Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brandi Glanville Says Lisa Vanderpump Attack Was Planned By Other Wives

Brandi Glanville gave an interview to LynnNChicago and in the interview said that prior to the reunion show, all the wives with the exception of her, Camille and the one Brandi says does meth all got together and decided they would gang up on Lisa Vanderpump at the reunion. Lisa had no idea she would be sandbagged. It is nice to know Brandi is not shy about expressing her opinions. Think about it. She said the meth line and she was the first to call out Taylor Armstrong. She just does not take crap from anyone and the other wives probably did not call her to attack Lisa, because Brandi seems pretty upfront and honest about her feelings and she likes Lisa and Lisa likes her and Brandi seems pretty loyal. She is not the one who went and cheated in her marriage.


mooshki said...

Those three are soooo jealous of Lisa, you can see the green through their skin. Good for Camille and Brandi for having enough self-confidence not to play that game.

Camille also seems to be the only one who isn't falling for Taylor's "poor me" schtick. I now think Russell probably did hit Taylor, and although that sucks, I still can't stand the lying bitch.

Patty said...

Well, did she warn Lisa it was coming if she knew about it ahead of time? That would be the loyal thing to do.

BrandieMarie said...

LynnNChigago is a shit stirrer. always has been.

crila16 said...

Why would they gang up on Lisa. I love Lisa. Lisa, Brandi and Camille have been my favorite all season. I'm surprised at Adrian though. I liked her and thought she was above it. Maybe they all plotted so they can all stay on for next season by creating drama. Lisa didn't do anything to deserve being attacked. That horrible Taylor and backstabbing two-face Kyle should be attacked. They're idiots. I hate them.

LOVE Brandi and Camille for their loyalty. Not to mention they're the hottest ones on the show.

A Typical Mom Blog said...

It was pretty brutal watching them gang up on her last night. Those women are too damn sensitive.

A Typical Mom Blog said...

It was pretty brutal watching them gang up on her last night. Those women are too damn sensitive.

figgy said...

I watched RHOBH for the first time this Saturday, in a marathon. (What can I say, I was feeling lazy.) I have to admit: Camille was a revelation. Not at all like I'd have thought. Also surprised by how much I liked Brandi.

WednesdayFriday said...

That was the lamest "attack" ever. It only solidifies in my mind that Kyle is as much of a mean girl as she was when she was 14. Seriously, she hasn't grown emotionally since then. And Taylor and Adrienne are just little puppy dogs that will do whatever she says.

And after watching the episode last night, I hope they get rid of all three of them.

flip said...

I laughed out loud when Kyle tried to make it sound like an insult that Lisa was "smart". She was trying to make it sound like manipulative, but wasn't bright enough to be able to defend her comment.

I really wonder at the collective brainpower (or lack of) in that room. Obviously Andy is up there because he thought of the series and asks the questions that we want answered.

I do think Lisa is bright and productive. The Maloof inherited her fortune and her Maloof hoofs are just hideous -- not smart if she thinks people will buy bedazzled 10 inch heels. Brandi -- not smart but more honest and insightful than the others. Kyle, relies on being mean because she can't quite keep up, and the evil Taylor, a failed con artist. Dumb enough to pay for duck lips.

altar boy said...

I really want to know what made them decide to turn against Lisa like that. There must have been some behind the scenes event that we are not privy to (yet) -- I doubt it was anything we've heard yet because the attacks have all been pretty lame.

Deep said...

To a certain extent, I think they made some faux drama to help the ratings. We saw the season finale, just the wedding- no drama and everyone complained that it was boring. The girls decided to attack Lisa because they knew she could stand up for herself and it would bring attention to the show. Lord knows they couldn't call out Taylor. I have no other ideas as to why they would want to vilify themselves.

Regarding Taylor- does anyone else feel like her responses were memorized and rehearsed.

As always, love Lisa and Brandi.

WednesdayFriday said...

@Deep- When I was watching Taylor, it felt like she was reading out of a self help book for the recently widowed and abused. It was all so very trite.

And I am not saying I don't believe her. I think Russell was abusive, and I do think he was suffering from some serious mental illness, but her handling of the whole thing makes me cringe.

I should also point out, that I don't have any experience with an abusive relationship, so I am not sure how she *should* have handled it.

Casual Observer said...

The main prerequisite for being on any of the housewives shows, is that you must be a TERRIBLE communicator. They get bogged down in pettiness and never stop to look at the big picture.

