Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Do You Think Casey Anthony Will Move Back Home?

I am still processing yesterday's verdict finding Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and child neglect. After about day five of the trial I didn't think the prosecutors would ever be able to prove first degree murder. I did think they could make a manslaughter charge stick, but also thought it would not mean that much because Casey would be eligible for parole soon.

I also thought from about day 5 that there was a good chance for a hung jury. I figured there would be a few holdouts who thought Casey was not guilty, and then the judge would declare a mistrial and the prosecutors would try again, fix their errors and probably get a conviction.

I watched Nancy Grace last night hoping for a meltdown, but was not in front of a television yesterday afternoon when the verdict was read and apparently her reaction at that point in time was priceless. Last night was just her being dramatic and I think CNN must have told her to reign it in some because she was subdued.

The bottom line is the prosecution had the burden and every juror plus the alternate did not think they had. The alternate said no one believed that a body had been in the trunk because the whole strong smell thing was never noticed by the dozen police that responded to the missing person report and all walked by the car. When they don't believe one piece, they start to not believe other pieces. Do I believe Casey is guilty? Yep. But, if you came up to me and said George helped or covered it up, or knew more than he let on, I could totally see that too.

The problem is the parents were all over the map in everything they said at the time, the aftermath, and during the last three years. I think they lied for their daughter on the stand and Cindy probably wishes she had never called the police at all. Can you imagine how often this happens where no one calls the police?

So does her first interview get more or less than $500K?


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I agree with you on all points. 1) She did it. 2) The prosecution couldn't prove 1st degree. 3) The parents were all over the map and lied for her on the stand.

I thought that the fact she didn't report her daughter missing would be enough to prove neglect, but that's just me.

The parents' reaction to the verdict was interesting - and telltale - to me. They actually looked pretty miserable and guilty, like, "oh we got her off, but she still killed our little granddaughter, oh shit, what have we done?"

I hope the media locks her out like they did with OJ. She shouldn't be monetarily rewarded for evading conviction when we all know goddamn well she did it.

What I'm curious is what everyone here thinks actually happened to little Caylee?

Megley said...

That family is so screwed up that they may take her back in.
I also don't think Cindy regrets calling the police, but she may regret her role in Casey's upbringing.

lanasyogamama said...

How can she go home after the things she said about them?

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Also, does Caylee have a father? I admit I didn't follow this closely, but I've never heard mention of a dad. Has this been addressed? I couldn't find anything on wikipedia about it.

Goodgrief said...

I think the parents really think she did it, they just didn't want to see her executed. You can tell Casey thinks her parents are stupid. I don't think they will be living together or have much of a relationship. Of course when Casey has another kid she wants to get rid of she may start sucking up to the parents again.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Her trial is done. She walked. Can we start ignoring her NOW, please? I don't think this woman should enjoy the fruits of celebrity -- and you KNOW there are people dumb enough to be blinded by her fame. There are plenty of idiots who will buy her book and watch her televised interviews. Why not just give the cunt her own MTV show? Is Donald Trump going to put her in The Celebrity Apprentice? How about a cameo in the next shitty installment of The Hangover? Either way, the more bloggers and pundits bitch about this verdict, the longer she gets to enjoy her notoriety.

The ONLY good thing to come out of this is how all the people hollering about how O.J. got off due to ~the race card~ will have to swallow their words.

Guess what? White women -- white MOTHERS -- can get away with murder, too. America: equal-opportunity, indeed.

I totally knew she'd get away with it. She obviously had a kickass (and totally EVIL) defense team. That's partly why I tried to stay away from this case -- I like my horror to be fictional, thanks.

Megley said...

And that is the saddest thing of all--we'll prolly never know what happened to Caylee. Personally, I believe that Caylee was overdosed on cholorform, and the duct tape was to stage the kidnapping.

Kristin said...

How is NOT reporting your child missing for 31 days NOT child neglect? Can she be sued in civil court for something so that she can't make a penny off this? And she will try because, you know, she's as much a victim as anyone (her words in jail).

There was such outrage over OJ I hope the same thing happens to her and she NEVER loses the stygma of being a child killer. Although I get comfort in the fact that like OJ, she now believes she can get away with anything and WILL f*ck up again and land back in jail.

KLM said...

If that trick makes a dime off of the case, I will be appalled. I seriously hope she is treated like the pariah that she is. I totally agree with everyone who believes that karma will get her, one way or another.

