Friday, October 07, 2011

Lisa Irwin's Mom Fails Lie Detector Test

Deborah Bradley, the mother of missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin, was on Good Morning America this morning. While on the show she said that police have told her that she failed a lie detector test and that she is now a person of interest in the investigation. As a result of what the police told them, both parents have stopped talking to police which of course just makes the police think she is guilty too.

With the exception of the other day when I posted the photo of Lisa, I have not really paid any attention to the case, so if this has been said or answered somewhere before, I apologize. The one hole I did not understand in their story was that they both woke up at 4am to check on their baby. How many guys do you know that get up at 4am if their wife is already getting up to also go check on their baby. I don't know many. Sure, if the baby is an infant and he is trying to help out or is excited, but by the 10th month I have to say it is probably not happening.

My theory is that something happened during the night and the mom wanted to have an alibi so she made her husband get up with her so they would both discover Lisa missing. That is my theory. I hope I am wrong. I hope the baby is safe.

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yourfaceisamess said...

not looking good for baby. :(

BrandieMarie said...

they didn't say they both woke up at 4am did they? what i read said that he got home from work at 4am and checked on the kids and when the baby was gone woke her up. i'm not denying something is fishy here, i just read a conflicting report.

what i think is weird is that all 3 cell phones were taken. a) how would an intruder know were you keep your phones yet not take anything else like cash and b) if dude was at work wouldn't have have at at the very least one of them?

BigMama said...

I have the angel monitor for my girls but I still have checked on them when they have colds in the middle of the night. Mostly because I don't want them getting mucus all over themselves. It will cause their poor little noses and cheeks to get a rash. However, I also found the whole "they stole our cell phones" thing kinda fishy

FrenchGirl said... the whole story

i guess the police suspects the family

ablake said...

yeah, husband got home from work at 4am.
She admitted she failed the lie detector? Why not just get Nancy Grace on speed dial?

Poor little baby, this is NOT going to end well.

figgy said...

This reminds me, what's the status on that missing little boy, the one with the big glasses, whose step-mother is suspected?

yourfaceisamess said...

@figgy...I believe he is still missing.

Patty said...

Dad came home and said all the lights in the house were on.

IDK, if my child was missing and I was highly emotional because of it I'm not sure I would pass, even if I was innocent. Not saying this mom is or isn't innocent. I know I would be a basket case 24/7.

Maggie said...

My BS detector hasn't gone off on this one and it's usually pretty reliable. She's such a beautiful little girl I'm hoping someone took her because they wanted a child

Checking in on kids when you get home makes sense. Taking the phones makes sense A distraught mother failing a polygraph/detectives lying to a parent that they failed makes sense

Pookie said...

i think there is a high probability that the sweet little baby is dead.

and i think the parents are somehow involved.

i say this b/c of that whole business of the parents no longer cooperating w/ the authorities. i get it they 'take issue' w/ the way they are being treated by detectives, et al. HOWEVER, this is you missing CHILD, not some random piece of farm equipment. i would assume that as a parent your love for the child is much greater than any (alleged) mistreatment by the police/authorities. as such, you suck it up, do what you can, and you cooperate. you don't shut down. you let your love for your own flesh and blood be bigger than the "unfairness" w/ which you are being treated. civil rights are never more important then the urgency of loving and finding your baby.

califblondy said...

They said they continue to cooperate, but after hours of interrogation the Father couldn't take it anymore. I didn't feel the Mother gave a straight answer when Robin Roberts asked if she failed a polygraph.

I know it looks fishy for these folks, but I couldn't help but think about how the cops treated the Ramsays when JonBenet was killed.

Killers can keep killing when the police zero in on one suspect.

msgirl said...

I'm with califblonde - it's possible that the cops turned on the parents and became accusatory which if this was my baby that I discovered missing would make me so upset. Quit wasting your time on me before all leads get cold. I'd be a basket case and highly unrational.
Not saying this is what is happening here, but I don't feel fair jumping to conclusions.

ms snarky said...

the mother said the police accused her of failing the lie detector, but wouldn't show her any results, so she stopped talking to them because she said they were trying to scare/bully her into confessing.

Also, of course, she said she didn't do it so she doesn't believe that she really failed the lie detector test.

Rose said...

I think it's fishy that the baby was taken the one night the dad has ever worked an overnight shift & the one night the door is unlocked. What are the odds of that? I read that in 95% of infant stranger abduction cases the baby is returned. Anyone know if that's close to accurate?

If so, I would guess that's the better scenario because if it's the parents I think Lisa is already gone.

Angie said...

here's a link to my local paper here in KC..

RocketQueen said...

what pookie said.

Princess said...

What I read is what someone else here said - the dad came home from work at 4am and checked on her, found her missing and woke up the mom.
We know how these cases almost always turn out though. I'm guessing if he was really at work that means the mom accidentally killed her sometime that night and hid her body, knowing her husband would come home and they would "discover" her missing.

selenakyle said...

Oh FUCK me this pisses me off. GD sicko freaks in this world. Coupled with people who have NO BUSINESS having babies in the first GD place.


nancer said...

the police wouldn't 'show her the results' of the polygraph?? so what? would she even know what she's looking at?
obviously, the parents are the prime suspects. pedophiles break in to take children. i can't remember one that took an infant.
something in the milk ain't clean with this case.

M. said...

Yes, I totally agree with Nancer.