No one had direct knowledge that Lisa sold stories to Radar Online, but 2 of the women accused her of doing just that based on reports from someone else. Why would a tabloid writer lie to anyone and say that Lisa sold stories? Common sense, ladies!

Lisa, you are too good for this show. Adrienne is just jealous and I can't believe she defended her chef. Get rid of Adrienne, but keep her husband.

pilly said...

Grown WOMEN acting like they're Still in high school. That's Entertainment?

Susan said...

So a Radar employee/writer is going around to the ladies saying Lisa sold stories in an effort to try to get them to sell stories and Adrienne believes the tab writer rather than just asking Lisa about it? The fuck?!? At least Camille seemed like she knew it was a bunch of bullshit. Maybe Lisa is a really good liar, but I don't know. Doesn't make sense to me really. Why would Lisa need tabloid chump change?

Adrienne seems to be lacking in the self esteem department. I've heard rumblings that she's having money troubles. Does anyone know if that's true?

Something definitely must be up with Lisa and Adrienne. You could kind of sense it during the season. Adrienne did come off very petty. And, Kyle ALWAYS comes off Mean Girls seventh grader to me. How she snagged that hot piece Mauricio is beyond my comprehension.

Can't wait for more with Brandi. She's crazy, but she's definitely my favorite. The teaser for her telling someone (Taylor, I think) to fuck off is GLORIOUS!!

I really want to know why Lisa moved.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Yea, I think Brandi is a little crazy, but I love that she calls these women out for their ridiculousness. I thought it was a little unnecessary to gang up on Lisa. These women are always making snide comments about each other in the "confessionals", so I'm not sure why they were only targeting Lisa. I agree with the ratings guess.

Love that Camille called Taylor out....she seemed like she wanted to say more, too, if you noticed.

nolachickee said...

Last night's show kind of sucked until Brandi came out in the last two minutes. Can't wait for the rest of it.

Is Taylor in a relationship with her shrink? She brought him to that party, then was almost gushing about him last night. If so, that's all kind of wrong, considering he treated them as a couple.

Kyle sounded so dumb when she was calling out Lisa for being intelligent. It just showed was an assclown Kyle is.

Can't wait for the interview with Kim.

Mango said...

@figgy - In previous seasons, Camille was a real bitch. This season she has done a 180 and appears to be a much nicer person.

Wow, so let's talk about how fucking INFLATED Taylor's lips were! As if her mouth isn't hideous enough, she got restylane or hot air or something injected into them. Hideous. Her mouth is so wide she looks like a Pez dispenser when she opens her mouth.

I was also shocked at the attacks on Lisa. Radar Online saying, "Lisa sells us stories, so will you?" seems like the basest, most obvious ploy that I'm surprised Adrienne fell for it. Yeah, like Lisa needs the money. And the claims of $5,000? I doubt Radar pays that much. And when Lisa said she felt insulted the usually cool as a cucumber Adrienne looked very uncomfortable. As she should.

And all that crap about the "Maloof Hoof". Mean? It was obviously just a play on words. Lisa's talking head segments are so funny and entertaining that I think the other housewives are jealous that she is the obvious fan favorite.

Kyle had no reason to get pissy with Lisa about her comments regarding Kyle's split at the engagement party. I'm just surprised Kyle didn't do one at the wedding.

Brandi was great when she came out during the last 15 minutes and it looks like next week's ep will be good!

Mango said...

One more thing: They had Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne on one couch and Camille, Lisa and Brandi on the other. Andy/Bravo must have had a good idea how the reunion was going to play out.

Anonymous said...

Rich people have a good way of pretending to still have their wealth, when indeed they could very well have money problems. They're better at that game, then someone who never had money.

Lisa comes off like a snob. Sorry, can't overlook her DMV comment and their have been ramblings that she is awful with "the help". She gives off the "failed actress who's trying to make it at her age in life."

Money will never buy class for any of those broads!

Mamaroni said...

Thank you Brandi. I really how she's on next season. I just love how she doesn't think before she speaks and doesn't try to be all careful about what she says. All of the things she said that offended those bores were things everyone else was thinking anyway.

Jaded said...

Lady Chatterly, I believe what I observe over others' ramblings... what I have seen is her offering her own Louboutins to her housekeeper to wear at Pandora's wedding, and her obvious discomfort and ongoing apologies to the waitress that worked for her at the opening of her new restaurant (you know when she asked her to leave because she had been sleeping with Brand's then husband.

