Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Turn

After watching that video, I just have to know what the best marriage proposal story you have heard or been apart of, and I would love worst stories too. Actually I will also take any kind of wedding stories.


M said...

My Husband(BF at the time) gave me one of those hot sauce packets from Taco Bell that have sayings on said"Will You Marry Me?" This was on our first date. I laughed and thought he was nutso. But apparently he meant it! 2 years later we got married.

RJ said...

I was vacationing with my future husband's family in New Smyrna Beach. We were down on the beach with some friends who were also vacationing nearby, and one of the planes that fly over the beach with banners usually advertising restaurants flew over with a banner that said "Rhonda, I love you. Will you marry me?" He had the ring in his pocket. We will be married 16 years on the 27th of this month.

Jose said...

this is one of my favorites

i'm surprised it hasn't been turned into a movie yet

Ms Cool said...

My husband's proposal was dear to me but probably not story-worthy. Our wedding was quaint and lovely in my parents' yard. We had an Elvis impersonator for entertainment (who could also sing Opera) - anyone in Milwaukee remember Tom Green (not THAT Tom Green)? It was a blast!

I mention all of this because next Thursday is our 10th wedding anniversary!!!! It would have been hard to imagine then that I could love my husband any more than I did on that day but I sure do.

MelissaLynn said...

I met the man who would become my husband when I saw one of his performances at the Magic Castle (in Hollywood CA) in December of 2006. I was too shy to introduce myself! I went home that night and looked him up online and found his Myspace profile where I learned he lived in Chicago. Dang it! hahaha I finally found the nerve to send him a message. After a few months of chatting online and by phone I decided to buy a plane ticket and we met for the first time face to face at the Chicago O’Hare airport! That night was pure magic and we have been together ever since. He moved to Los Angeles and in July of 2008 he proposed to me on the same stage where I saw him for the first time. We got married in October 2009.

Please don't make fun of my hand over my mouth the whole time! hahaha! I am such a dork.

biteme said...

Hey RJ! I will have been married 16 years this September 16th.

My husband proposed to me under the Golden Gate Bridge. We took a tour of SF Bay and when we got near it, he proposed.

Meg said...
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Anna Geletka said...

My husband proposed during an episode of the Simpsons. He said, "honey, can I say something to you?" I said, "sure." He said, "can you put it on mute or something?"

And then he was so nervous that he forgot to get down on one knee. He cooked me a fabulous dinner to make up for it. It was adorable and we have been married for a year and a half.

Wil said...

Wow. From the lack of posts .. I am gonna say I am not the only one with a jaded - and admittedly shitty - feelings about engagements, weddings and marriage. LOL!

No good engagement story here. Didn't even get a ring and had to buy my own wedding ring .. So my marriage sucking is not a huge surprise. HOWEVER .. I do have a cute engagement story.

Back in the day, the amusement park here - for those who might not remember, I am in Minneapois - at MOA was called Camp Snoopy. My friend asked his now wife to marry him after riding the roller coaster there. She is a HUGE Snoopy fan. Mike arranged to give the ring to a Snoopy mascot earlier in the day. They rode the roller coaster and when they got off ... The Snoopy mascot was there. The Snoopy got down on one knee in front of Kate and showed her the ring while apparently doing this lavish bow thing (Kate described it as a kind of "Errol Flynn/Pirate thing") then pointed to Mike where upon Mike asked if she would forever be "his cute redheaded girl" (or whatever the girl is, not too into Peanuts. ) to his Charlie Brown. Needless to say, she accepted.

juicy said...

i was asked to marry him when he was still married (unbeknownst to me)... after we were married we transferred the credit for the ring (givin' him some credit, it was a nice ring) to a lower interest credit card.. in only my name. oh, and to be able to go on our honeymoon out of the country i paid all of his back child support for him so he could get a passport.
AFTER our wedding, i find out that his "brother" who was his best man at our wedding wasn't really his brother... and then a year into the marriage found out about a secret lovechild he had whilst married to the woman before me. then he joined a cult.
we are divorced now.
OH. and he's remarried.. got married on my bday. the ink on our divorce decree was barely dry. i am 29 and divorced (childless, THANK GOD) and he is 35 and at least 3 kids in and on his 3rd wife. way to go! #WINNING!
yesterday would have been our 4-year anniversary. this was therapeutic in a way. i could go on for DAYS. you don't know a true dbag till you know tony _____.

juicy said...

and he "let me" keep the house... meaning he didn't want to help out with maintaining it.. tried to sell it for a year, 3 short-sales fell through (sidenote: fuck wells fargo) and i ultimately lost it.. so that's all on me. not to mention the hefty judgment i have against him and if he doesn't pay me, im taking him and the wifey to court (NOT small claims) in about 5 months. it's the little things. heh.

