Saturday, October 29, 2011

Michael Lohan Held Without Bail

I really wish a the judge that is handling the Michael Lohan case was also handling Lindsay Lohan's case. Unfortunately the does not take any crap from anyone judge is in Florida. She also could have been ticked because she was working on a Saturday morning and had to see Michael Lohan. I think anyone who spends their weekend like that is going to have a bit of an anger issue.

Anyway, the judge was not impressed with why Michael needed to be released on bond. The reasons, according to TMZ were that Dr. Drew and Michael are scheduled to tape something; that Lindsay has a hearing on Wednesday. Umm, hold it right there. He was not at the last hearing, but suddenly because he is in jail he wants to go. The final reason? Celebrity boxing match against Tareq Salahi. The judge told Michael he was going to have to stay in jail with no bond set. Love this judge.

Here is a question. Michael was turned in by Kate Major who he is living with right? AT the same time though he has had a bunch of other girlfriends during the time he has been seeing her. This is probably one messed up relationship. Kate testified this morning and spent the time crying. I bet she would take Michael back though. They both need to move on from each other.

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0 said...

The rotten apple certainly does not fall far from the tree...

Really wishing for a moratorium on all things and people named Lohan, honestly. There is nothing redeeming about any of them, and it's all negative.

.robert said...

His home address is listed as Ft Lauderdale so wasn't living with her:

.robert said...
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Bit dams said...
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Bit dams said...

i heard some comments he made after his arrest, and he was saying he was set up, that the gf called him and needed his help. the interviewer was almost laughing at him. paraphrasing here:
radio guy: so you're saying you're the victim???
lohan; i'm a sucker for love
(me: barf)

Chelsea said...

Celebrity boxing with Salahi?!?!


Jason Blue Eyes said...

This past week was Awesome!!!

My only concern is that this might garner Lindsay some sympathy during her hearing this week.

F you Michael. You have to ruin everything!!!

surfer said...

Did anyone here watch the most recent season of Celebrity Rehab, with Michael?

Do you remember the screaming matches the two of them had over the phone?

Or how about when she showed up for "Family Day?"

These two can't seem to live with or without each other.

And I agree Enty, the California judges could learn a thing or two from their brethren in Florida.

Jenny said...

Love Florida justice!

Michael and Kate are both idiots, but he's the dangerous one. I expect they'll be in the tabloid news for a few more years before they finally move to other relationships with people who will accept their drama.

O/T with Michael and Lindsay:
Criminal Behavior - Check
Multiple Mug Shots - Check
Multiple Jail Times - Check
Excessive Drama - Check
"Not My Fault" - Check
Need for Attention - Check
Tabloids and Paparazzi on Speed Dial - Check
Moronic Behavior - Check
Drug/Alcohol Abuse - Check
Etc. - Check

I don't feel sorry for any of them. They are all adults creating their own problems. Kinda' tiresome.

Anonymous said...

The jail shirt is MUCH more becoming than the mesh!

SusanB said...

He lives in Fort Lauderdale? That explains the unusual stench I noticed there last week.

lutefisk said...

Where does he get money from to live day to day?

dbfreak said...

OMG, I want this douche to get out of my town lol. Get out, get out, get out! I was horrified when I starting seeing this shizz on my local news.

Wil said...

This douchebag has had issues with every woman he has ever been with .. glad he is locked up. He should stay there a long while. [Sorry Tampa folks! Maybe he could be shipped to GITMO??]

parissucksliterally said...

I voted that his excuses be Hot Slut Of The Day on Dlisted.

mooshki said...

SusanB, doesn't he just look like he'd have the worst B.O. ever?

The guy tried to flee custody twice! What on earth made him think he could get bail? And honestly, he must be on drugs to have tried to flee in the first place - it's not like he could hide from the police.

MnGddess said...

Enty. ENTY.


Lelaina Pierce said...

OH MY GOD, I wish I could have been in the room when those excuses were given.

What is even more unbelievable is that 22% of people in a NY Daily News poll on this story say they BELIEVE Michael Lohan!?!

__-__=__ said...

Oh he is very convincing. That's how he continues to abuse women. I do believe this is a strong case of anti-social personality disorder. Why wasn't this recognized by Dr. Drew? How does Dr. Drew have any respect after this?!?!?!??!

Sarah J. MacManus said...

I work down the street from the Tahitian Inn. Wish I'd seen him fall off the balcony. LOL.

Anonymous said...

@ __-__=__ -Dr. Drew is pals with Lohan so Lohan's diagnosis is sugar coated. Pinsky is really wimpy when it comes to standing up to his television clients. They are his bread and butter and it's hard enough finding relevant celebrities for his show so he is soft on them.

abigail7881 said...

Hey SusanB, dbfreak, and Fawn Neun - do you guys listen to Bubba the Love Sponge on radio? He was making fun of the Lohans on his show recently.


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