Saturday, October 08, 2011

Al Davis Has Died

Al Davis, the Hall of Fame owner of the Oakland Raiders known for his rebellious spirit, has died. The team announced his death at age 82 on Saturday.


cageykiwi said...

Maybe now the Raiders can become a great team again - Go Raiders!!

(I know I should commiserate with his death and I am sorry for his family, but he d*cked the Bay Area for years with blackouts and high prices!)

Reese said...

Not a nice guy, and I think he hurt the Raiders as much as he helped them, but it is too bad he died. I did like his "Just win, baby" mantra.

I enjoyed his having to eat crow when he brought the team back to Oakland, not getting the new stadium he had been demanding for years.

MacVixen said...

I just had a conversation last week with a friend about what Al Davis' death would do for the team - we both thought it will ultimately help the team.

Its always sad when someone dies and I am sorry for his family but do agree with both cagewicky and Reese on their thoughts as well.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Years ago, I took a flight from Burbank to Oakland. We sat on the ground for 45 minutes for no discernible purpose, and when asked, the flight attendant finally filled us in on the fact that we were waiting on a "VIP" who had traffic on his way to the airport. Sure enough, Al David made his way on the flight, and we were cleared for takeoff.

Anonymous said...

Davis didn’t merely fire coaches. He ousted them and then fought with them over the money in their contracts.


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