Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Dick Francis - RIP
Congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau who scored Canada's first gold medal on home soil.

Agyness Dean walked the runway for charity and as you can see by looking at her foot
took a little spill.
Models even fall gracefully.
Axl Rose - New York
Cindy Crawford never lets you forget who is paying her bill. Look at her show off the watch. Think about how many celebrities would just take a check and not even care about making the customer happy.
Christina Hendricks looks great but is this some kind of Rapunzel theme because that hair is about 15 feet long.
Chris Tucker not looking well at all.
I'm not sure if little kids are the people who should be in line for Danny Devito's booze gatherings.
Zuma and Gwen out in New York.
Heidi Klum and Faith Hill who I didn't even recognize.
Randomness of the day. Danica Patrick and Jim Belushi.
Kim Kardashian is going to force Reggie Bush into marrying her. You can see it. Meanwhile one of his mistresses said that Kim went off on her when she found out she was having sex with Reggie. What did she expect? Kim to bump fists with her?
Kid Rock - Atlantic City
Kendra looks much happier than she did last Sunday.
I haven't had Malin Akerman in the photos in awhile.
I wonder if Jesus took Madonna to school for show and tell.
Some pictures from Friday night's opening ceremonies in Vancouver.

Pamela Anderson really, really needs money. This is an in store appearance at Sears.
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards. Isn't that like a food court restaurant?
Patty Loveless and the man who has had what appears to be every type of plastic surgery, Bruce Jenner.
Long time no see Paula Poundstone with her daughter Toshia.
Robert Pattinson in Details.
Stephen Baldwin at some all night bowling event. It looks like he really got into it.
Tom Cruise alone in Malibu.


jfwlucy said...

Pam Anderson just appeared at our local Rite-Aid to plug Malibu, her new "fragrance." We are a tiny suburb on the Main Line.

*girl said...

Alexandre Bilodeau made me cry last night... and I rarely cry.

FC said...

Heidi Montag needs to get a clue, and realize THIS is her future in 10 years (Pam Anderson). How sad, and so not worth it in the end.

Ice Angel said...

What's wrong with Chris Tucker? Is he sick or something?

Linnea said...

Dude, Heidi would be LUCKY to have a career like Pams. and thats the saddest part.

I really dont like Malins dress.

And Rob Pats interview in details was super strange... but the man does look good.

chestnut-red said...

At least Pam is working for her money. That's more than I can say for LLohan.

Paula Poundstone is amazingly funny!

Why is Stephen Baldwin using a cane?

BlackCat14 said...

Can anybody clue me in on what is going on with Cindy Crawford? One of the loveliest "natural beauties", but now she's starting to take on the same look as Janice Dickinson. Botox overload? Plastic surgery?

BlackCat14 said...

And, thank you Enty for posting Dick Francis. He was a great mystery writer and will be missed tremendously.

figgy said...

I love Paula Poundstone. She's so funny on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. And she's adopted several kids, which always warms my heart. As does seeing parents and children who look like they actually like each other, as they do. :-)

RocketQueen said...

Kid Rock pisses me off. I swear he goes out of his way to wear fur, particularly since he and Pam ended it. May a million skinned animals meet you on the other side with all their teeth, Kid.

Why Kim took Reggie back is beyond me. Wait...I don't give a crap about Kim. Never mind.

Heidi always has the greatest smile.

joey bagadonuts said...

Oh, Axl. I love you so, but the Sonny Bono look just isn't a good one.

Anonymous said...

Axl Rose - looks pretty big.

Christina - Does she look big in that magazine???

Chris Tucker reminds me of someone can't remember who right now.

Reggie Bush sure doesn't look happy there.

Jesus is looking at Madonna like why am I here with this old lady LOL.

Pam can't stand her and no matter what she wears she looks like a trashy hooker.

Bruce Jenner looks ridiculous with all that plastic on his face.

Maja With a J said...

About half of the pictures don't come up for me (I'm at work) and when I click on the space where the picture should be, it tells me I can't view the site because "adult&sexually explicit" isn't allowed! *LOL*

jess said...

-Now Why would you hold on to a guy(Reggie) who cheats on you and clearly he doesn't care...Just to marry him and get some money from the divorce?
-Cindy Crawford's face looks a bit like a horse, maybe because she's too thin?

nancer said...

i wonder if madonna crate trained jesus?

0 said...

Axl Rose looks like Mickey Rourke in that photo. Eeesh.

Kim Kardashian just reeks of desperation to me. Hell, her entire family does, for that matter.

lutefisk said...

I hope Madonna's face freezes like that.

0 said...

One more thing: Christina Hendricks brings out my inner lesbian. She is just so mind-blowingly beautiful.

Stephen said...

Reggie looks like he would prefer to be anywhere other than sitting next to KK. And maybe his plan is to drive her away by being with other women...but she's not going anywhere.

shakey said...

Axl Rose looks like Mickey Rooney!

Ellene said...

I'm probably the only one, but I was kind of hoping Canada *wouldn't* win a gold this olympics.... Call me a keep the streak alive type.

Ells said...

