Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

The first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.
Did Khloe really think she looked good when she walked out the door? Really?
Leo points out all the people in the crowd he has slept with.
Natalie Portman and her guy on their daily walk. They never smile.
Pippa Middleton has turned into the big star now.
Sonja Morgan would like you to notice her breasts please. Somehow Jill Zarin got her napkin stuck in her belt.
Interesting way that Rihanna says hello.
Rashida Jones in GQ.
Note to Scott. Not a good idea to compare yourself currently with a picture of you from your past. It would be like if fat Elvis held up a picture of skinny Elvis.
Now Tilda Swinton has gone from a Conan look-alike to more of that David Bowie/Andy Warhol kind of look-alike.


RocketQueen said...

I think it's kind of funny that Enty used this picture of Scott W after the expressions of lust for him in a previous post. Still lusting, ladies? ;)

Y'know, if it weren't for the belt and shoes, I wouldn't mind Khloe's outfit so much.

Texshan said...
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Texshan said...

Hell to the no re: Chloe. I'm a curvy girl myself, and there's no way someone with her/our build should be wearing clothes like that. Also, the shoes are hideous.
Sonja's boobs look like Posh's -- two halves of a watermelon bolted to her chest.
I still don't get the Rashida love. I don't think she's a very good actress, and I see more attractive women around all of the time.
Scott looks anorexic on that book cover. He looks better now.
Normally I love me the SWINTON, but I just can't get on board with that haircut. No.

MacVixen said...

The shoes are atrocious and the pants a wee bit tight. But it's not THAT bad overall.

The picture of Scott is baaaad. No lusting here :)

Rashida Jones is so friggin beautiful.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Jennifer Lawrence is about as exciting as a moldy potato. I don't get her appeal at all. And yes, I DID see Winter's Bone, and I thought it was boring as hell.

Pippa and Kate are lovely, but they should each lay off the eyeliner a bit. I don't know why women go so heavy with that stuff; it's super aging.

Rashida is so gorgeous. I can't believe a person who looks like that was sired by Quincy Jones. Yikes.

Tilda Swinton is just as eccentric as Lady Gaga, yet she annoys me five trillion times less. I don't know why.

Khloe....eesh. She needs to go up a couple of sizes, but I have issues with tapered-leg pants in general. I blame current fashion trends, not her in particular. But I'm also a Khloe apologist. ;-)

WednesdayFriday said...

God, I love Rashida. I just want to hang out with her and go to the movies and lunch and shopping and do girl stuff. I think she's awesome.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

What are these "Winter's Game" books supposed to be about? They sound like Japan's "Battle Royale" to me.

Oh, Rashida is soooo adorable.

Ed Helmes wears the same color pants Khloe does on The Office.

Does Leo shout "I'm King Of The world" when he climaxes inside one of his Vickie's Secret models?

Maja With a J said...

Rashida Jones looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I'm not sure she is the writhe around on the floor in her underwear kind of girl *L*.

MM said...

Haha, JasonBlueEyes - "Hunger Games" (not to be confused with "Winter's Bone") is about teens forced to battle it out to the death in an effort by the government to keep its citizens under control through fear. And there's a love triangle. Don't know about "Battle Royale", so I can't compare.

Cancan said...

Great pic of Tilda. Almost like the marble came to life.

I also found Winter's Bone terribly boring, and I am usually a pretentious indie loving cineaste. I love Battle Royale and devoured the Hunger Games books so I am actually super psyched for Hunger Games the movie.

Andrea said...

If I were pregnant and I had paps stalking me 24/7, I wouldn't smile either. Plus it's been raining here in NY for eight days straight, so there's that, too. We're all pissed.

Sonja Morgan--wtf? You call that a dress? False.

Love Rashida. @maja--I agree though. Surprising to see her posing in a little babydoll.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Yes, MM - I Meant "Hunger Games." LOL. What's wrong with my brain today? Might have to start reading them when I finish the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Tilda looks like D.J. Qualls in that photo.

nancer said...

khloe probably used a whole bottle of wesson oil getting into those pants. jeeeeez, girl.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@JBE -- "Tilda looks like D.J. Qualls in that photo."