A few things about this from the start have never made sense to me:

I'm supposed to believe that you didn't hear someone come into your home through a window? Fine, maybe you have a large house with bedrooms on different floors. I'll accept it as a possiblity, but most mothers I know, including myself, tend to NOT be heavy sleepers. Any sound in the house, wakes me up.

But like a previous poster said, who just steals cell phones? And how did they find the time to find the phones, and pick a sleeping baby up out of a crib without the baby making a sound? Did it have a pacifier in it's mouth? I just don't believe that someone would break into a house through a window, not wake anybody up (I thought I read another article that said they had two sons already?), not wake up a sleeping baby when picking them up, and then leaving through the front door, leave all the lights on in the house. Who has the time and plots something like that out?

What really gets me, is that if the cell phones were stolen, wouldn't they be able to trace the phones for any activity since they were taken? Did they not take her purse? If you were breaking into a house, wouldn't you rather take a purse or wallet???

And for the other poster, I'm in Portland, OR, and no, they've not found Kyron to date and the step-mother is still a free citizen.

Jenny said...

Something is hinky here based on the news reports, BUT initial news reports tend to get the facts wrong. I can understand the parents getting tired of talking with the police whether they were involved or not. I don't expect this story to end well.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I almost always immediately suspect the parents, but what if they are innocent?? All the other leads are drying up, in the meantime. Ugh. Poor baby. :(

Sonia in MO said...

Horribly sad story - as of this afternoon the FBI are now searching the landfills and reportedly for "a body." Apparently the same night this baby disappeared there was a dumpster fire 5 minutes from their home. I pray this means nothing but it's still heartbreaking. I just hope they find that baby girl and get her home safe.

And the police interrogated the mother and reportedly not only told her she failed the lie detector test, but started telling her over and over "you did it. You did it." If she is innocent, I don't blame her for not wanting to talk to them again. But if she is guilty, God help her.

Lolita Breckenridge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lolita Breckenridge said...

Lisa (the baby) is the same age as my Liam and this story is just awful. No matter who did it. Please let that baby be found safe.

pdxbellarocks said...

@ Figgy - that little boy is Kyron and he is still missing. He was abducted on my birthday from my city. His stepmom is still the suspect but she is living with her parents, still free and they are still building a case against her. Kyrons dad divorced her and got custody of their child and currently the case is still open..and yah the stepmom failed two lie detectors

I have no idea what baby Lisa's family had to do with her disappearance but I saw the interview the mom and gave and she looked exactly like I would look if my baby was missing. Scared, crying and shaken to the core. Really, she looked so shaken..but maybe that was just nerves? NO idea.. But I dont think its unusual to let a baby sleep from 1030 to 4 am. When my little guy would pass out so would I and from 4 months old on he was sleeping through the night..I would wake up randomly and check on him but it wasnt like I set an alarm to do so.

I like hearing about the Angel system though! If I ever have another child that is definitely the way I would go

Prayers for baby Lisa

Nosey Parker said...

what pookie said.

Maggie said...

Not hearing someone come in: my husband comes home from work in the middle of the night and I never hear him. It's fall when windows are left open Taking out screens doesn't make a lot of sound

Baby making noise: when babies are asleep they don't make a lot of noise when they're picked up. Most babies I've known sleep right through it

There are people that want babies to raise so badly that they stalk pregnant women to steal them If so, that person would have watched and planned They wouldn't be going in loud and frantic but quiet and deliberate

And viewing the body language in the clip the parents come off as credible. It's the police officer who is widening his eyes (a common tell)

Sis said...

Not unreasonable to think someone came in and stole a baby, (utterly terrifying), older kids have been taken from their bedrooms through the window or out the front door, two that come to mind are Polly Klaus and Elizabeth Smart. The mom seems completely devastated to me. Hope they figure out what happened and soon.

I am so sad about Kyron, there is no closure in that case at all and yes I do think the step mother had something to do with his disappearance.

The dad in that case was "a person of interest" too, if I recall correctly.

MadLyb said...

Some cops can be incredible jerks, so I give the parents slack on that one. And as far as waking up to check on the baby at 4am - I used to check on my daughter a lot during the night to make sure she was still breathing. I didn't stop that until she was 16 or so. Poor thing. I do it to my dog, too. I just grew up knowing a few families that had babies who died of SIDS, and it scared me.

Also - I do believe a person who would steal a baby because they wanted one for themselves would likely do something as crazy as take the cell phones so they could have some time to get away.

That being said, I hope nothing bad happened to this sweet little girl, and that the parents are in no way involved - and that she's found soon, alive and well.

Anna Geletka said...

It always gets me in cases like this when parents complain about police treatment. YES, police can be jerks and I'm sure that interrogations are brutal. HOWEVER, in these cases it is usually the parents who did it! They need to consider the parents as prime suspects.

If the parents truly didn't do this, they need to shut up and cooperate with the police as much as possible so the police can feel comfortable in pursuing other leads. Parents acting fishy is just going to focus police attention on them.

Strangers do abduct and hurt babies and kids - but usually it's the parents.

Hotseat said...

Enty, it is irresponsible of you, as a lawyer to not mention here that polygraphs are a) not recognised as a scientific way to judge whether someone is telling the truth, b) NOT ADMISSIBLE IN A COURT OF LAW, and c) easy to tamper with the results. I am NOT saying this woman is innocent, but what i AM saying is one thing=/= the other


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