Susan said...

I am floored that the jury did not buy George Anthony's testimony. From the interview with the alternate juror it sounds like they actually think the defense's claims of accidental drowning and coverup happened despite the defense's failure to prove their claims.

I know its taboo to diss a jury, and I don't begrudge all of their time spent on this. But to deliberate for only 11 hours on 30-plus days of testimony just rubs me wrong. I read that as, "Get me the fuck out of here so that I can have my life back." I can't say I blame them, but you mean to tell me there wasn't one person who thought she was guilty of something? I could take a hung jury over this bullshit, quite honestly.

I can't believe she wasn't at least found guilty of child neglect. Bitch didn't report her kid missing for 30 days, and she only did so because Grandma did so. If that's not neglecting your child, then what is?

I am so pissed off by this.

nataliesinger said...

It should be ILLEGAL for people like her to make a dime off of criminal charges. The only thing that calms me down a teensy bit is that O.J. is sitting in a cell somewhere and one day she'll get hers as well because the Karma jury makes no mistakes and its punishment is forth coming no matter WHO you are.

surfer said...

Ida (and please don't bite my head off!), I don't dispute most of what you say, but the job of her defense team was twofold - to defend her to the best of their ability, and to cast doubt on the prosecution's theory.

They did the first, and whether or not they did the second was/is debatable. The alternate juror who has been making the rounds on TV was very clear in saying that he felt the prosecution could not prove murder, and could not show cause or time of death.

Personally, I think Caylee's death was accidental, and that she most definitely had a hand in it. There is no doubting that her behavior was at the very least bizarre and inappropriate, and certainly didn't help her in any way. But I don't believe she killed her daughter in order to "party," as the prosecution claimed.

As to Enty's question, I don't see how it's possible for her to move back home after her lawyer accused her father & brother of molestation. But really, where else can she go? I heard one of the lawyers on TV last night say he could see a situation where her mother would take her back and the father would move out. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

But Ida is right in suggesting we start ignoring her. I guess she'll be Topic A until the next scandal arrives on our doorstep.

And Kristin, I agree that not reporting a missing child is child neglect, but who exactly is going to sue her? The state can't, and I doubt her parents would.

ms snarky said...

I think she'll get more than $500K for the first interview, if she's smart at all.

RocketQueen said...

What I wonder (did it come up?) is where Caylee was all those days when Casey was pretending she was with the nanny. I honestly wonder if she was drugged quite often while Casey hung out with her boyfriends. Shitty, shitty person.
Personally, I don't think the parents were involved in anything leading up to her body being found at all. However, when they realized their daughter might get the chair, they did what they could to save her.

BigMama said...

I tried not to follow this much. I have two small daughters and it horrified me. Also,I was a single mother for a long time (now teenager) with little to no help from family and no help from the "father". Did I miss going out with my friends? yes Did I resent being a mother? sometimes, but I never resented HER. Also, what I DIDN'T do was neglect, endanger or treat my precious baby with anything but love. She didn't ask to be my baby, but loved me anyway. Without going into alot of detail that no one wants and I don't care to give, it was not a great situation but I did my best and have a healthy, loving daughter to show for it. When you have a child, their needs come first. End of story. She apparently didn't understand that and I doubt she ever will. People who are capable of treating their child like that are In-capable of regret or taking the blame. She will always find someone else to throw under the bus rather than accept responsibility. In short, I think I hate her. And her parents are running a short race behind her.

Ari said...

I'm surprised there was no mention of "Zannie the Nanny" being slang for Xanax. When you take that into consideration, Casey's insistance that "Caylee is with the nanny" becomes hella incriminating.

mikey said...

I don't think her brother lives with Cindy and George anymore, but I do wonder if he'll see her after what she said about him. George will move out of the house and Casey will move in with Cindy. Good times lie ahead.

Casey will make a lot of money and have men buying her drinks wherever she goes.

A smart girl would count her blessings, change her name and move away from FL. She will be in our faces every day. Wait for the movie.

Susan said...

I definitely think the marriage of George and Cindy Anthony is not long for this world. And I would not be surprised if Cindy took her piece of shit daughter back in.

Sorry, I'm so judgy. I understand that the prosecution didn't get the job done, but you can't honestly tell me that Casey Anthony did not have a hand in her child's death.