Holy flaming shitballs, she absolutely DOES. WEIRD.

BigMama said...

I know he is a slut but I would still chew a bit on Leo. hmmmmm

selenakyle said...

Skinny pants of any kind are NOT for everyone. Yeesh. *rubbing eyeballs*

M. said...

JasonBlueEyes, I'm quite familiar with Battle Royale (got a bootlegged copy years ago plus the sequel, which wasn't as good as the first) but have not read the Hunger Games books. From what I've heard about the HG, there seem to be similarities to Battle Royale.

libby said...

I remember in the late 70's my older sisters had to use our dad's pliers to zip up their designer jeans. Sex-ay!

Jackie said...

I loved the Hunger Games books, but I was a bit hesitant about the casting choices. I'm also worried that it's going for more of a "Twilight" crowd than say a "Harry Potter" crowd...if that makes sense. I just hope they stick to the book and not stray.

That being said, she really looks like Katniss (looks like in my head) in that pic.

Pookie said...

don't fret khloe...skinny jeans are hard to pull off even by skinny people.

these middletons have better tans than the entire population of miami. it's incredible really.

i thought tilda looked like erin fetherston until i read jason's comment...i can TOTALLY see dj qualls in there! hee.

Texshan said...

Jason, I LOL'd @ the D.J. Qualls reference.
Ida, SWINTON bugs you so much less because she's not a hugely pretentious, talentless attention whore, a la Gaga.
Apparently I am alone in my neutrality re: Rashida. I just don't get it.

Char said...

CANNOT WAIT for the Hunger Games movie! I really hope they don't screw this up!

I saw Winter's Bone (watched it after Jennifer Lawrence was cast in Hunger Games so I could see what she was all about) and while I found the movie excruciatingly slow moving and a bit boring, I thought she was excellent in the part she played, and her character had a similar strength and attitude that she'll need for Katniss. It made me feel a lot better about the casting choice.

Linnea said...

Jason - YES, you are completely right, they look like the kind of pants Ed Helms wear! Good spotting. :)

SallyTomato said...

I dress badly. Can I please bag a Laker too?

Nicole said...

Texshan- I don't get the Rashida love either...I don't think she's even a decent actress, in fact, whenever she is the girlfriend role in a movie, I groan.

RudyLarue said...

@Ida Blankenship:

"Rashida is so gorgeous. I can't believe a person who looks like that was sired by Quincy Jones. Yikes."

True, but remember that Peggy Lipton is her mom.

crowleyancanto said...

Tilda Swinton is an awesome actress but I can't say I'm a fan of her fashion sense.

PotPourri said...

Chloe. I know you have a mirror. You are packed in like sausage.

Geebz said...

lol@DJ Qualls!

Meg said...

My husband would love that pic of Rashida...agree she doesn't seem to be the hanging out in negligee type o' girl.

@Jackie - Suzanne Collins is staying heavily involved with the film process. I have high hopes that this won't be screwed up. The film has a $75mil budget so let's hope it's not like Twilight (which was kinda low budget)
;) Part of it is being filmed in my's all very exciting.

parissucksliterally said...

I like Rashida, she is cute- and that is a good pic of her.

Khloe is just so damn fugly to me. And the only Kardashian that knows how to dress to flatter her body is Kourtney. The other two are usually a hot mess.

__-__=__ said...

Wow - Rashida looks just like Peggy Lipton. Totally the same face.

Tilda looks so classic in that pose. It's a wall-worthy pic indeed!

crila16 said...

PLEEEZZZEE...Pretty Please tell me what's the big deal about Pippa? I just don't get it. First off Kate is waaaayyyy prettier. I don't understand why they keep following Pippa and trying to push her like she's a goddess. She's completely average.

RocketQueen said...

@Texshan - say what you want about Gaga, but the woman is NOT talentless. Listen to her sing a capella ANYTHING for proof.

Mango said...

Rashida is beautiful, funny and SMART and she's proof positive that the offspring of the Hollywood movers and shakers don't have to be D-list coat tail riders. Yes, this means you, Paris Hilton, Nikku Hilton, Kimberly Stewart, Hilton. children of Rod Stewart, Cisco Adler, et. al.


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