Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's My Girlfriend So You Are A Burglar - Play Along

Apparently Kevin Gaylor should have checked his girlfriend's work schedule a little more closely. Gaylor was trolling the internet for someone who would come to his home in the middle of the night, found someone and invited her over at 3am. Unfortunately for Gaylor, his girlfriend got off work early, came home and Kevin had no choice but to report the online hookup as an intruder to the police. You have to admit it was some fast thinking by Kevin. The police came and confronted the hookup, but when she explained what was really going on, Kevin was arrested and charged with making a false police report. Here is how I imagine the whole thing went down.

Kevin - So, why don't you come over? You know, just for a drink.
Online Woman - It's 3am.
Kevin - Yeah, but a drink will help you sleep, plus I have a great mix tape of the Backstreet Boys.
Online Woman - Really?
Kevin - Yeah, it is from their 1995 tour. Bootleg.
Online Woman - Oh God. So amazing. I will be right over.

(Door opens)
Kevin's girlfriend - Kevin why are you naked and oiled up looking at Nick Carter's photos?
Kevin - Getting ready for you baby.
Kevin's girlfriend - But I was not supposed to be home for 3 more hours.
Kevin - It takes a long time to for me to get ready.
Kevin's girlfriend - Whatever

(Doorbell rings)

Kevin's girlfriend - Who could that be at 3am?
Kevin (breaking out in a sweat) - Probably an intruder. You stay here and hide behind the Kevin Richardson doll. (walks to door, sees woman in Backstreet Boys t-shirt and nothing else)
Kevin - You have to go.
Online Woman - Why?
Kevin - The band just broke up. Need time to be alone. Go.
Online Woman - OMG really? We should cuddle.
Kevin - No, go. I will talk to you tomorrow.
Online Woman - I want to stay.
Kevin - Go now or I am calling the cops.
Online Woman - I'm staying.
Kevin - OK, I am calling the police.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I don't really get the BSB references, but good story!

I actually work with a guy who came home a couple of weeks ago to a naked guy in his house with his gf of 5 years(!).

timebob said...

he should of just gone the Eddie Murphy defense..... "It Wasn't Me"

Missjenny619 said...

Whos is this guy and what's with the Backstreet Boys references?

heatherlynn said...

I read an article that said that Gaylor is just some 24 year old guy(no one famous)..and he is married, it wasn't his girlfriend. Not sure about the BSB references.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Well, I certainly hope the girlfriend/wife gives this guy the boot, mostly b/c he is a total dumb ass.


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