It didn't seem like Lee was present in court yesterady.

I honestly think Casey Anthony is pure evil. Ditto for her defense team. The whole molestation claims are a crock of shit.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Surfer -- "the job of her defense team was twofold - to defend her to the best of their ability, and to cast doubt on the prosecution's theory."

I'm not gonna bite your head off OR dispute what you just said, because I think you're exactly right! That's why I thought a while back that she was gonna get off -- her legal team was brilliant and malicious, and they did a great job of making the prosecution look weak and insecure.

Lizzie said...

I watched this entire trial. The prosecutors did not come across very well. I believe she is guilty, but I also believe this prosecution team did a horrible job. They should have never asked if Cindy looked up chlor. 84 times, and then turn around and say..ooops...the forensic guy said that it was Myspace that was searched 84 times....and they should have Never said Roy kronk, or what ever his name is..meter person...did not know the body was there, and then turn around and say yes he did...They said he never touched the bones....he said..No, he didn't, but he did, put a stick through the eye socket, and then held up the skull about 3ft off the ground. Too many contradicting things in the Prosecutions case....They are the ones responsible for how it was tried to this jury! I don't think the jury had much of a choice to some degree.
This whole case is too sad for words...this little girl Should have been adopted out, and into a loving 'Sane' home.

blondegossip said...

Mark my words: Before the year ends, Casey will be pregnant the Anthonys will divorce and George will try to kill himself again.

Interesting case just wrapped up in Boise, ID this week w/very interesting similarities and a shockingly different verdict: Google "Erhlick & Boise". After a long, multi-week trial, the jury came back in less than 2 hrs to find Erhlick guilty of murder one for killing his gfriend's son--all on circumstantial evidence. That is western-style justice for you.

Here's what I don't understand about the FL jury:

1) Found her guilty of lying to police - did they not connect the dots that the underlying reason she lied was because she killed her child?!

2) How is it NOT child abuse/neglect to fail to report your toddler missing for 31 damn days?

Finally, defense team--NEVER celebrate in public, NEVER. A child is still dead/murdered. NOTHING TO CELEBRATE. And, their client was never getting the death penalty (case law changed in FL during her trial)--so Baez, you saved NO ONE's life, you douche.

Ugh. I don't know how that defense team or jury will sleep at night...

Lizzie said...

One more thing, I think she'll probably be back at her family's home at some point. They are all crazy. I also don't think she can control herself enough to stay out of the public attention. Hope she does, but her mental issues probably won't allow her to do so.

RocketQueen said...

@Ari - holy shit. You're right!

ForSure said...

Thank you Lizzie. Yes, there is a very big similarity with the OJ case and that is that the prosecution bungled this case. They never should have gone for first degree murder when they did not even have a cause of death. They could have convicted her on negligent homicide or something like that, and they should have put diminished mental capacity on the table before the trial even began. It seems that sequestered juries never convict. They get burned out, they want to go home and get it over with, no way all that evidence can be considered in 10 hours, especially when most didn't even take notes. I was on a jury for a misdemeanor DUI and we took 2 damn days!

As for the family, there is a rumor that they are moving out of FL and back to Ohio. I think George will be staying behind, and Casey and her mother will go live together until we hear about the murder/suicide in about 18 months.

Casey never ever named the father, but there is a rumor that it was a young man who was killed in a car accident about a year after Caylee was born. How sad for her, if he had lived she might still be alive.

Jenny said...

If her parents let her move back with them, they will need locks on their bedroom door and windows, and they must never eat or drink anything prepared by Casey. Also, they will need to keep their pets away from Casey.

SusanB said...

I think there's one thing overlooked about the jury. In yesterday's comments it was mentioned how some people aren't wanted for jurors because they're intelligent or not intelligent or whatever. I think this jury was dumber than most. This has been an extremely high profile case here in Florida. They tried to get a jury from a city only about 100 miles away. The only people they could find who didn't have preconceived notions about the case are people who DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEWS!!!! Your average case - you may read about it once or see it on TV once and that's it. This has been in the news DAILY for three years. The more intelligent a person is, the more they pay attention to TV news, newspapers, on-line news, etc. Read about the same case day after day, it's hard NOT to form an opinion. So who does that leave? The people who don't pay attention to the news. People who don't care about what's going on. People who tend to be less intelligent and knowledgable. I'm not knocking the person on the average jury. I'm knocking the people on THIS jury. These people were just the bottom of the barrel.

mikey said...

