Monday, October 24, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which top fashion designer’s boyfriend was knocked off his bike by a car in New York, but went straight to the gym to stay buff for his much older sugar daddy? .

Which A-list couple has had open relations outside of their marriage for years? The duo were spotted making out with other people in the same room at a festival two years ago with Snoop Dogg hanging out nearby .

Which honoree at a black-tie event demanded to be honored for his charitable works despite the fact he’s done little to give back to others?

Which married socialite was recently spotted in a compromising position with a man not her husband on a fire escape at a fashion party?


RenoBlondee said...

Didn't himmm actually come right out and tell us that Demi and Ashton did that exact same thing and he even said Snoop was there!
Now I know Demi isn't A list actor anymore, but they would be considered A list couple.
Plus himmm said it was them. :)
Re: blind #2

maggiemei said...

#1 Marc Jacobs?

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Would Cindy Crawford be A-list? Cause she has had an open marriage for ever.

Top fashion designer's boy toy: Michael Kors and Lance LePere? Although they just got married.

ms snarky said...

1. Gotta be Calvin Klein
2. Ashton and Demo (typo, but haha!) or Brangelina
3. Trump
4. hmmm....the NY social scene, I'm not up on it any more

Feisty said...

2 is definitely Ashton and Demi, remember the uncomfortable video of Demi dancing on stage during a Snoop performance?

Cheryl said...

# 1. Marc Jacobs. They are always on their bikes in NYC and always at the gym.

2. Ashton and Demi

Basil said...

1 has to be Calvin Klein and his ex-porn star boyfriend.

timebob said...

#2 Will & Jada and the twist is making out with same sex people.

#3 something smells Kanye about this one. He had a charity org but shut it down after his mom died. It seemed she did all the work and little money was donated by him or by others.

#4 Petra E.

trouble bubble said...

I think Ivanka Trump for #4

PunkinElf said...

#1 is Anderson Cooper

krin said...

#4 Beth O, Howard Sterns wife


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