Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sarah Palin Is A Serial Cheater And Coke User

There is a new book coming out about Sarah Palin. It is by the guy who moved in next door to her house. He was also on her reality show. Well, they pointed the cameras at him once or twice and he was mentioned once or twice. Apparently the guy was able to dig up a lot of dirt. He basically confirmed The Enquirer story that Sarah cheated on Todd with his business partner while Sarah and Todd were married. He also confirmed that just prior to Sarah and Todd getting married, Sarah had sex with Glenn Rice, who is a former NBA player, who at the time was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska and Sarah hooked up with him. Oh, and apparently both Todd and Sarah like their coke and were seen snorting it off big oil drums. Hey, at least they recycle them and use them for other purposes. Nothing like some hunting mixed with snorting coke and cheating on your husband. Sounds like a country music song. Throw in something about your mother and a dog and you have a hit.

Mama, I need to move back home
Went hunting last week with you know who
Turns out she was hunting more than moose
And ended up having sex with you know who
At least I can say he brought good coke even if
he ended up with you know who.
Mama I need to move back home
Oh, and I need to bring my dog because you know who
seems to like the dog a lot if you know what I mean.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Oh. Well, THIS sure looks reputable. *eyeroll*

I could see Palin cheating -- not because I loathe her (I do), but because she's an extremely attractive, powermongering politician who travels frequently. Philandering definitely crosses over both party lines, and I imagine she's had *plenty* of opportunities to cheat on Todd. Shit, my preachin', gun-totin' uncle loves Sarah even more than he loves Shania. He'd be all OVER sleeping with her if he got the chance.

But the coke habit? I think that's complete and utter bullshit, personally.

amazonblue said...

Please tell me his next subject is Michele Bachmann.

Kelsey said...

What in the hell

Patty said...

Yawn. My fuel gauge on this topic still reads at "Full" No more room to have a remote interest. Don't care.

So Enty, is it either a Palin post or a K-Assian post? We can't have a day without either?

SusanB said...

Seriously - is there any politician that DOESN'T cheat? Male or female?

Not A Ninny said...

"Enty" has obviously been hijacked. No one snorts anything off of oil drums. I've wrestled about oil drums. I may have even muscled oil drums in Alaska. And don't get me started on what I've snorted over the years. And what the hell does "big oil drums" mean? There's only one size of oil drum, basically.

I'm totally opposed to her politics but reprinting fabricated lies about Palin is beyond...I don't know what.

Ice Angel said...

Pulleeeeeze...he might have had me at the oil drums. Where are the pictures? You mean to tell me that this guy moved in next door to the Palins and found out all of this information and has NO PHOTOS or proof to back up his claims even though he was actually stalking the people?

I don't believe a word of it honestly. While it may be very true, I just don't see it.

chopchop said...

What is it about women in power that get people so riled up?

Anonymous said...

Heh. What kind of power does Palin have, exactly? Other than the power to make me want to throw up?

RocketQueen said...

lol I'm sorry. It's probably bullshit, but whoever came up with the image of Palin snorting coke off of oildrums in Alaska is a genius. Well done, whoever you are! It doesn't get any more 'merican than that!

Maja With a J said...

It could happen in Alberta, too! *L*

old ;ady said...

She is power hungrey and will do just about anything to get more power. I believe the coke use maybe not off an "oil drum". People that crave power are usually into some other things, such as sex, drugs, booze etc. Can see her hoovering up all sorts of drugs. Cann't stand her or her family or that horrible show she had. This author has written alot of books and I am SURE he checked out his facts carefully.

RocketQueen said...

True Maja. I would like to change "'merican " to "redneck"!

caydian said...

Sounds like bad fiction to me.

Ol Cranky said...

Joe McGinniss isn't just any old hack writer/hatchet job biography dude. I can't imagine he'd have the balls to publish this without some sort of significant corroboration like pictures or other indisputable evidence.

Snakeoiler said...

Totally believable, but so what? It won't make anyone like her less, or more. I do like the image of her with Glen (only one "n") Rice, the age and timing is more-or-less right, but, again, so what? I don't blame anyone for wanting to ball a celebrity, especially in the field that one competes, like basketball.

Not A Ninny said...

Ok, look, I don't care that much about outing myself anymore but I don't want to get too specific for fear of alienating family. I am CERTAIN that, whatever else Palin has done, she has never snorted coke off an oil drum. I know that Joe McGinness is a reputable journalist. I've read his stuff. But if that's actually in his book, he's wrong.

Might Todd have snorted coke when he was working on the rigs? It wouldn't surprise me. My musty second-hand memories of Prudhoe are that there was some blow around--and my source would have known.

Might Sarah have snorted crank back in the day? Possibly. I didn't see any meth but wouldn't surprise me. Did she smoke up any of that sweet Matsu Valley bud? Oh hell, if she did I could probably tell you who she bought it from.

But nobody from Wasilla is going to snort anything off an oil drum. I can tell you, definitively, some truisms about Wasilla:

--If you meet a moose in the road, do not honk at it.

--It is perfectly normal for little kids to be playing freeze-tag after 11 in July.

--Nobody snorts anything off an oil drum.

MirandaPriestly said...

@B. Profane more please!!

Lelaina Pierce said...

Yeah, they got me at the oil drum thing too.

I could see the cheating thing. She's a politician, after all.

Also, every time I think about Todd Palin, I think about this SNL skit & giggle.

Henriette said...

I hate John McCain for inflicting this broad on America. She is like an STD that just won't go away. She is the human herp.

Cathy said...

As much as I would LOVE for some real dirt to come out on the Palin family, I really don't believe this stuff. I saw the author on the Today show this morning and what struck me the most is the fact that if he weren't a known author, everyone would just dismiss him as a nut job. This guy was on national tv saying that he honestly doesn't understand why it would bother Sarah Palin for him to move in next door to her while writing a book about her. Think about it; if the guy who wrote the book about Jessica Simpson moved in next door to her while he was writing about her, we'd all agree that it crossed a line.


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