^^You just helped my arguement for professional jurors. These would be highly screened, trained people who understood their job might last for months on one case.

I swear the jurors for this case looked bored and, from what I understand-not a legal person, they had other options but didn't even entertain them.

erin z. said...
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erin z. said...

@blondegossip: it's not child neglect because the prosecution argued that caylee was already dead. so in their presentation of the case, there is no "31 days" because they stated that caylee was dead.

neglect can only happen if the child is alive.

some of the arguments here would be better dealt with if people understood the law/legal system.

she was found "not guilty" because the prosecution didn't prove their case.

and the defense team isn't "EVIL"; they did their job, which is to present an alternate theory to the prosecution, and that is precisely what they did.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@erin z -- you're like everyone else here -- legal experience or not -- in that you have an opinion, and you're expressing it. Again: you're just like everyone else. The topic of child-killing tends to bring out heated emotions, so please don't be so insanely patronizing. Thanks.

And I still think that Anthony's defense team is inherently evil. I know they're making big bucks to "do their job", but there are certainly kinder and more altruistic professions out there.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Susan -- I could not agree more regarding the dumbassedness of that jury. And Mikey, I agree with you, too, in that there should be a pool of generally-educated, intellectually-qualified jurors from which to choose.

Sorry, but if you don't keep up with the news on even a local level, you are STUPID and probably not capable of deciding someone's innocence or culpability.

Margaret said...

Four words: Joran Van der Sloot.

HeyThere said...

God, I wish Dexter Morgan were real.

Meg said...

I agree with your points, Enty.

I get everyone's points about their not being enough evidence to convict but it still doesn't place any less guilt in my mind that she did it and now she is going to go free.

I don't know how much her first interview will fetch but it SICKENS me to no end that this crazy bitch make a dime off her daughter's death.

Alicia said...

Yaya and good for you Big Mama! We need to have more moms with your spirit and tecacity

sunnyside1213 said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are ever arrested you will want the most competent defense you can get. Evil or no.

B626 said...

When they were picking the jury did they ask,
'Do you loathe Nancy Grace?
Would you love to see her blood boil on CNN live if you acquit Casey Anthony?'
Probably not.

ForSure said...

Perhaps it was the epitome of 'a jury of her peers'. They seem to be about as intelligent as Casey is (although I don't know if they are as evil, conniving, selfish, manipulative, and psychopathic as she is).

erin z. said...

hi ida,

generally a request for someone to tone down the patronizing is best served without being patronizing. thanks.

and considering the number of people who have had their convictions overturned because of the work of an altruistic defense team proving that they were, in fact, not guilty, you should probably adjust your tone/opinion regarding what is and isn't a "moral" profession.

the point of the constitution and legal system is to provide every citizen with a fair and just trial, something that defense attorneys strive to do.

just because a trial doesn't turn out the way you think it should doesn't mean you get to comment on the moral capacity of an entire profession.



p.s. - thanks for laying out for me how i have an opinion just like everyone else. i really needed that to be cleared up, so i greatly appreciate you painting me a picture of how the world works. again...thanks.

__-__=__ said...

She's going home tomorrow. $indy is making chili right now. Georgette is out cleaning the pool. They will give Casey one of the two new SUV's currently in their garage. Lee and Mallory will be over with Mallory's mother to talk about starting up the Fraudation full speed now that Casey can help! They're planning a pool party, right there in the back yard.

skeeball said...

1. Casey killed Caylee, no accident. Even if she was trying to subdue her so she could party, subduing someone is not accidental. If someone dies during the commission of felony, you are guilty of murder one in FLA. (if the prosecution can prove it.

2. @blondegossip, totally agree with every point you made! if she was guilty of lying to the cops and the lie is that she didn't kill her daughter, then that means she did.

3. She will totally move back with George and Cindy, she has no where else to go.

4. George and Cindy had better not piss her off and they better watch their backs, this is one dangerous sociopathic fucker they are going to have living under their roof!!!b

5.Just read the statement George and Cindy gave through their lawyer. Never once did they say she was innocent and that the whole thing was wrong. They KNOW she killed their granddaughter.

6.George and Cindy knew nothing about Caylee being dead, just watching how they acted on the prison tapes proves that.

Unknown said...

