Thursday, February 02, 2012

Leslie Carter Died Of Drug Overdose

As I guessed yesterday, Leslie Carter, the sister of Nick and Aaron Carter, has died of something tragic. If you are 25 years old and your family is shocked that you died, you can kind of rule out the various forms of cancers and other illnesses because your family would be expecting it. Apparently yesterday the truth started slowly coming out and it appears that Leslie was addicted to prescription drugs and she is presumed to have died of an overdose. Now, I guess we will find out if some doctor gave them to her or if she got them on the street and how long she has been addicted.


Patty said...

Sad. So young and so much to live for. Just sad.

Unknown said...

And also WHICH drug is it was.......

MontanaMarriott said...

Damn so tragic, it's like the Carters are the O'Neals of our generation

Princess said...

Read a story yesterday that said she was addicted to Xanax and had moved from Canada to New York to live with her family to try to kick the habit. They said they went shopping (or somewhere) and thought she would be ok being left alone for an hour, but when they came home she was unconscious, then died.

FrenchGirl said...

@Princess: i read the same story
it's sad to die so young

yourfaceisamess said...

I am surprised it wasn't ruled natural causes like: Murphy, Monjack, Casey Johnson & Haim... I always thought it was SUCH a coincidence that the main cause was NOT drugs. sketch.

__-__=__ said...

Very sad. Drugs are bad, mmmmmmmmmkay.

Rose said...

yourface, it's probably because she isn't really famous or rich. Her autopsy couldn't be bought.

chopchop said...

Ugh, and to leave an 8 month old baby without her mother ... horrible.

KellyLynn said...

When you're addicted to these things, it's so easy to forget when you took your last one, or to think that just one or two more won't hurt. The biggest mistake addicts make is thinking their bodies can handle more than they can.
Poor girl.

RocketQueen said...

I was wondering if it might be suicide. I didn't know you could overdose on Xanax, but from the few episodes of Intervention I've seen, people love that stuff.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

I was wondering the same, @RQ. All so sad.

Boriqua said...

@chopchop -- That's what I keep thinking. That poor 8-month-old baby girl will now grow up without her mother. Beyond tragic.

Bubbles said...

Casey johnson was really rich and maybe Brittney Murphey with her King of the Hill money, but Corey Haim and Brittney's husband? Not so much.

Krissie said...

My sister is addicted to prescription drugs (painkillers). Stories like this make me worried.

Really sad that Leslie Carter left behind a baby who is not even a year old.

lutefisk said...
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lutefisk said...

This from Popbitch today:
>> RIP Leslie Carter <<
Backstreet sister remembered

We were sad, but not that surprised,
to hear that Leslie Carter, sister
of BSB's Nick and Aaron, died this
week, aged only 25, of a suspected
overdose. As we always said, the
Carters are the 21st century version
of the Jackson clan - with pushy
showbiz parents and a whole brood
of messed-up children.

Leslie, when only 14, had been earmarked
by the family to be the new Britney or
Christina. She got a $400k album deal
with Interscope, and a single on the
Shrek soundtrack.

The album never got released. Poor
Leslie wasn't cut out to be a pop
superstar, had panic attacks and
put on weight. (You can see how weirdly
stretched her image was to try and
hide this on her single, Like Wow.)

Knowing now that she tried to escape
this world by joining an indie band,
moving to Canada, marrying the drummer
and having a baby, this Esquire article
from 2001 about her single's videoshoot
makes heartbreaking reading. RIP Leslie.

Selock said...

So sorry she couldn't overcome her troubles. Especially sorry for the motherless baby girl. :(


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