Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mariah Carey To X Factor Please - Mariah Carey Not You Nick Cannon

All those years hosting America's Got Talent and now Nick Cannon's wife is getting the call to the big leagues. Nick will continue in his role of moderating jugglers, knife throwers and people who just want to be on television while his wife is set to be a judge on X Factor. The thing is, Simon fired all of those people and their salaries and demands combined are not even close to what Mariah Carey wants so I don't know how this will get done. Yes, Mariah would love to be on television every week without having to sing and get paid astronomical sums to do so, but her demands are going to be an issue. To get Mariah salary wise means something approaching what Simon pays himself. Do you really need Mariah to boost the ratings of X Factor? What you need is for the show to have about 100 less competitors and to have started airing about six years sooner. It is boring. No one really cares. It has no big hook. I say hire a bunch of no names at scale and make a bigger profit with the ratings you do get.


Anonymous said...

Simon's a douche and his douchey show will fail regardless of who he puts in the judges seat. Why did he hire that Pussycat Doll gal anyway. Has she had any musical hits since the PCD? And does having a hit with a computerized vocal even count? What the fuck was she doing there to start with. I don't know. Whoever is in charge of programming at all four networks need to all be fired. They all suck ass. Television sucks ass. I would rather entertain myself online or with a book.

Dolly72 said...

I agree that this is the most boring music competition show out there:( And I am Canadian....we had Sass Jordan as a host for crying out loud! The Voice is the only one I bother tuning into anymore, simply because I like the anonymity of the contestants until they get chosen. Rumor has it that Jordis Unga will be a contestant on it this year...will be interesting to see who picks her:)

califblondy said...

For whatever reasons this show just didn't work for me. It boring, plain and simple.

I am so sick of TV shows that drag everything out to make room for commercials. After a while I just turn the channel to TV Land.

But, after saying all that, I'd watch Mariah. I wanna see her pull the kiss my ring crap with Simon.

timebob said...

The problem with artists judging is they are so over emotional about things they can not handle giving criticisim. Or hurting someones "feelings".

The best thing is get producers or head of record companies. they might not be as pretty to look at but they will give direct advice good or bad.

Mariah will call all the contestants her lambs and praise them for being awful. It will be as dum and boring as Paul or Nicole.


Del Riser said...

I didn't care for X Factor either.
Nicole had to make everything about her, and Paula was given groups, GROUPS! Simon gets the winner, and L.A. Reid is too big a deal to piss off I guess.
Mariah would be a pain in the ass to watch. From a season or two ago on Idol Shania Twain was one of the best guest coaches they had ever had.
She has a solid musical background, and wouldn't cost a ton of money either I bet.
I mean just look at the picture of the three of them here...Paula, *I got groups, you gotta be kidding me*...Simon,* the winner is mine, all mine*....Nicole,*Oooh don't I look all sexy,I think I'll pull my zipper down some more*.

Rose said...

I think it was a big mistake to fire Paula. Paula and Simon together again was one of the things the show has to bring over some AI viewers. I stopped watching AI after Paula left, mostly because it's just become so stale. Simon should have taken this to a different network. AI and XFactor, practically back to back, can't keep people's interests.

MISCH said...

Love Mariah...she's one of a kind..

annabella said...

once paula was fired from american idol, it went downhill for me. and I don't watch x factor.

those shows have now reached a saturation point. they used to be really entertaining, but now is just meh.

it seems that there are alot of people out there who can sing pretty well. the great singers, though are few and far between.

and clearly winning american idol does not mean long term success, so I don't get what the big deal is anymore.

simon can get whomever he wants to judge, I don't think that is the issue. the issue is - all of those shows have jumped the shark. at least in my book!

Susan said...

I've never been into singing competition shows, but they seem to have run their course. If I were Mariah, I would want no parts of this.

OT - Did any of you see her Jenny Craig commercial? OMG. I saw it last night on TVLand or something like that and it was AWFUL. She's wearing this horrendous out-of-date bandeau top and skirt with her entire midriff hanging out. I mean. It was so insanely cringeworthy. She's screeching in her whispery high-pitch voice, and her hair is blowing in the wind. My inner monologue was like, "OMG Mariah. Jennifer Hudson is laughing her skinny ass off over this."

Mango said...

I don't think this will last. Simon will freak when he sees Mariah's rider list (complete with bottles of Cristal and bendy straws). I think she's an even bigger diva than JLo, and that's saying a lot.

Sadie said...

OMG Jordis Unga??? I absolutely loved her on that rock show she was on a few years ago!!! I was walking the line on rather or not I'd watch The Voice this got bla for me last year. Now I'm for sure watching!!

RocketQueen said...

Bahahaha! I had to laugh at "Sass Jordan", Dolly72. Even that name makes me laugh now. Our has-beens are so much worse than the U.S. has-beens.

weezy said...

Susan -- her midriff has *always* been hanging out; remember 10-15 yrs. ago when she cut the waistbands off of her jeans because she couldn't close them? I think she'll do the show for double scale plus her full amenities rider just to get back in the game. Then her people can tell future employers that Simon gave her all the perqs she's asking for.

weezy said...

BTW, there was a Pussycat Dolls reality show a few years ago with a judge who offered solid technical music advice to the contestants: I was stunned when I realized it was Lil' Kim. She was completely professional and on the mark. This woman underestimates herself.

car54 said...

I wish he'd gotten rid of LA Reid --he was not a good judge--he may have done ok at mentoring but he was awful at the rest of it.

I thought Paula did a great job with the groups--they were doomed but while they were on she got a lot out of them and they all improved working with her.

Nicole is just awful and I hope she doesn't do this kind of show again--she was awful on The Sing Off and she was just as bad on X Factor.

I doubt Simon has the ability to pick a decent judge, lol. His ego is too involved in this show.

I kind of liked Steve --he started out poorly but by the end I thought he was kind of funny --about mid-way he kind of got tired of whatever Production was doing to him and he just did whatever he was fun to watch.

mooshki said...

Simon was an idiot to get rid of Paula. That nostalgia was one of the few things the show had going for it. Mariah would give them a boost, but it wouldn't last. Look at Idol - year two, the novelty of J.Lo has worn off and the ratings are taking a huge dive.


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