Erin Z makes some good points and the more I hear this discussed by the general public the more I am reminded about how little Ameticans know about their own legal system. In this case, it was a contest to see which legal team could be less incompetent than the other. And of course the jury helped. There is a popular joke told in the first year of law school that a jury is composed of 12 people who were too stupid to avoid jury duty.

oh and "professional jurors?" A terrible idea and not necessary. A "professional juror" already exists...its called a judge. Europe uses 3 judge panels instead of juries and it works pretty well.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...
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Dead Angel said...

Her attorney Cheney Mason told reporters that he and Baez were going to help her get her life going again. I don't think the option of going back home after you killed the grandchild and accused grandpa of making you suck his dick is really there for a big home-coming. Am I wrong?

Had the prosecutor just waited until they had a case that made sense, a timeline, a motive - because it sure wasn't that she got tired of having a child - her parents adored that girl and watched her anytime gladly. No abuse, no neglect. The state's case made little sense. What I do know is if you end up in a garbage bag with duct tape wrapped around you... you died an unnatural death and Casey never once implicated herself and in so doing beat a murder rap.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Daaayyyum. erin z, I think I love you (in the loosest sense of the word).

And I just came to chime in about something else. Wowza.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

@erin z

With all due respect, I don't think that lack of knowledge of...

"it's not child neglect because the prosecution argued that caylee was already dead. so in their presentation of the case, there is no "31 days" because they stated that caylee was dead.

neglect can only happen if the child is alive."

is evidence of your accusation of "some of the arguments here would be better dealt with if people understood the law/legal system."

Lack of knowledge of that particular detail only proves that the people arguing that neglect point didn't watch the day-to-day coverage of trial. I imagine people with full-time jobs, families to raise, or busy lives in general might have missed that particular detail, but I don't think it qualifies them as "not understanding the legal system/law."

Margaret said...

I bet you she moves in with Baez. I hope, for his crazy sake, he's married and faithful or watch out to Baez's daughter.

Ziddolee said...

She'll move in with Jose Baez. There's no doubt in my mind they've been together before. After the verdict was read, he went in for the giant grope but quickly pulled back when he saw the cameras on them. Then he was trying to backpedal and distance himself from the whole ordeal during his Spanish speech. (His daughter doesn't live with him, and he never paid child support for her, so why would he discuss the case with her?) Baez also has the hots for Linda Drane-Burdick but she's obviously too smart for him. Casey will do just fine. I just hope he is prepared for the death threats that come his way. They'll both have to pay for bodyguards 24/7. This whole thing is one big narcissitic cesspool of crap. Please let it go HLN!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors -- "Lack of knowledge of that particular detail only proves that the people arguing that neglect point didn't watch the day-to-day coverage of trial. I imagine people with full-time jobs, families to raise, or busy lives in general might have missed that particular detail, but I don't think it qualifies them as "not understanding the legal system/law."


Yet another articulate CDANer who rarely dips into conscending language. They DO exist.

Robert said...

One element I would like to see incorporated into the American justice system is the option of the Scottish verdict "Not Proven," which essentially says that the jury, even though they are certain the accused is guilty, doesn't have enough evidence for an outright conviction and are (if honest) required to release the defendant, but with the cloud of this alternate "acquittal with a contingency" hanging over his/her head. It would have been the perfect decision to render in this instance.
That being said, I'm totally on board with Ziddolee's Baez/Anthony hookup, probably earlier as well as later. A member of her defense team left her husband and kids to marry a convict on death row, right? It's all in the family!

wonderdiva said...

I think George knows what happened and helped cover it up.

I could see George either offing himself or moving out and Cindy and Casey moving in with Baez and then it will be something like Brittany Murphy, her mother, and that fat thing who was sleeping with both of them.

The saddest thing of all is all the families who would have gladly given that little girl a loving home, had she not been kept by her psychopathic mother.

my2luckycharms said...

People can be intelligent and choose to not watch the news. I for one do not watch local news and have a college degree. I read and watch things that interest me.

These jurors did their job with the evidence they were given period. Professional jurors would be the worst thing to happen to the system.

ardleighstreet said...

OK, I've heard more then one person say, " She got off of child endangerment because the jury thought Caylee was already dead. So the 31 days of not reporting her was not child endangerment."

Let me pose a question. How is not bothering to call 9-1-1 when your baby drowns, NOT child endangerment???

Just asking...

ardleighstreet said...

