Monday, July 04, 2011

Blind Items Revealed

May 27, 2011

With Cannes over for another year, I thought I would give you some very easy blinds about some happenings from the event.

#1 & #2 - This former A list movie actor who is lucky to have any friends at all, slipped his arm around the waist of this almost A list actress/director at an event, who shoved his arm away and said, "Do not touch me." Guess things are not as rosy as they seem.

#3 - Lets see. You are a B- list movie actress, who has come this close to having no career and then Cannes brings some big life back into it and you are off to talk to the reporters. You take two questions from the television reporters with radio and print waiting their turn. After the two questions, you turn to your publicist and say no more and walk away. Way to turn diva in two seconds.

#4 & 5- Person hated the most by the press? This up and coming director who is about to move from film festival darling to the mainstream. He did accomplish what many people would love to do when he got kissed by this almost A list movie actor at a press event.

#1&#2 - Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster
#3 - Kirsten Dunst ( I am willing to give her a break)
#4 & #5 - Nicolas Winding Refn & Ryan Gosling


BigMama said...

I have always loved jodie foster, but I wish she just dumped her "friend" mel

timebob said...

I don't blame Kirsten, you know they were just asking her about Lars von Trier and his dopey wanting to be funny but not funny hitler comments.

Wow, Jodie finally grew some balls.

Nic & Ryan we knew since the photos were posted everywhere of the red carpet "kiss"

Goodgrief said...

I figured Mel had something big on Jodie for her to stick up for him like she does.

ForSure said...

Oh I loved reading that item about Mel and Jodie. I would love to see her back away from him slowly and get on with her life, even if her integrity takes a hit for appearing to stand by him for the sake of that film.

PotPourri said...

Maybe Mel gave her a job when she had none. It's hard for kids to make it as adlt actors.

Merlin D. Bear said...

So Jodie's support of Mel was only contractual due to the movie and needing him to do the publicity.
Good for her that she's only willing to go so far.

I'm willing to give Kirsten the benefit of the doubt because of the von Trier issue.

Don't be hating on the guy just because he got some action off of Gosling...but I admit I'd have been jealous myself LOL

Seattle_Strips said...

Pretty much what you guys said, LOL. CDAN readers are so articulate!

Rickatoo said...

Jamie's girl - Jodi has never had to rely on anyone for a job, least of all Mel Gibson. She was a star years before he showed up on the scene..

Oh Brother! said...

Kirsten must have been physically exhausted and emotionally drained after what happened with LvT in Cannes. You should definitely giver her a break.

timebob said...

Seriously, the video of her sitting next to Lars when he was running at the mouth is priceless.

She didn't know whether to laugh or hide under the table. Of course as an actress, she didn't have the balls to step up and shut him down for being an idiot publicly.

Frankie said...

Kiki was all over coachella as well as Kelly ousborne and both were pretty quiet.

I respect Jodie for publicly standing by him, even if for the movie. He kind of fucked her project up but in Hollywood when shit goes left everyone leaves. Its the good ole' " you only know who your friends are in time of need"

And I read somewhere that he had a very significant influence on her career or something of the sort. Can't remember.

mooshki said...

Yes, Kiki definitely gets a free pass on this one. The video of her sitting next to career-suicidal Lars is absolutely priceless.


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