Friday, October 07, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I have never understood dresses like this. Is it supposed to be a dress or just block someone from seeing your breasts? Is it made of cardboard?
A very stiff looking Luke Wilson on the red carpet with Laura Dern.
A first time appearance for Stephen Amell.
It is like a wig that doubles as a Brillo pad.
Ever since their wedding, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have been kind of been missing.
Liev Schreiber has trained his son to give head massages while walking. Naomi wants to know when it is her turn.
Love this photo of Rowan Atkinson in Rome.
Rihanna and her new guy who is a boxer. Also looks a lot like Chris Brown.
Bring out the free tequila and you get big stars like Matthew M and Reese Witherspoon.


MISCH said...

I want to shake Rihanna and say, what is wrong with you girl ?

lanasyogamama said...

I doubt Reese drinks much.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

*wags finger at RiRi*

I don't like your vest, Rihanna.

And why do you have the SHITTIEST taste in men? Honestly? A boxer?! You already dated a guy who likes to throw punches, and THAT didn't exactly turn out so well, remember?

Is that Ali Larter in the top photo? I just watched part of Obsessed the other night, and it is HILARIOUSLY bad.

I think Vanessa is gorgeous. Useless, but gorgeous, nonetheless.

Trey said...

Is that top photo Michelle Phiefer?

Maja With a J said...

I'm very curious about that "Enlightened" show.

Pookie said...

teehee @ gaga's brillo pad hair.

for a split second i thought vannessa lemonjello was selena g.

the little liev/naomi baby is killing me w/ all that cuteness.

Anonymous said...

the dress does look stiff.

Missjenny619 said...

Gotta say that I really love Vanessa Minnillo's ensemble. Good job on that girlfriend!!

RocketQueen said...

You took the words out of my mouth re: Rihanna, Ida. All of 'em. And just yesterday I was saying how much I love her....sigh.

califblondy said...

ITA, Missjenny, Vanessa's travel ensemble is to die for.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I saw Laura Dern on Fallon the other night & I'm interested to see her new show.

Nick Lachey was on Rachael Ray AGAIN this week. He's on there quite a bit.

mooshki said...

Actually, my first thought was that as a boxer, he might be less likely to hit her. They aren't just trained to hit, they're trained to have complete control over their actions. With the obvious Mike Tyson exception...

Jasmine said...

good point Moosh! I never thought of it like that but that makes a lot of sense!

you little smartie pie

Jasmine said...

oh forgot to add- Matthew M looks like shit- he works out so much he looks physically drawn and just not good.
Plus I hate to say it but ever since I found out about his er little Matthew, it kinda sealed the deal on the douchebag cake so to speak (ewww gross image) and now I just think of him as muscular furniture- around and containing a set of muscles but not particulary all that interesting.

Tatyana said...

a boxer = domestic abuse WTF?


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