PotPourri said...

Juicy. Never marry a "Tony". You marry a John, James, Alan, Greg, Jeff, never a Tony.

PotPourri said...

Mine is a shit proposal. My husband-to-be had known me 3 years, and still panicked like hell at the proposal. So the night before, he tried to start a massive fight with me, and for 2 solid hours he yelled at me, and I asked him to leave my apartment. He said everything under the sun, and would not leave. I just let him scream. Then he accused me of not caring because he screamed and I didn't scream back. Finally, he left. Well that was December 20th. We were supposed to exchange gifts on the 21st. Well I knew it was over, but he calls the next morning at 10 and says "What time can I come over to exchange gifts". I said "I wasn't aware we were still together". He said "Oh that, I'm sorry". That was it. So he showed up at my house with this huge Santa sack with tissue paper all in it and in the bottom of the sack was a tiny trinket box. Inside was the ring. I was SHOCKED. So when he got down on one knee, I was still in shock and said nothing. He thought my silence meant I did like the gorgeous 2 carat diamond in my hand. I said "I love the ring, but I wasn't expecting it after yesterday". Then I put the ring on and told him I would marry him, but he could never talk to me like that again, or I would give the ring back.

He just freaked and didn't know how to handle it. Little did I know everytime something major would happen, he would freak like this.

lakeuniongirl said...

Two completely non-romantic proposals. The first guy, I found out I was pregnant (at 21) and he said, "I suppose we have to get married now". It only lasted a year. I was a naive 21. The second guy was a complete turn around from the first. Loyal, sweet, good to my daughter, non-bi-polar, but he never asked me in the 2 years we were dating. I finally gave him the ultimatum, I get a ring in the next year or we break up.

Sarah said...

When I got married 14 years ago (now divorced haha!) my then husband and I had a small beach wedding.

He had not seen or spoken to his father in at least 5 years. He said his fathers new wife hated his moms side of the family and they all dropped out of communication.

I did some digging and got his fathers phone number. I told him it would mean the world to have his father at the wedding.

His father is a pilot. He secretly flew into a small airport in our city.

He was late! I was over an hour late for my own wedding waiting for him!

But we got to the wedding site and parked a little ways away and I walked up to the wedding site, arm and arm with his father.

My husband cried like a baby!! It was pretty awesome :)

Doc Girl said...

My proposal is sort of funny. I was divorced for 4 years from my first husband, and dating my then boyfriend for 3 years. My boyfriend and I were on and off, for reasons always relating to honesty and trust. Lack of honesty on his part and lack of trust on mine. I thought he was finally starting to 'get it', as far as being honest with me about everything in his life.

And then he fucked up again. I told him that was it, it was over. I was absolutely miserable. I had never taken a break up so hard, not even my marriage! By chance, 3 weeks later I had taken my kids to a McDonalds for dinner. While the three of us were sitting there, in walks my boyfriend, who had come in to buy a tea.

He quietly sat down at our table. My face felt hot and I was stunned speechless. I agree to meet him for breakfast the next day after I got the kids to school and before I went to work. At that meal with him, I blurted out that we should get married. I didn't even plan to say it, and I was totally shocked at myself! But those were my true feelings.

Our kids all thought we were joking, because we got engaged on April Fool's day.

3 months later, we were married. That was nearly 2 years ago. He is the kindest, most honest partner I could ever ask for. His emotional support and easy-going attitude make me very happy, and we have a great relationship. I don't know why, since we had such a rough start. I guess the commitment of marriage has made him trust that I won't leave when I hear bad news. He seems to finally believe me when I say he can tell me anything, because I can handle it!

I consider myself very lucky to have met someone who is so compatible with me.

TV said...

my husband was married before for a year and it was ugly through and through. When asked if he would ever marry again, he told me, yeah...when pigs fly.

Couple years later, i walked into the darkened kitchen lit up with candles, him kneeling with a box in his hand and sure as sh*t, there it was...a FLYING PIG in the kitchen attached to the ceiling fan.

our 9th anniversary is in less than a month.

__-__=__ said...

16 comments and a bunch of short-timer stories. Depressing. said...
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