Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frances Bean Cobain Gets Engaged

The Bean has changed her Facebook status to engaged. Frances Bean Cobain is just 19, and has only been dating The Rambles' lead singer Isaiah Silver for about a year, but apparently he asked her last week and she said yes. That is if you believe Facebook status updates. Well, she is 19, so probably yes. Plus she has been writing on her wall about getting to spend the rest of her life with her best friend and how she is lucky and all that stuff that is really syrupy and sounds great when you are 19 and making a million bucks a year thanks to your dad and don't have any worries or stress except for the fact that your crazy mother might try and break in one day and ask for some money to keep funding her drug habit.


msgirl said...

Eh, too young, but then again she's had a horrid life so probably needs a solid home base so if this guy is giving her that, good.

parissucksliterally said...

I agree too young, but I wish her happiness. She has had a hard life so far.

Rita said...

Call me skeptic, I believe at her age she shouldn't get married, and must be watchful of money-hungry sycophants. Hope her father's estate is able of protecting her trust fund.

Other than that, although doubtful, hope it's true love, and the guy is truly with her for her, not her father's money.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Nineteen? One year of dating? Yikes.

I can't talk shit about a teenager's decision-making process, though. And this dude surely adds some stability to her life, which is something she lacked until just a few years ago. I feel weirdly protective of Frances Bean; being part of the Nirvana Generation and having a vivid recollection of Kurt's suicide really makes me really root for this girl.

I just hope the impending divorce is amicable. And for the love of GOD, let there be a prenup!!

MISCH said...

I wish her luck, and have one word to say PRENUP.

parissucksliterally said...

Ida, how old are you, if I may ask? (I am turning 41 in a week or so)....I remember Kurt's death like it was yesterday....

Cheryl said...

I know absolutely nothing about this guy but my first thought was, oh no, not a musician. I'm just old. I hope she is thinking clearly and not just trying to establish independence from her family.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@paris -- I'm about ten years younger than you, give or take. ;-) I *think* I was in the ninth grade when Kurt died, but I may have been a Sophomore already. Either way, I remember how it wasn't a big surprise, given his confessional songs and addiction to narcotics, but it still definitely shook me. I read a LOT of Sylvia Plath during that time in my life. I also had Smiths lyrics pinned to my bedroom wall, wore black lipstick and nail polish, and I wore tons of flannel. Naturally,

Oh, the Nineties! A great economy *and* a stellar Seattle music scene. Those were the glory days...

Susan said...

I so remember the day Kurt Cobain died. I was coming home from an awesome time on South Street shopping in second hand stores and Tower Records (remember when THOSE existed?) in Philly when it was announced on my beloved WMMR. And was then glued to MTV, which actually reported about it all day long.

Frances Bean is gorg. Totally agree that 19 is so so so young to get hitched. But I remember being crazy in love at 19 and thinking my loser boyfriend was The ONE. Ha ha. Oh how, hormones will fuck with your reality.

Hope she finds happiness. Courtney Love SUCKS. said...

May he give her the home and family she has always lacked. I hope he's a good guy.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Co-sign brendalove.

Anonymous said...

I agree 19 is very young to get married. Hell, I think 50 is very young to get married. But it could work. Lots of people make it work. It's not your age, it's the amount of commitment, caring and hard work that makes a marriage last.

I have a friend with an odd last name. She was laughing at my name one day and I said "Look, '____' isn't any better" and she said "I wasn't exactly sure of Don's last name when I married him." She was 18 when they met, he was 20, they knew each other 4 days before they tied the knot, but were still married 32 years later.

But I agree, 19 is too young.

Maja With a J said...

I think it's too young too, but you never know! Sometimes these things work out. I hope he really loves her, and isn't just fascinated with the fact that she is Kurt's daughter.

Jeri said...

@Brendalove - I agree, she deserves all that and I really hope it happens. It might because she has seen the other side all her life so I think she's smarter than the average 19 year old.

RocketQueen said...

From that angle, Frances Bean kind of resembles Milla Jovovich. That's a very good thing :)

Oh, and PRENUP, Frances!

Not A Ninny said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the prenup. I think her inheritance is mostly protected by trusts plus it's not community property anyway. She'll be fine as long as she doesn't start putting his name on titles, deeds, etc.

Jasmine said...

