Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Brandi Glanville Episode

Last night, Brandi Glanville started off with a reference to herself as a super sl*t and the night just went from there. Lets see, there was her son taking a whizz in the grass, which he probably learned from LeAnn Rimes. I think LeAnn has an outhouse. You don't get that feeling? And you know what? Brandi was right in at least he did not go in the pool. Just needs to work on that last part of the process. We finally got to hear Camille utter the big hands big feet, big disappointment line which would have been funny if we had not heard it the last two months in every interview and teaser for the show. What came next was way better when Brandi said are you talking about his c**k? There just is no self censor button with Brandi and it is refreshing. Last season most of the Beverly Hills cast did not have such a button either which made it fun. This year, as I have said before they are all into keeping themselves famous and not doing anything to jeopardize side projects. So, it basically makes Brandi really stand out. I think this is the reason Paul has been in every episode too. He just says what he is thinking and what Adrienne would never say. Think about the waiting in the plane and in the limo last week. Do you think Adrienne would have said what Paul said? Nope. Would have been boring without Paul.


Worstcompanytoworkfor said...

Has Maurico become a famewhore?

He is always lurking around.

Rose said...

Last week Paul telling Lisa to shut the eff up at the game over and over was hilarious.

timebob said...

I wish they had footage of Brandi and Gerard Butler making out.

Now that would be hot.

GladysKravitz said...

I almost died laughing when Kyle said her babies walked out of the womb and whatever-her-name-is-$25,000-sunglasses-LOOK-AT-ME-LOOK-AT-ME!! didn't even get that Kyle was making fun of her toddler prodigy. Reminds me of people on this site who don't understand that when Enty says death threats aren't cool on his site, he's lookin' at YOU.

crila16 said...

Brandy is the most attractive one on the show..and the most natural looking. I like her bluntness and don't find it offensive at all. She seems to be the most real. Snooty Kyle, who I can't stand anymore, is soooo judgemental, as was Taylor, who I can't stand either. Next weeks previews when Brandi basically calls Kim out on her drug issues, Kyle and Kim freak out on her. Truth hurts. Kim has a drug/drinking problem. Kudos to Brandi for calling it as she see it.

crila16 said...
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surfer said...

Oh Gladys, if there was a "like" button, I would click on it. Very well said.

selenakyle said...

I love Paul, Mauricio and Ken (who I always think is named Todd for some reason...)

Russell, though, I have not missed. He was creepy and painful to watch (like his freakish wife).

Brandi is pretty dang classless, but Kyle is just a fucking bitch! The shit they were pulling at the cocktail party in last week's episode was just beyond classless, themselves. So tit for tat!

Lastly, Brandi really SHOULD have scolded her stupid kid for peeing on the lawn. Jeeze!

selenakyle said...

And I fully, 100% believe Kim DID (or maybe still does) have a drink or drug problem. There's no way she doesn't.

Deep said...

@Rose- I think you mean Kim not Lisa.

As for Brandi, I think she's harmless. Not really bright, but she didn't come across as mean or anything. Mind you, even if I had broken a foot, I still would have hobbled over and spoken to my son about peeing in the grass especially at another person's house.

Cecilia00 said...

I think these women, unlike the other cities franchises whom amp up the crazy, can sit back and coast a bit.

I don't watch regularly, but as I understand it, they have the appeal of leading truly opulent lifestyles that one can gawk at. So much so that the "rich" women on the other cities look like posers.

nunaurbiz said...

Did love it when Kyle pointed out that laughing at her son whizzing on the lawn was not the parental thing to do. You don't have to scream at the kid, but she could have attended to her son and told him where the bathroom was for future peeing.

All the stuff with the bragging gal, Dawn?, makes me see how scripted these things are, which kinda spoils my fun but not enough to not watch LOL

Danielle said...

I LOL'd @ Brandi's son taking a whizz in the grass, which he probably learned from LeAnn Rimes.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I'm in a place with cable t.v. right now. I watched this show for the first time last night...and I liked it. :-( :-( :-(

Who knew Camille Grammer and Brandi Glanville would come across as somewhat likeable? Not me. But they kinda did. Also, it's not as if that kid's urine burned a hole in the lawn or whatever! That Kyle creature was acting as if Brandi's kid had been jerking it in front of everyone or something. Little boys pee everywhere, indiscriminately. The world is their toilet, really.

Kyle is about as charming as her niece. Her sister looks like she could be a good time, though. She's on pills, right? I've seen more stable people on Intervention.

My favorite one is that Vanderpump lady. Not only is her name TERRIFIC, but she looks like Jackie Collins and dresses up her dogs in little tuxedos! She's like an Aaron Spelling character, except she's real.

Somebody help me. I fear I won't be able to stop watching this. :-(

Barton Fink said...

I'm back with some drug observations.

It's pointless to be locked in a bathroom "doing meth all evening," so I'm a little suspicious there. You smoke up or snort up or shoot up and you're high, and it takes five minutes max. Kim wouldn't be locked in a bathroom doing meth for an extended period of time. She's probably wacked on drugs, but Vodka Glansmeller is probably wrong on the details.

Lelaina Pierce said...

ha ha ha! You got sucked in, Ida! :)

@GladysKravitz - I loved that part too.

This Dawn girl is something else, and she puts on as many airs as Taylor did. With her toddler flyers on the foyer table and $25k sunglasses. I loved that Bravo added ANOTHER sound bite about that as the scene was changing. I was confused when Dawn said she was "happily married" but also getting married in June? I would not be able to stomach someone that talked about money that much.

They are definitely making Vanderpump into the bad guy this season. All b/c she is leery of Taylor, which probably everyone should be based on all the stuff that's come out about her.

I thought I'd hate Brandi, but each episode...I don't know? She's not so bad. I know grown men that still pee outside and am not offended by the word cock before 3pm in the afternoon.

I thought it was HORRIBLE when Adrienne made the comment about Paul not looking like Mauricio.

I feel like they are making Kim look like a lunatic...what was the point of talking about her kids w/ her assistant (or whoever that was?)?

Jasmine said...

Okay, so it's FINALLY gettin' good now! :))))

I think Brandi is AWESOME- I personally like that she is direct, ballsy, and opinionated. I LOOK for those characteristics in people. What I DON'T look for is someone who constantly rolls their eyes, makes grimaced faces, and pokes fun at her clearly emtionally fucked up fragile sister. I dont know if Kyle realizes it or not but she is really showing her true colors this season. Two-faced, judgemental, and narcisssitc comes to mind when thinking of her.

I couldnt believe that Brandi saying 'cock' was met with SO MUCH freaking shock and lady-like horror. Ummmm, Taylor has probably done some dirty shit to get to were she is now and Camille DEFINITELY has. And yet these ladies are so appalled at that word?! Please. Their attempts to appear proper or circumspect for the cameras only highlighted their own hypocrisy and assholeness.

But I do think Brandi could have parented a little better.
And I also think you can let a kid be a freakin kid sometimes and lay off trying to shove every thing down their throats.
Its good to teach new languages but why the fuck does a young kid need to learn Thai before he is even out of the diaper stage?!

And dont even get me started on him knowing pilates.... REALLY?!


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