Monday, May 30, 2011

Cindy Anthony Takes The Stand

On Friday, Casey Anthony's mom took the stand at the trial of her daughter. Both mom and daughter spent a lot time crying. Most of the testimony that brought out the tears was about the last time Cindy Anthony saw Caylee alive. It was a sad story and the mom remember everything about that day and what Caylee was wearing and then she and Casey looked at the pictures of the day and cried. When it came to the questions about what Casey had told Cindy about the whereabouts of Caylee, things became much more strained in the courtroom. I did not feel like I was getting the whole truth. I felt like I was getting answers, but not in depth, full and complete answers.


ablake said...

I haven't spent my time following this case if for no other reason than the fact that years ago the evidence pretty much implicated this self involved idiot.
I must say however, the fascination and almost cult like following of it pretty much gives credibility to the arguments made about our fascination with anything sordid that involves white children. I bet in less than 10 seconds I could find at least 20 horrible cases that don't involve pretty young white women and their daughter.
RIP Caylee.
RIP kiddos who just aren't deemed worth the press.

RocketQueen said...

The only info I knew about this case was what I read here, but then I spent most of Saturday lazing around in bed and the trial was on, so I watched a few hours of Casey's ex-boyfriend Tony and her mother Cindy. All I know is I think Casey is a fucking pathological liar from the testimony I heard. Her poor mother and that poor little girl.

Can someone fill in some stuff I don't understand? Was Casey pretending to have a job at Universal around the time her daughter died? Had she been unemployed for some time?

SusanB said...

Yes - Casey WAS pretending to have a job at Universal. She even took the cops there after Caylee was finally reported missing, claiming to work there. Universal had to tell the cops she didn't work there. If she isn't a textbook sociopath I'll be amazed. Now they're saying Casey will have to take the stand to testify to what her attorney said during opening arguments (George molested her, Caylee died in the pool and George covered it up). I can't WAIT for the cross examination - turn off the phones and heat up the popcorn!

skeeball said...

@RQ~yes, Casey was pretending to have a job, even to her parents. She would leave the house everyday wiht Casey, telling her parents she was taking Caylee to the "babysitters". Then she blamed Caylee being abducted on this "babysitter"
She had been unemployed for a very long time.
I think her parents were too afraid of her to question anything she did and her parents did what she wanted them to do because they were so afraid she would take Caylee away from them and give them no access to their grandaughter.

libby said...

Casey had different stories for everyone. Yes, she had a fake job the whole time.

I follow the case, but anyone is free to correct me if anything I report is wrong.
It is my understanding that Casey wanted to give up her baby, and Cindy would not have it. Cindy forced her daughter to keep a child she did not want.

After Caylee was born, I believe there was a lot of jealousy and competition over the child. Casey had a bad relationship with her mother before she had Caylee, and then she had to watch Caylee get the love & nurturing that Casey felt SHE deserved.
Casey was such a bad mother that Cindy began to threaten to take Caylee from her legally. Supposedly an argument about this happened on the last day Caylee was seen alive (?), or close to it.
So basically, IMO, it was a case of Casey 'getting back' at Cindy AND getting her youth & freedom back all at once. IMO, Casey started by giving Caylee some Benedryl once in a while so that she could party (while claiming to her parents that she had a job and a nanny).

Testimony of former boyfriends states that Casey would bring Caylee over to boyfriend's houses to SLEEP in the same bed w/ her & her boyfriend. Gross.
BUT--Casey started seeing a guy (Tony) just before Caylee's death who was NOT into having Caylee around or spending the night at his place.
So she graduates to chloroform & duct tape & the trunk of a car in the Florida sun. Even the 8AM sun is too hot. Casey is disgusting, and an idiot, and I'm sorry for the novel. Someone asked!

Rose said...

Didn't Casey also give Caylee xanax at times too? When she left her in the car at parties?

Terri said...

I knew nothing about this trial till I watched the trial, beginning with the opening statements.

So far, I think Casey would sleep with men for money. It would appear to any parent if she had a job yet had NO money. If she had a job she would not need to steal money from her friends and parents. This wold expain why she didn't say who the father was.

RocketQueen said...

Thanks for the info guys - wow.

I once dated a sociopath...lots of stories related to it, but one of the last things he did to me was claim to have a job for three months. He would wake up, leave, then come back to my place after I left to go to work. I had been having really bad feelings about the guy (who moved in and gave his apartment up without telling me so I was kind of stuck with him) for a few months, and when I caught him in that lie (I called his "work"), it was all over. He once even claimed to have been assaulted and mugged so he couldn't pay for dinner from his "first paycheque" - I found his wallet hidden later. I wonder how Casey supported herself?? I honestly don't know how people tell such incredible lies day in and day out, and not expect to get caught.

That Tony guy seemed pretty decent to me, actually. The email evidence between them showed his disgust with her when it came out she hadn't told anyone about her "missing" daughter for weeks or whatever.

As I said, I don't know much about this case, but knowing she lied about that job for that long, you won't be able to convince me of anything else she says from here on out.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

@Rocket - you never told us you dated Jon Gosselin. ;)

jax said...


PotPourri said...

Her mother is a disgusting puke too.

RocketQueen said...


ChasingHeaven said...

Casey intentionally killed Caylee to get her freedom back and to also get rid of all that affection Cindy and George were giving Caylee. She researched it and spent the 31 days after Caylee's death celebrating.

Meg said...

@skeeball - Yeah, the babysitter lie was another thing that was an immediate tip off that she was lying.

@ChasingHeaven - EXACTLY!

I watched part of the mom's testimony too. I don't trust her. I do feel that in a way the parents are partially to blame for all of this. No way they didn't know she was mentally unstable and therefore probably not fit to be a mom.

lutefisk said...

Did anyone catch the 11 shopping trips she did in the beginning days that Caylee went missing? She actually went to Target twice in the same day, changing her clothes for the second trip. She also spent two days straight in bed with her boyfriend, never once leaving the bedroom.

lutefisk said...

Did anyone catch the 11 shopping trips she did in the beginning days that Caylee went missing? She actually went to Target twice in the same day, changing her clothes for the second trip. She also spent two days straight in bed with her boyfriend, never once leaving the bedroom.

Daphnie said...

I dont think the fascination with this trial has anything to do with her being white.

I didnt care a thing for this story until I started hearing the psychological aspects of it. It is interesting no matter what race they are, IMHO.


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