I am not "bashing" anyone here. A girl at work was talking about this and it drove me crazy. She thinks that Casey was innocent.

I was tempted to get a Dr. to give her an MRI, to check if she really had a brain.

Blondie1001 said...

Just wanted to chime in.

I actually have a great deal of understanding re: the legal system and I've been discussing this with several friends, two are prosecutors. It's not that the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof-they didn't meet the burden of proof for this jury. Cases have been tried and convicted on similar amts of circumstantial evidence (ie Scott Peterson) with one big difference-clear motive (or the appearance of one). I still don't think it was the how/when did she murder her but the WHY because it's insanely difficult to wrap your head around why a mother would kill her child if she's not a sociopath. We LOOK for reasons for people to be "not guilty by reason of mental defect" or insane when they do things so abhorrent it doesn't compute with our understanding. So for Scott Peterson, an adult, it was easier for the circumstantial evidence to create a picture because he was an adult philanderer. You could imagine a man killing his wife to cheat or get out of the responsibility. It's SO much more difficult to say "she murdered her kid to go party" I give you this quote from SP trial writings "In later press appearances, members of the jury stated that they felt that Peterson's demeanor—specifically, his lack of emotion, and the phone calls to Amber Frey in the days following Laci's disappearance—indicated that he was guilty. They based their verdict on "hundreds of small 'puzzle pieces' of circumstantial evidence that came out during the trial, from the location of Laci Peterson's body to the myriad lies her husband told after her disappearance" That could definitely be applied here.

So I guess my point is that 12 other people may have said there was as little evidence to prove it was an accident as it was to prove it was a murder, but the shady behavior would make them more inclined to believe murder. We use mental status all the time so I don't know why those characterizations wouldn't hold as much weight here. Looking for the smoking gun, the thing to make it all make sense in a case that doesn't make sense, is what I think held the jury up. There were more open questions for me on the defense end, than the prosecution.

lutefisk said...

I don't think she will move back home. She will find some low-life to live with and spend her days drinking and partying, which is exactly what she wanted to do but found Caylee was ruining her dream life.

Mother Campfire said...

I didn't find Erin Z patronizing in her first post at all...i actually found it very level headed and fact-based.


Carry on....

erin z. said...

agreed, mother campfire.

i wasn't being patronized.

i was merely accused of being so because that is generally how people respond when someone makes a valid argument that they disagree with because it contradicts their very own opinion.

my point is that whether or not casey committed the murder really does not matter in the court of law. what matters is that the prosecution PROVE that she did commit a murder, in this case premeditated.

you absolutely cannot convict someone for a crime based on "shady" behavior or the fact that someone lies in other parts of their life. doing so in unconstitutional. this is where an understanding of the legal system comes in handy.

i never said casey didn't do anything to harm her baby, though i am more inclined to believe that the family is somehow involved and that something accidental resulted in caylee's death. all i said was that the prosecution presented evidence that suggested the possibility of foul play; they, however, in no way "proved" this notion.

this was an intelligent jury that specifically understood their jobs and i find it rude and inappropriate to suggest otherwise.

Susan said...

Diet Girl, I wholeheartedly agree with your entire post.

Honestly, if the cops had done their job properly when the body was first located, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. So much evidence was lost due to time and the elements.

erin z. said...

and for the record: scott peterson absolutely should not have be sentenced to death based on circumstantial evidence. that was a travesty and an example of a jury who did not understand their duty in the criminal justice system.

just because people have been convicted with less evidence in no way condones the fact that people in the united states can be put to death without a cause of death or any physical evidence (how Syrian of them).

scott peterson was given the death penalty because he cheated on his wife and looked like an ass.

does this mean he didn't commit foul play? no. but that's not the point. the point is that it is completely incomprehensible as to why people find it acceptable to convict people based on their behavior before or after a crime, when they have absolutely zero knowledge of whether or not a crime has been committed, or who has committed the crime.

this is called being judgmental and it is a huge problem with how people conduct themselves on a daily basis.

and so ends my rant.

Emily said...

A big PREACH to Erin Z!

Between my jury duty experience (a BIG case) and this trial, my faith in the judicial system has been somewhat restored.

What if, by some horrible accident and crazy series of events, I was arrested for something (that I most certainly did not do!)? I would like to think that the jury on my trial would be able to separate them thinking I did it from the prosecution PROVING that I did it.

