Monday, July 04, 2011

Blind Items Revealed

May 24, 2011

These would have been very hard without the Estella Warren part of the equation. It is amazing what someone will tell you about themselves in a two hour conversation one night.

#1 - Had an affair with this A list movie actor. Was said to have been the reason his marriage ended.

#2 - Complained about having sex with this B- list movie actor with a bigger name than his resume should really give him, because she says to everyone that he always wanted to talk about it before and after and analyze the whole event.

#3 - Called this fellow countryman and celebrity, her 30 second guy, and that was actually his record. Most of the time he could not even get to where he was going without finishing if you know what I mean.

#1 - Bruce Willis
#2 - Josh Hartnett
#3 - Michael Buble


Ms Cool said...

Always thought she was homely. Perhaps she is super nice.

timebob said...

I guess Estella won't be on Demi's christmas card list anytime soon.

I never got what the appeal was for Josh, he seems creepy to me.

ohhh. poor Buble hope your wife doesn't mind the 30 second mambo.

AMD said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Oh Michael Bubble. You douche.

lanasyogamama said...

AND she got away from the LAPD!

Anonymous said...

Nah, I doubt she's super nice (given her classy track record) so I'm going to say she'll do shit most won't.

Anonymous said...

Maybe buble's wife just likes his money. Sounds like a win to me!

VelvetStaccato said...

Yikes! Michael Buble has always looked a bit quick on the draw. I've never understood his appeal, other than he is a talented singer. There is absolutely no sexual energy emanating from him whatsoever!

jess said...

OMG!!! LOL I thought Demi and Bruce ended for different reasons. And buble...well :S

Anonymous said...

Oh my! She broke up Bruce and Demi?

Josh is so cute, but the analyzing? ugh the sign of an insecure man.

Buble? I don't know how he got such a hold on Emily Blunt. She's been messed up ever since...over 30 seconds of "heaven"?! WTF?!

The Nightmare Child said...


*hoists a PBR*

Cheers, Estella. You just made my day THAT much better. I hate Michael Buble.

Anonymous said...

Buble--hahah such an untalented dork ! It figures !

Actually, I think Hartnett is awfully cute - who knew he was so analytical !

And she was the reason for the Bruce/Demi split?? Who knew !

timebob said...

no wonder Emily Blunt ditched him she needs a lot more then that to be satisfied.

Oh wait, I mean she needs a lot more men to be satisfied.

Frankie said...

Ok so say Enty were to reveal coke mom... I understand he's a lawyer and whatnot - however, if its true its not like there's any libel involved.

Also, I haven't kept up but Ive noticed a thing or two where some people think the blog is written by other people? Well... Say the posts came from a far far away IP that has no correlation to Enty. Surely that would would shield him from any accusations that he posted it.

Technically no one can sue, but career wise that could be damaging.


Frankie said...

Also, I think she's really beautiful and nice. There are some people whose beauty you don't realize until you see them in real life. ScarJo is one - didn't think much of her til I saw her.

And she ran from the cops. My kind of gal!

musesx9 said...

Are you going to reveal the couple that was getting divorced by 4th of July? We assumed it would be Tea and David, can you confirm?

Bleu said...

Enty will get publicity -- but it'll be the kind that will only bring in more readers.

As far as celebrities -- there might be some rattling but if it's true they can't sue. The only kind of thing that conceivably could give him headaches would be the very last thing you'd expect, something like, I don't know, a celebrity who is not even named as part of a blind knowing that the reveal is true and becoming convinced that the public will think the only way this particular damning item could have come out is through him/her somehow.

Seattle_Strips said...

@YYY I've met Estella as well, and she was awful, although I will admit she was EXTREMELY drunk/high at the time. She was with some dude at a strip club I worked at (yep the same one I mentioned that A-Rod used to frequent).

Anyway, she IS beautiful, tiny but tall, and a really exquisite face. And she knows it. She loudly criticized the girls there. She was rude to the staff, and then decided to give her date a lapdance (falling on her ass repeatedly in the process). She was even a snotty bitch when people asked if she was okay. I believe she was eventually asked to leave. No class whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

@ LetLoveRule, ugh, there's nothing worse than an insecure beautiful (drunk) woman.

ForSure said...

Yeah, lawsuit like the one Giada is pursuing against whatever tabloid outed her and John Mayer. How's that coming along?

Seattle_Strips said...

@ anita, I know...she didn't know it, but she was about one rude comment away from a clear heel beatdown party! (She's not very perceptive: there were maybe eight chicks just standing around glaring at her.) They didn't think it was fun getting naked on stage and having a former supermodel talk shit/roll her eyes/turn her back.

timebob said...

well she is from Canada.


ducks RQ bitch slap ;)

Frankie said...

@let love rule

Oh word? I can see that totally. I met her in a work environment so it's a far cry from a strip club. I will say though... The few times I visited my friend at the Cheetas she worked at, resulted in a blind Enty never revealed ha!

Funny how there's always some gash at a strip club who'll try and give her man dance and criticize the gals. No fucking respect.

I read somewhere about strip club stereotypes and my favorite was the 'stud muffin' which consists of the guys who walk up to the entertainers with one dollar and stands there holding it til she walks over and holds until she does something and stands there til she walks away.

Something like that, pretty funny stuff if you ask me.

MizCaramel said...

wow I think so far I read about two small peens (axl and bradley) one quick cummer (michael tsk tsk) and maybe A-rod has a magic ding dong... lots of cock talk! haha!

Seattle_Strips said...

@ YYY LOL yeah, you would know then how people act in a strip club is VERY revealing as to who they really are, isn't it?

And I'll bet you and I have some juicy celeb gossip that would curl Enty's hair, heh.

Frankie said...

@let love rule

I practically grew up in the business, so between that, touring, the people ive worked with and my exes I've seen some scandalous ass shit. Doesn't hurt I'm the chatty type who always befriends people of all sorts. Shit, I even got a date with Mos Def via my banker ( come to find out he had 5 kids or something and I wasn't trying to go there )

Oh my oh my... LOL

Dictated, but not read -


Anonymous said...

@LetLoveRule, "clear heel beatdown" my favourite comment ever. I'd love to steal it but I really don't see how I can ever use it. I'll find a way.

RocketQueen said...

*shaking fist at timebob*
lol! Sadly, I still like her more than Buble. Actually, strike that....they're a perfect match!

Upside Downunder said...

anita_mark said...
@ LetLoveRule, ugh, there's nothing worse than an insecure beautiful (drunk) woman.

8:11 PM

Hahaha, sounds like a 10 for most guys!

Anonymous said...

@Upside Downunder, sadly yes, she ruins it for the rest of us with good self-esteem.

Julie said...

umm, i wonder if Estella was the woman on the freeway after the vodka night????

anyone else remember that long blind from a long time ago? thats the one i wish were revealed. lol


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