Friday, October 07, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

For all of my Canadian friends, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day weekend and that you have a wonderful time with your families. I will be here on Monday if you need to take a break from food and read some gossip. I might even be here during the weekend. Have been thinking I might do some weekend blogging.
Adam Goldberg and Judy Marte display their acting skills.
Anne Hathaway in Beverly Hills yesterday.
Two of my favorites from one of my favorite shows, Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari.
Wow. Ally Sheedy looks great.
Bridget Marquardt trying to stay relevant.
Britney Spears in Paris looks the best she has looked a in a long time.
Does it look like to you that Billy Zane has dropped a lot of weight?
Cheryl Cole drinks, Cheryl Cole flips you off.
Demi Lovato doing some shoe shopping.
This woman decided to climb this wall to save the $4 entrance fee. Seriously.


Pookie said...

whee, HT, canada!

keep it klassy, cheryl cole.

i can't decide if the wall climbing woman is just stupid or cheap. O_o

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

WTF is up with Hathaway's glasses? Are they useless sunwear, or just weirdo seventies cokebottle frames? Why can we still see her eyes? Also, that hat looks awful on her and so does that stupid skirt. It's as if she robbed Blake Lively's closet while she was away porking Ryan in Boston.

I'm sorry, but I just hate AH so much. It's irrational and unnecessary, but I do. I can't quell my disdain for her.

And what's with that face on Cheryl's dress? UGLY. These kids and their fashion choices (I recite in my best Memaw screech). I don't get it.

The picture of the lady scaling that wall reminds me of the story on 60 Minutes last week about the free-climber dude. I'm not really fearful of heights, but I thought I was going to have a heart attack watching that piece.

Worstcompanytoworkfor said...

Weekend blogging..oooh snap!!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Also, Aubrey and Aziz need to make babies or something. Or maybe just cruise around the country in an RV together. I love them both so, so, so much.

Anonymous said...

Did Canadians had a bountiful harvest of snowballs this year?

Danielle said...

I should probably be shot for saying this but I have always LOVED Billy Zane. Bald or not he is gorgeous. Loved him in the Dead Calm and for me, as a teenager, he was the BEST part of Titanic. I know, I should be shot lol!
And no I don't think he lost weight, he's always been slim.

Danielle said...

* Sorry should have worded that better. I meant went Titanic came out I was a teenager. =)

parissucksliterally said...

I though AH was Nicky

Britney needs to retire. I saw a pic of her onstage that was scary. They still keep putting her in costumes that looked good on her at 20, and her body is NOT looking good in them.

Those shoes Demi Lovato is buying are ugly.

Maja With a J said...

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians (I can say that now since I am actually a citizen:D)!!!

timebob said...

yes come hang out on the weekend enty!

so happy he is blogging on monday, my cheap office doesn't give us Columbus day or any holiday except for the major ones christmas turkey day etc.

Anne, lose the glasses and the hat. Love the skirt.

Electric Warrior said...

I saw Billy Zane in this House of Yes type movie with Sheryl Lee and Gina Gershon set in the 50's and it was great. It's not avab on DVD though, it's called something like "First Fireworks, Then The World" or some other awkward phrase.

I just finished watching Game of Thrones, and that woman climbing the wall reminds me of the Great Wall. Jesus, what if she had fallen?

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen is a bit too on the money. Wonder who designed the costumes, what an amazing job that'd be.

Aziz Ansari can make me laugh with just a twist of his eyebrows, I dunno what it is, he always looks like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar or somethin.

Said it before and I'll say it again, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is like the punchline to a joke I haven't heard.

The Black Cat said...

I'm working on Cdn Thanksgiving so I will be reading for sure! I'm also working on Sunday too so glad for some online reading during breaks and lunch.

RocketQueen said...

Happy thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians! I hope your weekends are full of good friends, good food, and fabulous good weather - Vancouver is spectacularly sunny and warm right now!

Sylvia said...

To All Canadians Happy Thanksgiving!!

hamster party said...

I so don't get Aubrey Plaza. I love Aziz (& Poehler, ty UCB) but Plaza makes that show completely unwatchable to me. I hate that dull-monotone schtick; I guess I just wasn't raised that way to be talking to everyone around me in such a condescending, pathetic manner. Maybe if she was in a role somewhere that wasn't a character I so despise, but until then, blech...

Lelaina Pierce said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!
Enty, I love the sparkly gif you chose. ;)

AH looks super frump there. That skirt is not doing her any favors.

I want to be friends with Tom Haverford.

Brit looks great there, but I saw her on TMZ the other night & her hair was a HOT mess.

Robert said...

AH is channeling Carrie Donovan, I think. ("Magic! Cargo shorts for only $19.99!")
@hp: My nickname for Aubrey Plaza is "Mona Tone."

Robert said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north!

surfer said...

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians as well, especially our newest Canadian, Maja. Very cute gif.

Kelsey said...

Danielle, I echo everything you say about Zane... my roommate and I have a RIDIC crush on him and every time Titanic is on TV (which for some reason seems like a LOT lately) we watch en rapture and swoon everytime at the end of the movie he laughs maniacally and goes I PUT THE DIAMOND IN THE COAT.. I PUT THE COAT ON HER!!

...maybe I should be shot too.

Jasmine said...

Billy Zane has always been my secret crush. I mean how sick was it to fall in love with his crazy abusive ass in Titanic?! bwhahahaha- thank GODDESS that didnt travel over into my personal life :-)

Still, though, every time I see a pic of him, I just want him to say something in that rich upper crust voice and sweep me into a bedroom (or the nearest flat surface!) TMI? lolol

Demi looks hot- I COVET those tights. She looks like a sexy giraffe!

To the blogger who said Brit should retire- come on now. Girlfriend is only 28 or 29- hardly retirement age. We have this tendency in our society to immediatly dismiss people who arent in tip top able-bodied shape. Are Youth and Beauty so important that someone should no longer be able to perform simply because she's had two kids and no longer has the same body she did when she was 22???

Anonymous said...

I would just love to have some weekend Enty! Weekends are boring for me, I miss the usual daytime TV and lack of blogs (except Michael K, bless him) and it would be terrific to click over here a few times to see what's up.

Geebz said...

Brit should retire because she doesn't enjoy the work & she's mentally ill. That's it.
AH looks frumpy and homely.
The lady scaling the wall is 'frugal' not cheap ;)
Billy Zane is a beautiful man and I watched Tales From the Crypt w/Jada Pinkett just because he played the bad guy. He's sexy as a mofo & I will gladly take him slim, thick or whatever. He's a hot piece that is aging well.

Anonymous said...

I saw Billy Zane play Billy Flynn on a Broadway showing of Chicago. He's such a handsome man but it was ruined by a microphone placed down the centre of his forehead. But I managed to struggle through my pain.


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