This was a smart jury in my opinion and they made a very tough decision because it was the right thing by the law. I don't like seeing all the hating on this jury... the comments about the jury not being smart because they don't watch the news... ugh! My jury duty experience was not that I couldn't watch the news or have heard about the case, they just didn't want me to have any already set opinions on it (although I don't watch much news personally - not because I'm stupid (I'm not!) - but because I find the news depressing!). Do you know what they asked them related to their knowledge of the case? No? Have you talked to them? No? Given them an IQ test? Another no? Ok. Just checking :)

As much as it sucks that she wasn't convicted, I don't think she should have been based on what I know of the case shared with the jury and on what the jurors have said publicly. Hate the system, hate the law... but don't hate on the jury!

BondGirl said...

ERIN Z. YOU ARE MY HERO! Ditto on all counts and that is all I'm going to say about that.

For the people complaining about Casey not being charged with neglect over the 31 days, not notifying the authorities in regards to a missing child is not against the law in the State of FL. Nor is it considered neglect. It wasn't back then and it still isn't now, meaning this can happen again with another child. The best way to prevent this is to contact your local politician and demand they make this illegal and pass a law (like Megan's Law, Amber alert etc.) to protect kids in the future.

On a side note, since someone mentioned Caylee's father, there are rumors it's LEE. Her brother. I tend to think it's true. Why else would Cindy try to hide Casey's pregnancy to her own brother? Why the secrecy and why didn't Cindy allow Casey to put Caylee up for adoption (Casey DID plan to adopt her out) and told Casey to hand over Caylee to her?

BondGirl said...

Casey + Lee = Caylee.

Maybe I'm reaching with the names, but I think something much more sinister happened in that family before Caylee was even born.

mikey said...

BondGirl, DNA testing was done on both Lee and George to check if they were the father - both were ruled out.

FL officials went to CA and interviewed a man in the military who had been in FL with Casey. There is nothing published, that I can find regarding this meeting, but it is believed he is most likely the real father. The dead man was a Casey story.

Blondie1001 said...

If I didn't read the jury statements last evening and today, I'd probably agree that they were a smart jury.

However, hearing them say that they couldn't sentence her to death-isn't that the determination of a judge at sentencing? Not the jury? Jurors determine guilt or innocence, correct? So even in the SP case, they determined he was guilty of the crime but a judge sentenced him to death. Just a nuance for sure, but quite an important one I think. The reason I bring this up-and I'm anti-DP by the way-is that you can't determine a person's guilt or innocence based on the sentence it'll carry and your feelings about that. That's equally bad as convicting them based on their "shady behavior". Although if behavior is no longer part of the equation due to that being deemed "judgy" then all mental status questions need to be thrown out since behavior has a great deal to do with that. That also establishes patterns. But that's just my opinion and I don't discredit yours just stating my thoughts on the subject.

And again, the jurors were looking for motive-but there doesn't need to be one, correct? They were looking for the how/when, which couldn't be determined because she lied in the first place, defamed a woman, disposed of the remains and didn't report it. So, I get that you're saying you can't convict on "gut feeling" and speculation-and I truly appreciate that as well. But if the persons actions lead to the reasons why these questions can't be answered, how do you reconcile that? THAT'S the sticking point for me. Think about it-it's just a furthering of the no body, no crime theory. "I'll acknowledge that I know my daughter died and I covered it up because I freaked but since you can't prove my version of events because I actively withheld evidence from you, then I'll not be held accountable for anything"

I get the defenses behind the verdict, I get the extrapolating to ensuring that holding to the letter of the law ensures that other travesties of justice don't occur but logically I'm still seeing the open question as "but the reason we don't have anything IS BECAUSE YOU MADE IT SO!"

BondGirl said...

Mikey: Really? I've been thinking this for a while now. When was this news released? Totally missed that memo.

mikey said...

BondGirl, I can't find the original, dry, FBI report but here is a write up regarding it.

You aren't the only one who thought there was a strong possibility!

Rock said...

Just for the record I thought your synopsis was one of the more concise, reasoned and nonhysterical evaluations of what went on here throughout the media maelstrom that we just endured. I frankly could not understand most of the bloviating going on TV - from all sorts of folks. I agree - they couldn't prove it - and in a capital case. Done deal, move on. It's not like she's going home to her Brentwood mansion or anything.


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