Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Vinnie Chase Dies

Eric is a reader of the site who is always a great supplier of videos, spent a great deal of time contemplating what if Entourage had not ended with that typical Hollywood happiness. What would have happened if Vinnie Chase never did recover as quickly as he did from his substance abuse problems. What would an ending with Vincent Chase dying look like? Here you go. Show some love for Eric who spent a lot of time editing this and worked really hard. I personally thought they should have had way more of an open ending to leave something for a movie and I also didn't buy the quick recovery for Vince although I did not buy into his substance abuse issues either.


Maja With a J said...

Oooh, I like the Sopranos style ending!

I actually thought the show WAS going to end with Vince dying. Dying or retiring.

ablake said...

Thanks Eric! Great job

Oceansandsun said...

Awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks for your hard work, Eric!

ureallyannoyme said...

Eric's ending is better!

MizCaramel said...

gee this made me want to watch the show.


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