that crazy Michelle girl on the Women Tell All.


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