Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Julia Roberts all airbrushed for W Magazine.
Jwowww does the G part of GTL in Florence.
Katie Holmes wins the worst fitting swimsuit of the day award.
Miley Cyrus handles the pain as she gets tattoo number six in Brazil.
Mamie Gummer and long time no see Roger Rees.
Rihanna channeling her inner Whitney Houston.
Battle of the pregnant women. Selma Blair vs
Tori Spelling.
Sienna goes public with Tom Sturridge. I think Jude Law is better looking, but that is just me.
Victoria Beckham has finally started to show.


BigMama said...

Suri wouldn't let Katie borrow her swimsuit....selfish kid.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Yikes. That's a scary looking photo of Katie. She looks 30 years older.

Selma all the way. Not even a contest.

Sienna doesn't care about looks. She's just interested in - other things.

RocketQueen said...

I thought I saw a pic of Miley earlier today getting a new tattoo on her back in Venezuela or something? So this would be two in two days or something? Ugh. How many of those you going to regret, kid?

Patty said...

For being a high-end fashion designer (snort, eye-roll), Katie shows very little fashion sense in what she wears.

Elle said...

@ Jason and those 'other things' seem (camera) right and centre to me in that photo! Umm, is that a salami in there?

Maybe Katie has tummy stretch marks and wants to hide them. I saw her getting smack on other sites for not wearing a bikini and can't really understand the fuss.. she is not a sex kitten type so what does it matter?

parissucksliterally said...

I don't think Posh is carrying that child. I think they got a surrogate, and she wears a pillow.

MontanaMarriott said...

I am so with you on that @ Paris. Every time I see this chick she is wearing 7 inch Loboutins. Who does that while pregnant?? That must be super uncomfortable.

Pazazz said...

Parissucks I've been saying that since they sad he was pregnant

califblondy said...

Mariah wore the stilettos while carrying twins. Granted she never walks without a elbow holder on each side, but sometimes if you're used to heels, it's hard to walk in flats. I can stub my toe wearing flip flops.

Katie looks like she's trying to hold Suri even though the kid can swim. Old habits die hard and speaking of hard...Katie's poor face.

J-Mo said...

I'm the only one who gets Katie's suit, it's draped.
Of course Jude Law is better looking, duh.

lanasyogamama said...

Maybe Katie has some looseness. It happens after a baby. I've seen her wear much worse.

Go ahead Miley, get a sleeve for all I care.

I hate to admit how pretty Sienna is, but it's true.

I think Posh is wearing wedges, much easier to walk in than heels.

Melanie said...

Am I the only one who thinks Miley has a donkey mouth? She looks like she's braying in the picture. Heehaw, heehaw....

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"Katie Holmes wins the worst fitting swimsuit of the day award."

Katie Holmes wins the worst fitting EVERYTHING of the day award. That chick needs to go down, like, TWO sizes.

Suri is growing on me. She's gonna be SOOOOO fun to watch.

I think Rihanna stole that sweatshirt from my ex-boyfriend.

Alicia said...

Oh! I <3 Roger Rees!!

Alicia said...

I an with you J-mo..the suit is draped...I thought it was cute..just not functional!

Bleu said...

Selma Blair has been pregnant for 14 months now it seems.

The Black Cat said...

I think if you get used to wearing heels for so long it changes the shape of your foot so if Posh went to flats, she'd probably not be be able to walk properly in them - besides I doubt she'd be caught dead in flats.

parissucksliterally said...

Mariah wore heels, but she also blew up like a whale. Posh looks exactly the same.

Mango said...

It can't be a great idea to get a tattoo in a foreign country but then again Miley probably thinks that New Mexico is a foreign country.

I think Posh has commented about being unable to wear flats.

I guess those long dresses hide swollen ankles?

Sienna is very pretty but I can't look at her without remembering that she's been called hygienically challenged. All the pretty in the world can't hide stank.

mooshki said...

Megan Fox needs to drag Miley to one of her tattoo removal sessions and show her what's in store for her.

That pic of Mamie makes me sad for 'Off the Map.' It wasn't a great show by any means, but I enjoyed it. Great cast.


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