The ONLY upside to this is if she has kids with The Rambles' lead singer.

Think of Cobain and Rambles babies....hello talent!

I personally wish more really talented celebs would have offspring together. I remember practically vibrating when I thought Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie would might have kids!
(but then I realized its MJ, and they were about as likely to have kids as two stuffed animals are :D)

karen said...

My God, I cannot say how much it annoys me to read comments on her that she had such a hard life and is such a nice girl and only deservers the best. Honestly, what should people say who had drug addicts/mentally ill parents and didn't have a multi-million dollars fortune as a social safety net, multiple nannies and their father's grandparents to take care of them? And what's with all the other celebrity or non-celebrity spawns who also had a difficult upbringing, but don't get as much empathy but are rather called cunts and twats on a daily basis on this site?
Frances Bean has shown many times that she can be a piece of work and feels just as much entitled to a special treatment as most other kids of celebrities who haven't created anything so far by themselves. And don't get me started on that pathetic open letter to Ali Lohan in which she accused her of nepotism. Something our hypocritical Frances is equally guilty of herself. How many times has she pulled the 'Do you even know who I am' card and what regular 15-year-old can become an intern at Rolling Stone magazine? When would someone like Hedi Slimane care for taking photos of an average looking 19-year-old emo chick with greasy hair if she wasn't considered 'rock royalty'?
The girl has a nice life. She didn't have to face any more tragedy in her life than other people did. The only difference is that they don't have millions of dollars to spend, a lot of business connections/advantages and opportunities and countless brown-nosing Nirvana fans adoring her just for being Kurt's kid.

What a horrible life indeed.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Mina -- Does anything on this site NOT annoy you? Just wondering.

Her deeply troubled father killed himself and her mother was/is a batshit crazy drug/fame addict. She has no siblings with whom she can commiserate about these issues, and the aforementioned crazy mother tried to steal her inheritance. She's grown up in a strange celeb-hungry culture, and probably doesn't know who she can trust.

"Brown-nosing Nirvana fans"? What's the point of sucking up to a band that no longer exists? That doesn't make any sense. It's okay to root for a person, you know. I also wish the best for Michael Jackson's children. Hell, I wish the best for ALL children.

I don't care how much money or opportunities this girl has had. She has NOT had an easy ride, and I don't feel mistaken in feeling sympathy for her.

pumpkin pie said...

I agree with Mina. Frances' life wasn't as tragic as some people like to believe and she's no better than any other spoiled celeb kids.

When Courtney was in her twenties she wasn't as lucky as her daughter, receiving empathy from strangers.

Courtney's childhood was a thousand times worse than Frances'.

People don't care about Courtney's mother getting full custody of 4 years old Courtney because her father was giving LSD to his daughter.

People don't care about 9 years old Courtney being abandoned in the US with a pervert when her mother moved to other continent with Courtney's sisters, husband and dog.

People don't care about 12 years old Courtney living in foster homes while her family was enjoying life in an isle.

People don't care about Courtney emancipating at 16 because she felt she was never loved.

People don't care about 17 years old Courtney thinking her bio father was having contact with her because he loved her, and ending in the father wanting the money of her trust.

Courtney never had parents, but she managed to give her daughter a better life. Of course it could have been better though.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Pumpkin -- Point(s) taken. But Frances -- at the tender age of nineteen -- seems more mature, circumspect, and well-adjusted than Courtney is TODAY.

I truly respect people who have difficult childhoods and rise above their circumstances, but I *also* respect people who strive to give their kids a better upbringing than the ones they had. I just don't get the feeling that Courtney has tried to be a good mother. Reading her daughter's diary aloud to a Vanity Fair reporter is the most recent example I can cite, but there are multitudes of other parental transgressions on her part.

pumpkin pie said...

@Ida That's because Frances doesn't have to live with mental disorders and Courtney has. People feel sorry when a dog is abandoned but don't when a family abandons a child with mental problems, icky. She does the best she can, which obviously isn't enough to raise a sane person.

Courtney's life: drugs as a child, family abandonment, perverts taking 'care' of her, foster homes, reform school, marries a person who really loves her, her husband kills himself, his fans say she killed him, her estranged father writes a book telling the world how his daughter killed Cobain, her mother writes another book talking shit about her.

I'd feel devastated if half of ^ happened to me.