Anonymous said...

Remember she is on camera and there is editing done. Alas, to each his own!

selenakyle said...

I watch this crap religiously, and it burns me UP seeing Adrienne--supposedly Ms. even-keel, the rational one of the bunch--ASSUMING everything she has "heard" or "been told" about Lisa is true. Well FUCK YOU, Adrienne.

I love Paul so much and now I am back to being mad that she has been shown treating him like a total dumbass. HE is the self-made one in that relationship, not her, IDK how hard she thinks she has worked. Adrienne goes on about all her "hard work," well I call bullshit on that. She was born richer than any of the rest of them.

Team LISA here.

Of course, LadyChatterly above is correct--it's probably all in the editing.

Sigh. Whatever. My Mom watched soaps, I just watch the same thing, only mine comes on TV at night and it's about people's real identities. No different, really.

RJ said...

I have never seen a single minute of any of these shows, but is that her real name? Is there really such a thing as a Lisa Vanderpump? It sounds like a made-up name for a rich person on a SNL bit.

Susan said...

I wholeheartedly agree that Lisa is a snob and that some of her "funny" comments have bitchy undertones, but when you are true friends with someone you can call them out on that bullshit. I often wonder if these people really are friends.

The whole gang-up-on-Lisa thing had to be completely set up by producers. This entire show is so contrived.

selenakyle - You bring up great points regarding the love of my life on this show: Paul. This reunion is definitely making my heart warm a bit more to him, since he has to put up with Adrienne's harpy ways. That girl needs to learn to let shit go.

I wish Kim was on the reunion.

The reunion is so much more interesting to me than the wedding crap. And the past couple epis, I fastforwarded all the Taylor stuff. But, her stuff during the reunion is fascinating to me because I like seeing the others reaction to her shenanigans. I don't 100 percent buy her story.

When does Mad Men begin again? God, reality TV is killing my IQ. But in the words of Sammi Sweetheart, "I am officially done" with Jersey Shore. I just can't with those asshats any longer.

Anonymous said...

This Is not the first time housewives have sandbagged another housewife. Lisa handled it beautifully and did not buy into the drama. No wonder Kim drinks. With friends like that - I'd have to be hammered too. Bloody peasants.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

The only things I know about Brandi are the things I read here & find her more like-able every time she comes up in a post.

KLM said...

What Susan said (both comments).

There, that was so much easier than typing everything I wanted to say!! Thanks, Susan.

Melissa said...

Adrienne in NOT bright. She's gullible and controlling and THINKS she's smart. Actually she's just "busy" and has people that take care of things and tell her she has good ideas. She has absolutely no sense of humor - that requires some innate intelligence. She's obviously been treated like she was a princess all her life and been told that she can do anything. She's so sensitive because she's not smart enough to understand wit or humor. She so rarely even smiles. She's just unbearable and immature. She thinks that she "rises above it all", but she's the one running around spreading the drama trying to "fix" everyone. She treats her warm and witty husband like an idiot and an annoyance. Why would anyone ever want to spend time with her?

mooshki said...

Susan, Adrianne is having major cash flow problems. She's still super-rich, but the family business has lost hundreds of millions of dollars. That's probably why she was so out-of-proportion pissed at Lisa. They needed that good publicity for The Palms, and she's probably fairly desperate for her shoe business to be a success. If you want to read up on it, it's all laid out at http://www.kingsfans.com/forums/showthread.php?34766-Maloof-Money-Part-1

Lisa & Ken moved to a much smaller house (it's only 10,000 square feet, lol!) because they are actually smart about their money, and decided to downsize because of the bad economy.

Barton Fink said...

I love Adrianne completely. She has flaws, but she makes me laugh, and she has the sweetest husband who loves her personality entirely. I love Brandi more and more, and I'm fond of Camille and Lisa and Kyle. Taylor looked as if half her face were melting off whenever they did closeups of her. She looks like she had her face reconstructed after a car wreck. I can't stand Taylor, and I've given up on Kim. Kim is just gone, she's blown her mind with drugs and booze.

Unknown said...

Team Lisa all the way! She's got a biting sense of humor and witty comebacks. She doesn't seem the type that would sell a story to a tabloid.

Last season, Kyle was my fave and Camille was my least fave. Not so with this past season. Kyle cries and whines too much & I can totally see her as a "mean girl." Camille's quite charming now that she doesn't have Fraiser to use as a crutch.

They need to get rid of that Dana chick. She's just gross.


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