Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

If you get the number one album all over the world almost a quarter century after your last number one album, you get the top spot. I love Sade and I am really happy for her.
Andy Garcia and the world's longest scarf.
A very pregnant Amanda Peet in Berlin.
Someone apparently got Anna Wintour's Starbucks order wrong.
Maybe she and Michael Kors share the same gofer.
Bradley Cooper always looks happy to see the paps.
Britney Spears in her Candie's ad.
And an original un-airbrushed photo from the same shoot. Not that different at all.
Brangelina and the brood in Venice.
Whenever there is snow at the Bronx Zoo, someone goes out and takes animal pictures. I love them.

Does anyone else think Chace Crawford looks nothing like he did two years ago? It is like he is a different person. Here he is with Leighton Meester on the set of Gossip Girl.
Chris Elliott returns to Letterman.


califblondy said...

I love Sade, but that's a very unflattering picture.

RocketQueen said...

Ahh...Gossip Girl clothing porn. I wonder what their wardrobe budget is.

That tiger pic is precious :)

Britney can looks so good sometimes. Then she goes to the Grammys. I still am confused by that outfit.

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

The nice thing about Amanda Peet pregnant is that I know she'll get her baby vaccinated.

Angie said...

I watched Sade on Ellen this week and she looked like she hadn't changed 1 this pic she look quite old. But I adore Sade, she can do no wrong.

nancer said...

i think sade looks just fine. she's gotten older but at least she hasn't made herself unrecognizable. good for her.

Majik said...

Awwww.....look at the kitties!!!

mooshki said...

I love Sade too. I'm glad she's back!

"...the world's longest scarf."
I take it that means you didn't watch Doctor Who back in the day? For shame! :)

Ugh, Britney has '80s rocker hair.

Awww, I love bears! So cute!

lilbitsolo said...

SADE!!!!!!! I love love love her. That is all.

Green Wave Gal said...

I think it's funny that the most retouching necessary for Britney was on her HAIR! Her body looks about the same! :)

jess said...

-Scary one, Anna Wintour
-Michael Kors seems like he's saying "hideous"
-I think Chace looks different but better

Linnea said...

Yeah, chace sure does!

I am watching the second season of GG, and it looks like he has gotten leaner somehow. Older, perhaps? :)

Vanessa said...

I love guys w/ thick eyebrows...hotness.

I wonder if you could post pics of the supernatural and vampire dairies cast.

B626 said...

Chase Crawford is just growing up and I can't wait till about 10 years form now when he'll be really hot if he doesn't grow that ridiculous Brad rasta goatee.

mygeorgie said...

Love Amanda Peet's style. She's quirky without going all Chloe Sevigney.

Mooshki: I was thinking that I actually liked Brit's rocker hair and might solve my 'growin-out-the-bob' problem. :(

shakey said...

Enty is king/crown you with my heart ...

She has the smoothest voice in the world.

Chris Elliot back on Letterman? As a writer? I just might watch again.

mooshki said...

Vanessa, that much hotness in one place might cause the website to explode.

MyGeorgie, some women can rock that hair, I just don't think BritBrit is one of them. :)

Mango said...

Where has Sade been? (I always thought she and Seal would make the perfect couple, each half Nigerian/half English, but Seal is soooo perfect with Heidi Klum that my hopes were dashed.)

Okay, that's twice now that I've seen Anna Wintour wearing some hybrid dead animal(s).

Bradley Cooper looks chinless!

When, for crissakes, is Brad gonna shave that effin horrible beard?

Loooove the tiger pic! ♥

chestnut-red said...

Amanda looks so cute in that dress.

I wish those humongous purses would go away. They look really stupid on girls' arms.

K said...

Oh god, Sade's back! I always hated her monotone voice (the other singer with her in Pride was superior in range and tone - it's just that she wasn't the one who was boffing a journalist, was she?). And yes, I'm talking before she was famous, in the early 80's, saw her with Pride 3 times and each time she irked me for some reason or other.

Is Stuart still writing for her? He's a genius, and a thoroughly nice guy to boot

Oh, and Andy, please ditch the scarf! Or wear it correctly, thanks.

Babs said...

K said "ditch the scarf or wear it correctly."

Guess I missed the memo... Are there rules about scarf wearing now? Granted, it doesn't look great, and, granted, everyone seems to be wearing them with the cute little 'ends through the loop' thing, but correctly? Please.

Meg said...

Amanda Peet is so cute. I didn't know she was pregnant again.

Britney looks awesome.

I LOVE the Tiger and the fat bear picture, Enty!!!!!!! So cute!

Chace doesn't look that different, does he? He got rid of the bangs he had...he's still hot. When does GG come back on?

Green Wave Gal said...

@MCH: Sorry to be a bitch but that bear is not fat, He's big-boned!


Julie said...

<3 BritBrit
Knew she could do it!

RocketQueen said...

@Mango - ahh...don't you know? A true fashion mogul like Wintour knows that fur is NOT dead. /snark

K said...

Babs, with that suit, the scarf should have been thrown casually over one shoulder, not hanging unattractively and ruining what is a throughouly nice getup.

Meetu2nyte said...

Im sure Amanda will be a great mom! I just love her films too- I thought she was awesome in 2012, just became a fan of the movies facebook page.

mooshki said...

In case anyone comes back here, DON'T click on that link above this - the facebook "movies" page has a virus.

Tara said...

Chris Elliott is awesome.


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