Thursday, February 02, 2012

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Someone is going to die on 90210. Shenae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord filmed scenes in a cemetery yesterday. They do not seem that broken up over the death.
Sarah Jessica Parker as Gloria Steinem. Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in every other movie she has been in.
Snooki says she is not pregnant. What do you think?
Tom Felton and his girlfriend have adapted to LA really quickly. Clothes you wore yesterday and not eating.
Oh, and indifference to love.
The two Taylors are back together again. Kind of. Well, not really. They just are next to each other in the photos. Taylor Lautner here and
Taylor Swift here.
Uma Thurman filming Smash with
Debra Messing.


discoflux said...

It's a mad, mad world where Deborah Messing looks better in a picture than Uma Thurman.

RocketQueen said...

Hmm, Smash is getting some big names already considering I refuse to watch it. ;)

Is Snooki pregnant? Well, she looks sober in that photo, so it's a definite possibility.

Maja With a J said...

WHAT is going on with SJP's eyes?

Del Riser said...

Gloria is a beautiful woman, SJP does not do her justice.
Tom and his girlfriend look like down and out street people.
I can only hope that Snooki is not pregnant. Although she looks ready to nurse.
Debra should look this good all the time.

EmEyeKay said...

Yeah, what IS with SJP's eyes?

What I think: I sincerely hope Snooki doesn't breed.

Love the Bollywood.

yourfaceisamess said...

Snooks is prob preggers. She is just waiting for the money to from magazines for the official announcement altho i don't think anyone gives a shit.

yourfaceisamess said...

Messing must have given up the blow.

Momster said...

Keep it classy, Snooki.

cheesegrater15 said...


Deep said...

@ Vicki, I think it's just the sequence on her top that covers her nipple. I wish the Jersey Shore girls would realize 'less is more' in the make up department.

Love the sari on Debra Messing.

I love SJP. She gets a lot of hate, but I think she is a genuinely nice person and NO person could do Gloria Steinem justice.

Please stop posting pics of those 90210 gals. They are always annoying.

MontanaMarriott said...

I've met SJP on a set once and she was not nasty or obnoxious, she even ate craft services with the crew when we broke for lunch. Not sure what all the hate is about.

AKM said...

SJP seems like an absolute, down-to-earth, normal-person sweetheart. She always has seemed like that to me, ever since "Square Pegs."

That said, I don't think she's that talented, nor do I think she's at ALL attractive. I think that's where some of the "hate" comes from, MM. I don't "hate" her, but I don't understand why she gets so many accolades for being SO talented and SO sexy...when I don't think she is. And many, many, MANY people feel the same way.

Again, I think she's probably one of the nicest people in NYC. But I don't know that she deserves all her success. (Due to her talent or lack thereof. Not that she doesn't deserve success in general. Hopefully everyone understands what I mean.)

Sylvia said...

AKM, I also feel SJP is not a fashion icon.

Snooki looks nasty..

Did Debra divorce already??

EleanorRigby said...

Wow, I thought that picture of SJP was Chelsea Handler at first!

Also, as with nearly all (if not all) reality stars, I cannot bring myself to care about a possible Snookie pregnancy. I especially don't want to see her boob.

Patty said...

@Sylvia, considering what SJP looks like when papped I don't think she could dress her way out of a paper bag much less be a fashion icon.

Also, SJP looks like that plastic surgery cat women, Joycelyn somehthing or other, in that picture.

califblondy said...

Oooooh, I can't wait for Smash.

lzahart said...

@Sylvia not sure but I thought that it was recently announced that DM and her hubby had filed for divorce.... given that I'm convinced she is Coke Mom I'm not sure how good an idea it is for her and Uma to hang out together.

pegd said...

I think Snooki needs a bra.

figgy said...

That wig SJP is wearing may be the worst one I've ever seen. Painfully fugly.

Sylvia said...

@Patty, I agree with your comment.

thanks Izahart

Jessie said...

SJP doesn't consider herself a fashion icon, I remember her talking about it. It's just happened to her because of Carrie. She seems like the sweetest thing.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

"Smash" got a decent review from Hollywood Reporter. Might check it out. They show ads for it on the TV's at my gym every day. Every time I see Debra I wanna point and yell "COKE MOM!" But If I did that I'd probably be escorted out and asked to never come back.

In that photo SJP looks just like Joel Osteen.

Robert said...

@Patty and Sylvia: Me three! SJP looks like she's channeling Jocelyn Wildenstein.
Snooki pregnant? God, I hope not!

lunabelle said...

SJP had her eyes done and they have not settled yet. That is what ut looks like to me.

I think SJP is talented but as a stage actress, dancer, and singer. She was great as Carrie (or was that her playing herself?) but seems to suck in movies (at least the ones i have seen).

RenoBlondee said...

That wig is horrifying, isn't it? It looks like the $10 one you buy for Halloween. Eeeek

lutefisk said...

SJP was pulled back too tightly. She is only in her mid-40's. She has had way too much work done.

Danielle said...

Seriously.. could they have found a cheaper looking wig to put SJP in? How low budget is this movie?
It think her eyes look funky because of all the cake makeup they have on her to make her look younger.


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