Reggie Bush needs to just dump Kim if he doesn't want to be with her. Not right for him to keep making empty promises like he'll marry her if his team won the super bowl.
Robert Pattinson has a hard job, doesn't he. Look pretty and pose with beautiful women...

Pookie said...

wow, great pic of alexandre bilodeau!

the little boy/danny devito booze pic is all kinds of wrong. :(

why doesn't reggie just get out? i don't get it.

cute pic of hank/kendra.

Bitter Queen said...

I guess I'm the only one who thinks Madge looks half decent for once.

Gawd I hate Jim Belushi. Danika Patrick must have had a Silkwood shower after that picture.

Poor Pammy. She almost makes Jenner look less pathetic.

von said...

Yay, Alex Bilodeau!

RIP Dick Francis.

In my next life I want to look like Christina Hendricks. Seriously.

Majik said...

Am I the only one who thinks Paula Poundstone's daughter looks older than Paula?

Loved me some Alex Bilodeau last night--such a good boy.

I think Enty is secretly Canadian. ;)

Melody the First said...

RIP, Dick Francis, who was a good writer and a very funny man.

@nancer, new keyboard needed after that one. LOL! She probably did the limited kennel approach.

As much as I like Paula Poundstone as a comic, the thought of the legal problems she had IRT her adopted daughter kind of creep me out when I see her in pictures with any of her kids. I'm sure that's long behind her, though. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

@the people who like Paula

You know she endangered her kids while driving drunk with them in the car, right? And that there were child molestation charges?

MnGddess said...

Paula needs to change her wardrobe. She always looks like she stole some guy's suit.

Axl looks AWFUL.

Coke Mom Jr. said...

Yes, Bad Fish. Paula Poundstone is not someone worthy of praise. Not only for what you mentioned, but also for her hideous ties.

Tommy Boy wearing the new Nike "Air Lifts." I thought Stephen Baldwin was Ricky Gervais at first glance. Sorry Ricky. I just wanna take a pin and pop Pammy Girl's right teet. Jim Belushi is a scumbucket. That's right, scumbucket. I actually love that picture of Danny Devito, it looks like Zuma was hangin out with Devito. I'm sorry, but that baby looks drunk. Chris Tucker looks like Kanye West on a prednisone bender. After that picture was taken, Hank Baskett dropped his champagne glass, causing Kendra to slip and fall into the cake, causing the Colts to lose the Super Bowl.

PJ Nelson said...

I didn't know Dick Francis died... sad, I love his racing mysteries.
Axl is looking like he's channeling Mickey Rourke with Mickey lookin' better - barely.
Love Christina Hendricks...
Paula Poundstone is one of my favorite comediennes.

cincinnatikate said...

accusations or found guilty?

Tara said...

Axl, Axl...why did you go and mess with your awesome face? You were the stuff of my girlhood (and womanhood) dreams and then....ugh. What happened?

Danny Devito is so freaking funny! I ♥ him on It's Always Sunny...

Has Gwen lost more weight? She looks a little gaunt and her face looks longer. Zuma looks cute, though. I love funny baby faces!

Those ice sculptures from the Olympics look like penis's. Anyone else notice that?

slider1964 said...

Pam is very quickly going down the drain. Its very sad!! She needs to get back together with Tommy!! He has money!! Rolls Eyes!!

LauPow said...

I was going to write a rundown of comments, but I can't stop switching back to look at Christina Hendricks.... Holy hell, she is one beautiful woman!

Ariel said...

I love that Madonna is now wearing a huge cross. What about Kabbalah? haha.
Also Robert P is hot hot hot.

mooshki said...

Majik, there has been some nasty speculation about Enty's identity, but to imply that he's Canadian?! Now that's crossing a line!!!! ;)

Sonya said...

Paula looks like she's trying to be a man, and her daughter looks like she's trying to be a woman, and unfortunately, really looks like a man.

littleoleme said...

Holy body language! That picture of Kim K and R. B - she's desperately holding on to him and he ignores her.

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

I didnt recognize Faith Hill either. Wonder whats up with that.

Seems like theres a whole lot of people on high horses here, who talk as though they've never used bad judgement or made a serious mistake.

An incident is one thing, a lifestyle is another. Unfounded and unproven accusations are EVERYwhere for celebrities and to believe it all and hold it against them is rather naieve (or however you spell that).

Probably pointless to try to call attention to those points on a board that specializes in anonymous dirty rumors but try to remember that people are human and most of us (presumably you included) have used bad judgement and later on deeply regret it and don't repeat it.

littleoleme said...

GSP - what are you talking about?

Sinjin said...

GSP is probably addressing the Paula Poundstone drunk driving comments above.

Sinjin said...

"Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards. Isn't that like a food court restaurant?"

......CRICKETS........WTH is with that comment Ent?

Sinjin said...

@ Sylvia: "Christina - Does she look big in that magazine???"

No dear, she looks like a normal, fabulously built woman, not a plastic, cut up Barbie.

stigs84 said...

Lol to the first poster who mentioned that she did a signing at a Rite Aid in Ardmore, I just came to post that!


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