Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods - If You Are Bored

I want you to know that I sat through all 21 minutes of this video for you including 13 minutes of Tiger Woods droning on repeatedly about how sorry he was for sponsors pulling their contracts with him. Oh, except for Nike who immediately came out with a statement that basically said, "we still love you Tiger. Lap dances on us."

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MnGddess said...

The only people he has to apologize to are: his wife, his children, and the sponsors who bought into his clean cut image as a golfer. Otherwise, he's just an a man who has been feted all of his life and has an overblown image of himself. Golf ain't saving lives or helping others, Tiger. It's chasing a pimpled ball around well-manicured lawns until you find the hole.

With that, I will now watch curling. Fascinating sport!

Vanessa said...

Good for him..

He shouldn't have to suffer financially for doing something that isn't illegal. It's not like he was representing Disney corporation. shouldn't even be mad or care...its not like he was cheating on you or something.

This should have been a private matter and for some reason it exploded.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


But he will suffer financially cause his endorsements are based on his image. An image that has been forever altered by his cheating.

Linnea said...

Alright, so I only saw the first ten minutes cause I had to leave (also, I was bored) and I just dont understand WHY he did this press conference? Did he have anything new to say?

RocketQueen said...

I gotta say - I didn't watch the video but I read the transcript - and it came across as pretty apologetic and open. I mean, he must have said sorry about ten times. Pretty good statement, if you ask me. Chris Brown should take a lesson.
Now then, onto other matters?

looserdude said...

Tiger, shut the F**K up and go play some golf. Who cares what else you did? You didn't do anything illegal and you owe us no apologies. Fire all your handlers, give your soon to be ex wife a sack full of money and get your skinny ass back on the golf course. The only reason we cared about you from the beginning is because you are the greatest golfer in history. You blew your marriage, don't blow your career, too.

Kate said...

He did a terrible job. He went on too long. he did not seem sincere. He sounded robotic.

My thoughts:

Anonymous said...

To me it's probably just to get his sponsors back.

mygeorgie said...

At least he admitted to feeling like an "Entitled f*cker". Okay, not exactly.

Good enough for me, but he's still an ass.

penelope said...

Nothing he can say will change my opinion of him. It would be one thing if he did not try to portray such a squeaky clean image--IMO he's still a hypocrite and a bum.

MommaBear said...

Well said mngddess, well said. And isn't curling interesting? It always reminds me of a cross between chess and bowling.

I was cringing for him as I watched it. I did agree with his request that the media respect his wife and children's privacy. They should not be fodder for tabloids. But, I still think that he just needs to fade away. How much more money does he need to earn? There are small countries with lower GDP numbers than he earns. So shame on him and his continued greed. If it's for 'the love of the game', then he should hit the public courses a couple times a week.

B626 said...

Funny when he railed against the photogs.
Who brought all this lowlife media attention onto his innocent family?

Little Baby Jade said...

fake, fake, fake.

PollyPureBred said...

He had no right to SCOLD others. His tone sucked. He sucks.
He should take his bags of $$$ and retire. Really!

mygeorgie said...

Agree he has no right to scold photogs. He was a media machine before & will employ it again to help him whitewash his daliances. He just wants to control the crap that's put out.

I think he irks me more now than before the presser.


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