The difference between Courtney and Frances is that Courtney was never loved by her family, and Frances had a bunch of family members who loved her and took care of her when her mother was out of control. imho comparing both isn't fair, I know you disagree but still :/

Anonymous said...

Well, Courtney Stodden met her husband online in January and married him in May of the same year and look what a wonderful couple they are! Hahhaha. Just kidding. I have always liked The Bean and I wish her happiness.

Anonymous said...

@pumpkin pie Thanks for writing that.

NaNa LaLa said...

I was 18 when I met my musician. I''ll be 31 next month and we have two beautiful children. Sometimes, it does work! I wish her all the best!

MizCaramel said...

@Pumpkin thanks for helping me see Courtney in a different light.

Still hope Frances finds happiness, but I also wish that for Courtney.

0 said...

Sure, she is young, but she gives off stable, mature vibes imo. I think she is able to and does take care of herself better than her mother possibly could (can Courtney even care for herself, really?).

I can't imagine Frances has had a very cushy life, regardless of her dad's million bucks a year. He died when she was a toddler, and we all know Courtney Love is batshit crazy. She was constantly on drugs, in trouble, and how many times did she lose custody of Frances? The kid has been through a LOT, and I think she's grown up to be quite resilient, stable and lovely despite the odds being against her from nearly the beginning.

What's Lohan's excuse for being a miserable human being again?

yourfaceisamess said...

I googled the band and if its the dude i am looking at, he looks just like Kurt.

pumpkin pie said...

@Ida I forgot to say something about "Bean's inheritance" most people ignore or like to forget. If Frances has an inheritance it is because Courtney wanted to.

When Kurt died in 1994 Courtney inherited everything. It was in late '97 when Courtney decided to create a trust for her daughter; contrary to the popular belief of Cobain setting up a trust for his daughter. The trust receives 27 per cent of Nirvana rights and 45 per cent of Cobain's image rights. The remaining shares (73 and 55 per cent) were Courtney's.

When Courtney had financial problems in 2006, she sold 25 per cent of her share in Nirvana rights. It was controversial because people assumed Courtney was selling a share of the trust.

When Frances turned 18 there were reports everywhere implying Nirvana checks were over for Courtney. Everytime the trust receives a check (27/45 per cent), Courtney receives a bigger one (38/55 per cent).

I think Frances deserved more than 27 in Nirvana's rights, but my point is, if Courtney was as greedy as many people think, why share her inheritance with her daughter in the first place? Why financially support Kurt's mother and sisters for over a decade? It doesn't make sense.

karen said...

@Mina -- Does anything on this site NOT annoy you? Just wondering.

Dear Ida, I think I'm just as much entitled to state my opinion on this site as you are. Apart from that, the very few times I'm commenting on this site (compared to you) I'm quite sure that my being annoyed about things can't be that bothersome to you.

"Brown-nosing Nirvana fans"? What's the point of sucking up to a band that no longer exists? That doesn't make any sense.

I didn't mean that they're sucking up to Nirvana but to her. A lot of people are only interested in her or even like her, hell, even adore her because she's the daughter of Kurt Cobain, their hero. Who would even be interested in her if it wasn't for Kurt? I don't want to know how many people want to associate with her because being with her is being as close to Kurt and his legend as they can get.

Her deeply troubled father killed himself and her mother was/is a batshit crazy drug/fame addict. She has no siblings with whom she can commiserate about these issues, and the aforementioned crazy mother tried to steal her inheritance. She's grown up in a strange celeb-hungry culture, and probably doesn't know who she can trust.

Apart from Kurt's suicide and other specific circumstances, your description fits a lot of celeb spawns or people who where pushed to fame from an early age by their parents and they don't get a free pass on this site. I guess some people are just not as eager to commiserate with them because they aren't/weren't fans of/infatuated with either of their parents.

What's Lohan's excuse for being a miserable human being again?

You've got to be kidding, right?

Lelaina Pierce said...

@pumpkin pie - I didn't know any of that stuff about Courtney. Definitely makes me look at her with different perspective.

Nineteen is awfully young...but I wish her the best.

Bit dams said...

she had her grandmother (i think) and thank goodness for that. every child deserves at least one person who really wants what is best for them. someone who will protect them from the bad guys and remid them of what is real in life. w/o that person, this girl just became lindsey lohan.


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